Movement To Remove Retrogression And Have A Better Life

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    Hello Friends

    There will be no good news as far as Retrogession is conerned.

    Retrogression Expected to Get Worse Before It Gets Better
    As recently as December 2004, all employment-based (EB) categories for permanent residence were "current". That is, there were no backlogs.
    That all started to change in January 2005 when the EB-3 category (professionals and skilled workers) backlogged three years. These backlogs are referred to as the "retrogression".

    The retrogression has gradually gotten worse during the past 21 months. The October 2006 State Department Visa Bulletin reveals that the EB-3 category has now retrogressed almost 4 1/2 years. The backlogs are even greater for persons born in India and Mexico. Even the EB-2 category for advanced-degreed professionals has backlogged for persons born in India and China.

    In the absence of congressional action, the retrogression will get worse, probably a lot worse, before it gets better. Why?
    In May 2005, President Bush, recognizing the tremendous shortage of nurses and therapists, signed a bill which "recaptured" 50,000 immigrant visas for Schedule A professionals, primarily registered nurses, physical therapists and their family members. By the end of this month, all 50,000 visas will be used up. What will happen to RNs and PTs who are still in line for green cards and those who will apply for permanent residence in the future? They will be added to the EB-3 backlog which will result in increased waiting times, perhaps to five years or more.

    The total number of persons who are permitted to obtain permanent residence each year in the employment-based categories is only 140,000. Adding another 30,000 - 50,000 to the current backlogs will certainly make the retrogression more severe.

    Even more problematic are the 300,000+ applications for labor certification currently pending in the Labor Department's (DOL's) Backlog Elimination Centers. DOL has pledged to take action on each of these applications within the next 18 months. Even if only 200,000 of these applications are ultimately approved, if 50% of the applicants have a spouse and one child, the number of green cards needed to accommodate them would total 300,000. This is more than double the annual cap on EB green cards. Therefore, this has the potential to make the EB-2 and EB-3 numbers regress another two years.

    Finally, present laws contain hard per-country caps. This means that countries like India and China which have populations of over one billion persons each have exactly the same quotas as Monaco and Mauritius, two tiny countries which supply the U.S. with virtually no immigrants. Given that most H-1B professionals are born in India and China, the per-country quotas will exaggerate the retrogression for persons born in these countries.

    If high-skilled immigrants could only come to U.S. or remain in their own countries, our country could afford to continue this backward, "Let them eat Chicken McNuggets!" approach. But various European countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Persian Gulf countries are all competing for these talented individuals. Even Germany, the great bastion for engineers is seeing the number of German students studying engineering fall precipitously.

    It is in our national interest to make our country the principal destination for computer professionals and scientists, for nurses, teachers and therapists, and for businessmen and physicians from all over the world.

    The Senate immigration bill (S.2611) would have greatly expanded both the outdated employment and family-based immigration systems and eased the per-country limitations. Unfortunately, House Republicans, worried that they might lose their majority in the mid-term elections, refused to negotiate a compromise bill with the Senate.

    Perhaps, in the "lame duck" session of Congress which will occur after the November elections, reason will prevail and Congress will pass amendments to fix our legal immigration system.

    No Matter What ever you do this House Rep are not going to make anything come our way and trust me if we won't speak together they won't even bother to make any efforts.

    So please do write to all the Senate and House Reps and please do Gandhigiri with them as according to Munna Bhai these House Reps are BIMAAR

    Best Regards

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    saburi, my friend. Your real name is Carl Shusterman, isn't it? Otherwise, tell me why did you steal his text without even indicating the source? It's low, my friend.

    Anyway, Carl Shusterman is not always right. His posting (which you has stolen) is just his opinion and should be considered as suchve
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    Hello Friend

    There is nothing to hide and steel i tought these are the right toughts if those are of Carl Shusterman or my friend "ME"

    Every thing in life which is new to you is done by somebody the questions is not that you took from somebody or came from your within the question is did you focus on what the issue should be.

    This comment of steeling the line from Mr. Carl looks like you are not looking at what i am pointing towards but you are looking at my finger and putting comments on my tip born and fingers appairance.

    I wish we all should focus on how to raise our voice in a good way to get acknowledge.

    Best Regards

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    You're missing the point, buddy. If you had submitted your own thoughts based on Shusterman's speculations, I would have had no problem with that. Even if you had posted the topic and indicated the source of information, that would have been fine by me. However you had quoted the entire text and signed it by your name. Man, this is shameful.
    Nevertheless, back to the point. As I indicated in my previous email, Carl Shusterman is not always right. Like in this case he has overestimated the impact of backlogged labor certificates. DoL reported (based on their on-going statistics), that 50% of backlogged cases are rejected on the grounds of not answering "45 day letters". Other 50% of the cases had been either approved or denied. So it'll be less than 200,000 cases approved in total, by the time DoL clears out the backlog.

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    Hello Buddy

    I did not misunderstood you but yes unintentionally i did put my sign in the bottom which is my standard habit, and there was no intentions of stealling any thoughts well coming to the point of Mr. Carl may be wrong or right yes definately everybody is human here and Mr. Carl might be wrong this time in estimating that 200000 Backlog case from the labor won't be able to reach the stage where those could be a worry for the legal immigrant who are waiting in the que of retrogession, but let me ask you how many time in this race of immigration did positive things happened and what ever you positively expected worked out, 95 out of 100 there alway was the death of the postive thinking such as CIR, Guestworkers Program, Positive Legal Immgration reform, Failure of S 2611 and many more so how can we expect that USCIS will increase the quata for the EB Catagory, this is period that this won't happen, now let talk about 45 day letters a short survey done in VSC last month had a number of response to the 45 Day letters and were counting the number of people who are inquiring for the 45 day letters, the second number ( Number of people inquiring about 45 day leeters) is more then the response to the 45 day letter.

    So it is clear that there are thousand's of people who are still waiting to get the 45 day letters, so Mr. Carl estimate of 200000 people joining the retrogession team is not absolutely wrong, it might be off as i mentioned he is human also and i beleave you are too.

    So the bottom line is now we know there are bright chances of what Mr. Carl is expecting will come true which no body wish to happen but we can reply and reduce the possibility by writing to the senator and the house rep.

    Best Regards

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    Please include me in supporters list.
  7. MA001

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    Here is a chance to do this quickly:

  8. h1bpro

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    EB3 cut off dat movement

    I know this is a dumb question, but anyone have the slightest idea if EB3 cut off dates movement.

    There is a change in the power in the Senate and Rep, do you guys think it can benefit us?

    Any ideas??
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    IT looks like there is no use of just fighting on retrogression alone you have to raise the voice against FBI Name check delays which is also taking 1 - 3 years.

    a) Labor BEC - 3 years
    b) I 140 - 2 weeks to 1 year
    c) Retrogression - Typically will stop you and you might have to wait for 6 months to 3 years
    d) New thing - FBI Name check (under 485) is taking around 1 - 3 years
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    Can someone draft a sample letter to the Congressmen so we can all follow similar format?
    If there is good time to write, it is now. By the next session they will have some clue about what we need, and if we try to write to first-time congressmen, they will have an incentive to prove themselves early.
    Let's push this puppy.
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    Please write to your representation in congress about the July Visa fiasco. You can write to this URL. Note that it is a .gov URL, so is authentic.
  12. sandeepvd

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    Updated My Info

    Keep it up ! Added one more.

    Are we going to have sample format to take to the individual congressmen/women?

  13. rollingstone

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    Time to reawaken this thread. What do you think EB-2 India will be in Jan 2008. My guess is Unavailable in Jan or Feb.
  14. rollingstone

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    Thank you for playing the greencard lottery. Please play again next year


    It has been necessary to once again retrogress the India Employment Second preference cut-off date. This is a direct result of continued heavy applicant demand for numbers by CIS for adjustment of status cases despite the retrogression which occurred for December. It is likely that the annual limit for this category will be reached within the next few months, at which time the category would become “unavailable” for the remainder of fiscal year 2008.

  15. rollingstone

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    Looks like the omnibus bill was passed by house without immigration clauses. No relief from retrogression.

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    Hi all ,
    I think that all this process it is , and it was in the past also , influenced by all these poeple who are against most of us , the immigrants !!! If you read the link below , probably you can make your decisions and see also where the fight and decisions in processing and aproval of the laws are coming from ( that's why everything it is so complicated these days ) !!!
    Take a look :
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    I just to bring this to your notice that once the priority date becomes current, like it did on June, people who file their I-485 at that are getting approvals now, may be because when their application was received they got a visa number assigned to it. But irony is people who filed prior to initial retrogression in Jan2005 just keep waiting because their file is buried under deep pile of new applications even though they filed many years before people filed in June, July they we are still waiting with our priority dates earlier than people who are getting their 485 approval;s because they filed in June 07.
  18. ksanil23

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    Have your parents applied for visa yet? if yes what happened?
  19. spam70

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    what are you trying to say? The July 2007 filer would get a faster approval than the ones before?

    How do you know? What are your sources?
  20. ksanil23

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    July2007 should not get faster approvals but they are getting, it should be based on priority date then application submit date but unfortunately it is not working like this.
    My sources are actual people I know getting 485 approvals who filed in June/July 2007 and information from

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