Movement To Remove Retrogression And Have A Better Life

I Support as well, yAHOO GROUP ALSO Good Idea

Hi guys,

I Diclare my Support, first of all i want to thank you for who have started this movement

I have added my name and attached excell as well

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what is india-hindu?

i guess maybe elizabeth is starting a dating service for single guys from india and who are hindu...see if you date an american girl and get married your chances of getting a GC are definitely much brighter...than wallowing in eb2 eb3....

"Atleast we are fighting the Monopoly and Barbarism of the Immigration authorities in this country."
my feeling is this...its fine to be an activist and try to get some reform in EB visa category...i mean seriously...the US govt does not owe us squat...if you do not like standing in line and waiting...then the doors are always open for us to go back home... let us not make this sound like something of a "freedom struggle" or "civil liberties" or something like that...there are other countries in the world which are calling for skilled pros...the option is always move to GREENER pastures...


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I totally agree with Michael. We all came here agreeing to "foreign" law. And its not fair to leave one's country that lacks opportunities and start a freedom movement, civil liberties in foreign land. This country is not doing anything illegal and its absolutely their own will and wish as to what decisions they make, when to make, and how to make. Ofcourse this country is "using" immigrants to their benefit and they are smart as much as we are in capitalizing their need for workers. At the end of day, nobody is locking us in a room - we are free to leave this country anytime, incase we dont' like anything or frustrated or ill-treated.

However at the sametime we are trying to strengthen each other with similar cases and get the best out of the situation through forums like this, hoping the best for everybody here.
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Action items for those affected by retrogression

I am attaching a letter template. Complete it and send it out to the senators listed below before october 18 2005. On October 18, there is discussion on the Mccain-Kennedy bill which if passed will open up more visa numbers for us. Below are the links to each of the committee member - senator's contact information. Please fax, mail or meet in person and present our case! Go for it. To know more about the efforts launched by us to tackle the september retrogression visit our yahoo group at:

Committee on the Senate Judiciary:
1) Edward M. Kennedy (MASSACHUSETTS)

2) Jon Kyl (ARIZONA)

3) John Cornyn (TEXAS)

4) Sam Brownback (KANSAS)

5) Arlen Specter (PENNSYLVANIA)

6) Orrin G. Hatch (UTAH)

7) Patrick J. Leahy (VERMONT)

8) Charles E. Grassley (IOWA)

9) Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (DELAWARE)

10) Mike DeWine (OHIO)

11) Herbert Kohl (WISCONSIN)

12) Jeff Sessions (ALABAMA)

13) Dianne Feinstein (CALIFORNIA)

14) Lindsey Graham (SOUTH CAROLINA)

15) Russell D. Feingold (WISCONSIN)

16) Charles E. Schumer (NEW YORK)

17) Richard J. Durbin (ILLINOIS)

18) Tom Coburn (OKLAHOMA)


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The Kennedy Bill doesn't look very promising.. but...

I have been reading in quite a few forums that the Senators are not too happy about supporting the McCain Kennedy Bill due to the benefits for illegal immigrants in there..
But... Here is something I found and I think we should support and write to our Senators about.

The hearing for this is scheduled to be on Oct 20th.. looks like..

What is your opinion?


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We are not going to benift anything as long as these bill contain a provision to separate the EB3 Tech workers and Schedule A workers.
What ever increase in number (if ever the bill gets passed as is), all those EB3 numbers will be taken by the Schedula A workers and the PD for the rest will keep moving backwards.
Is still everyone so Naive in this forum to think that there will be any good coming from these bills?



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Can someone tell me when is the annual recess of Congress.

I just read that since la Immigration Bill is attached to the Budget Reconciliation Act, it is expected that the Congress may act before it goes into the annual recess. Once it is enacted into law, it is anticipated that the numbers may run out fairly quickly.



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Compete America survey on EB retrogression impact, DUE BY TOMORROW (10/28) is conducting a survey to collect personal or company stories on the current EB retrogression. The survey will be ended by 10/28/2005. Compete America is a lobbying group for US corporations, research institute and universities, members include top US companies such as Microsoft, Intel, HP, etc.

Compete America wants to identify the impact that employment-based (EB) immigrant visa backlogs are having on foreign national workers sponsored by an employer for a green card. Please help yourself by participating in survey so they can paint a precise picture to both Congress and the Administration regarding the effect of recent Department of State (DOS) EB "cut-off" dates and steep visa retrogression. This survey is stated to provide a clear picture for Congress regarding the impact of EB retrogression.

I also learned that it recently sent a letter to Congress warning the negative impact of retrogression. Since there isn't a lot we can do to make situation better, I think having more people to participate this survey may be still something worthy doing.

Could you please participate in survey and spread this message? Thanks!

For survey, please see front page of


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Good News ...- but is not Over !!

Senate Defeats Attempt to Eliminate H-1B, Backlog Relief from Budget Reconciliation Bill
Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 05110340 (posted Nov. 3, 2005)"

As background, the Senate Judiciary Committee, as part of the budget reconciliation process, held a markup on October 20 of a proposal to provide temporary relief from the H-1B visa blackout and the employment-based immigrant visa backlogs in exchange for increased fees on some petitions. Although it was vehemently opposed by some Members of the Committee, the proposal ultimately passed out of Committee by a strong 14-2 vote. The final package would:

*Impose a new $500 fee on immigrant visa petitions for the EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 categories.

*Recapture unused employment-based visas from prior years for immediate allocation of up to 90,000/year.

*Exempt spouses and minor children from counting against the annual cap on employment-based immigrant visas.

*Allow individuals to apply for adjustment of status before an immigrant visa is deemed currently available. (Of course, approval could not occur until the visa number is available.)

*Recapture approximately 300,000 unused H-1B numbers dating back to FY 1991. As a result of an amendment by Senator Feinstein, 30,000 rather than 60,000 would be available annually. (In other words, effectively raising the cap from 65,000 to 95,000 for at least 10 years.)

*Impose a new fee on the recaptured H-1B visas so that the fees on the original 65,000 H-1B allotment remain unchanged but the additional 30,000 available annually carry an additional $500 fee.

*Impose a new $750 fee on L-1 visas. (This was part of Senator Feinstein's amendment and was necessary to offset the reduction in revenue resulting from the limitation on recaptured H-1B numbers from 60,000 to 30,000.)

During floor debate on the Senate’s overall reconciliation package (S. 1932), Senator Byrd offered an amendment to remove from the final package the H-1B and immigrant visa retrogression provisions passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and replace them with a provision that mirrored the House’s version, which simply imposes a $1,500 fee increase on L visas. That amendment was rejected by an overwhelming vote of 85-14. (See how your Senators voted here). This is a tremendous victory for immigrants. The Senate ultimately approved the Budget Reconciliation Package by a vote of 52-47.

Unfortunately, the fight is not over. The Senate’s package still must be reconciled in conference with the House’s alternative budget reconciliation bill which, as noted above, imposes a $1,500 fee increase on L visas. Although we can congratulate ourselves on our success so far, it will require an equally big push to hold onto these gains and make sure the proposal survives the Senate-House conference. Client action is key to these efforts, so keep your clients engaged and activated! We will keep you updated on the conference timing and process as it comes into focus. In the meantime, we need to maintain the pressure on Congress and the momentum we have generated for meaningful relief.


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US Senate votes in favour of increasing H-1B visas
Friday, 04 November , 2005, 19:50
Washington: In a major boost to IT professionals from India hoping to emigrate to the US, the Senate has voted in favour of increasing the cap on H-1B visas by 30,000 to 95,000 from next year.

The Senate has voted to increase the number of legal immigrants besides increasing the cap on H-1B visas favoured by Indian IT specialists, as part of a broad budget deficit-cutting bill that was passed yesterday by a margin of 52 to 47 votes.

With a view to meeting its deficit reduction target, the Senate Judiciary Committee last month called for adding some 90,000 employment-based green cards per year and raising the fee by $500, which would earn some $250 millions for the government.

The Judiciary Committee increased the cap on the H-1B visas by 30,000 and raised the fee, adding another $ 75 millions to the exchequer.

The budget deficit reduction bill that was cleared by the Senate also removes family members from the ceiling on employment-based immigration visas that would now increase legal immigration by 240,000 people every year.

The total increase to immigration would now come to 330,000 a year, up nearly 33 per cent.

The passage of the Senate bill did not come by without opposition. Senior Democrat from West Virginia, Robert Byrd, tried to take away the visa provisions from the bill but was overwhelmingly defeated by a 85 to 14 vote with only ten Democrats, three Republicans and one Independent supporting him.

Here is the sentae vote - :)


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Visitor Visa

I'am on EAD now and wish to bring my parents here.What are the supporting documents to be provided as my passport has all the expired visas.My mother-in-law's visa was rejected twice in the past,at her second time they didn't even check any other documents other than my passport copies and just rejected soon after seeing it.So I'm quite worried as to how it goes in my parent's case.Appreciate it if someone could pls let me know how to proceed with this.

Thanks in advance.

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I too have the same question. I am on EAD and would like to bring my mom here. Is there anything additional we need to take care when we are in EAD?

Slave_Victim said:
I'am on EAD now and wish to bring my parents here.What are the supporting documents to be provided as my passport has all the expired visas.My mother-in-law's visa was rejected twice in the past,at her second time they didn't even check any other documents other than my passport copies and just rejected soon after seeing it.So I'm quite worried as to how it goes in my parent's case.Appreciate it if someone could pls let me know how to proceed with this.

Thanks in advance.


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Retrogression and pending I-485


If an applicant has applied for I-485, and the visa dates retrogress later, will the application be held up till the dates become current for that PD? Or will they approve the I-485 just because at the time of the application visa numbers were available? What about AP/EAD/namecheck? Will these get held up too?