Movement To Remove Retrogression And Have A Better Life

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  1. saurabh_tulika

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    We had a conference call with Rajiv last week. And some of the people have agreed after the call that we should get together and take our cases to our individual Congressmen, so that this can be brought up by them to increase the number of Visa Numbers.

    I am starting this thread with a spreadsheet attached that already has the information about 10 people, we need to get this moving fast and find out people from all the congressional district. If you are willing to participate in the movement, so enter your information into the spreasheet.

    Rajivs opinion was if the employers are willing to talk to the congressmen, that would have a higher impact on the voice that we are trying to raise. So discuss your retrgression case with your employer and ask them if they will be willing to help you. (enter the information in the spreadsheet)

    I am thankful to all the people who have already added there information into the sheet, we need lot more and from various different Congressional districts.

  2. srinireddydgl

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    I Declare My Support

    I Declare My Full Support And Cooperation In This Fight To Cure Retrogression

    If You Dont Raise A Voice Today, You Will Never Be Able To In Rest Of Your Life

    If A Person Has Taken Human Birth, He Or She Should Contribute To Mother Earth. And God Helps Those Who Helps Themselves

    So I Will Urge All Eb3 And Eb2 Candidates To Support This Movement

    Fyi... Eb2 Is Going To Retrogress Shortly, So Dont Wait To See Those Days, Act Before It

    Those Who Is A Part Of This Suffering And Just Sees This Thread And Does Not Do Anything Is Probably A Rat

    But I Guess Lot Of People Dont Know About Our Movement

    How About Also Creating A Yahoo Group

    Guys.....please Declare Your Support To Us And Lets Create An Organization
    We Have To Start Somewhere To Get Somewhere
  3. saurabh_tulika

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    I have added one more column to the spreadsheet fort he PD. People who have already entered there information please enter your PD again.


  4. sbabunle

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    Count me in. The problem is that many employers don't know
    whats a visa number and whats retrogression etc. Could anybody
    suggest any brief presentable article or something like that to CEOs?
  5. baby_mde

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    I live in a town of NH. How would I know that I would belong in which congress/district.

    I would like to update xl sheet and tell me why you guys are colletcing this info.

    Thanks for your time
  6. srinireddydgl

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    Yahoo Group

    Lets Also Create A Yahoo Group
    That Way We Can Invite All Our Friends Who Are Suffering From This But Do Not Use Portals

    Using Yahoo Group Will Be Efficient Way To Collect More People
  7. srinireddydgl

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    I Have Posted This At Bunch Of Places, Lets See How Many We Get In Here

  8. srinireddydgl

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    Can You Please Take Initiative To Create A Group
  9. srinireddydgl

    srinireddydgl Registered Users (C)

  10. Bhasu

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    This Will Work


    This is a great start, I just added my Info. Must remember that even a single entry counts. The same way how the Bills in Senate gets passed or rejected- one Vote. So dont be left out leaving an 'if' in your mind. Just trust the efforts and at the same time remember all the help and advice we got from this board. This time also this forum is going to help us and many like us.

    Lets join hands and start the effort. ... Atleast in my mind its doing 'something' for retregression rather than nothing. Good Luck to all of us.
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  11. saurabh_tulika

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    baby_mde, by collecting this information we will be able to got the information about all the people in different cities, then the next step would be to contact the local senator / congressmen and narrate our problems about the retrogression. As per the conference call with Rajiv as many congressional districts we can cover that much better it would be to raise the voice at the hill.
    search on the google and you will find out which congressional district you belong to. Most probably if it is a big city then that is what it would be. search on "find congressmen" in google and you will get it
    I would highly urge everyone to update the sheet so the group would have an idea what all areas we can cover.

  12. saurabh_tulika

    saurabh_tulika Registered Users (C)

    sbabunle, please enter your information to the spreadsheet. Everyone - if you have any article related to the question asked by sbabunle please respond.
    Labourcleared if you see this thread please let us know what what was the email you sent to your CEO so we can use that too. As your CEO responded that means that the email was good enough to get his attention and lot of people can be benifitted by using the same email
  13. srinireddydgl

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    Email And Phone Are Important

    Start Collecting Email And Most Importantly Phone
    That Way You Can Get Hold Of People
    If Not On This Forum
    Lets Do It On That Yahoo Group
    But We Need To Be Agressive In This Matter

    Many People Dont Come To This Web Site
    We Need To Pull Them Outside From The World
    So Our Database Should Contain Email/phone
  14. neocor

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    Glad to see the progress

    I was in the conference call with Rajiv on Friday. Had to embark on the road trip immideately after the call to Indianapolis to endure the humiliation watching the farce Formula 1 Grand Prix. Those who follow Formula 1 will know what I endured. It was a shame.

    Anyway just came back and regrouped and am happy to see so much progress been made since Friday. Nice job Sandeep, Saurabh, LaborCleared, sriniReddy of taking the movement to the next step. I was going to suggest to create another sticky thread that unites all other threads related to retrogression. You guys already did that. I am thinking that retrogression should be a separate topic within which this thread should be made sticky and it will have other non sticky discussion threads. We can make this thread only for collecting information and grouping affected people. If someone has already requested the moderator fine, else I can initiate the request.

    Just to recap from Friday, I was a bit dissapointed on the conference call to learn that there is little that we can do other than taking this path which requires an active involvement of atleast 10-12 people from all regions to actively unite all the affected people and take the matter to each congressman. atleast one good thing happened is that now we know that this is the only path and we wont waste time exploring other options.

    Also I was the person on the call looking for answers regarding the exact nature of the ruling involving the Schedule A workers. As you all know they got all the Visa Numbers that were captured from previous years. After reading the enitre ruling regarding that I got an impression that they are going to get first preference when the Fiscal year 2006 Visa numbers are going to be avialable in Future.
    I have not read more since then. Has anybody found out or knows if what I was saying was correct or not. Even Rajiv was not sure about that. We need to clarify this thing in parallel. I will try to get more info and will post if I find some. This thing really bothers me. All this effort of mobalizing affected people and employers will come to nothing if the Schedule A workers are going to get all the Visa's in future.

    I have updated the spread sheet with my info. I hope there is no other spread sheets lurking in other threads.
  15. 485Nebraska

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    Appreciate your efforts. Please count me in. I will try to speak to my employer. Added my details to the sheet.
  16. neocor

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    Another info

    Even before I could update and put the xl sheet back there is another update. So good going. I just merged the two.
  17. 485Nebraska

    485Nebraska Registered Users (C)

    Added neocor details

    I and neocor updated the sheet at the same time and his details were left out in sheet I uploaded. So, I updated it again.
  18. rrajendr

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    Guys, added my info.
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  19. lpd

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    I have entered my info too.......
  20. srinireddydgl

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    I Updated My Info

    I Updated My Info Please Take A Look And Keep On Adding Your Entries

    Again This Will Be Hard To Find People As We Dont Have Email/phone

    Saurabh, Please Think About It

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