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FAQ: How and when Obama's ImmigrationAction will be implemented
I was listening to your post today on H-4EAD, EB3 -Backlog impact on youtube,
Rajivji you mentioned that once someone has approved he doesnot longer need to wait for the I485 advance parole EAD status , is it a regulation pending part of the executive action officially now ? and when do you think that will be implemented is it also pending approval like H-4EAD regulation.

Any insight or direction is highly appreciated.

Dear Rajiv,

In your radio show at this link for Jan 7-2014,

you said that those in EB3 category of GC petitions who have an approved I-140 are now eligible to file a I-485 without waiting for the priority date to become current. Does this imply that the principal applicant can get an EAD after 180 days of filing the I-485 and therefore can work for any employer who is willing to hire on EAD, while waiting for his priority date to be current?

If yes, is this reform also applicable to those in EB2 category of green card, with I-140 approved.
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