Interest in graduating high school from Germany

I hope that I have chosen the right category. A friend and I would like to go to the US and graduate from a local high school for two years. After that, we would like to permanently live in the US. Is there any way? With an F1-Visa, you, unfortunately, cannot graduate from a high school. We would like to go in September 2020, my friend will be 18 by then. We both have unfortunately not won the DV-Lottery this year, what are other options that we go for two years to a high school and get maybe a green card after that? Can we use an H1B visa? We really want to go to the US and after high school, study and work there permanently. We both have excellent grades and have a proficient English competency (B2-C1 according to various online tests)
Thank you so much for your help.


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You certainly can graduate high school in the US on F1, however, you will have to attend a private school. An F1 does not allow more than one year of public high school (and this has to be at full unsubsidized cost). If you want to study after high school, you will need to be accepted at a US college and again need an F1. Bear in mind university is expensive in the US and it usually makes very little sense for a European to come to the US to get an undergraduate degree.

Unfortunately, without winning a DV visa, and without having a sponsoring family member, there is just about no way for a high school graduate to get a green card. An H1 visa (which is non immigrant visa and is not an automatic path to a green card) requires at least a university degree.