1. H

    Interest in graduating high school from Germany

    Hello, I hope that I have chosen the right category. A friend and I would like to go to the US and graduate from a local high school for two years. After that, we would like to permanently live in the US. Is there any way? With an F1-Visa, you, unfortunately, cannot graduate from a high school...
  2. A

    Education and changing of a state after k-1

    Greetings! I m immigrating to US by k visa. My wife is living in NYC and waiting for me but we are planning to move to Colorado as I get to US to start education in CSU. So I have a questions: 1) What kind of problems may occur if we presented our case in NY and than moved to another state...
  3. M

    Help about the highest level of education - dv lottery visas

    Hello folks :) Well, i am from Morocco and i was about to submit the dv lottery application untill i saw something. Normally the level that is best match to me is the "Vocational School". Because after i had completed 12 years of education, i went to a vocational school and after 2 years i got...
  4. noobeleng

    About education (DV-2019)

    Hello there! Got one question regardless education. I'm from Russia, and i've got Specialist Degree, been styding for 5.5 years. So, what should i choose when choosing my highest education degree? University Degree Some Graduate Level Courses Master's Degree As far as i understand Univercity...
  5. N

    Education documentation

    I have a copy of my university degree, but I do not have a copy of my secondary school qualifications. Will I need to present both for my interview, or is my degree enough as it is the higher qualification?