I-485 Transferred

Transferred to TSC

Just got e-mails that my case is transferred from VSC to TSC on March 15. Strangely, the approved I-140 has also been updated with the message that the case has been transferred to TSC and I should await decision from them !

Am stuck in Namecheck since Aug 2005. Confirmed by Infopass as well as Congressman.

Last month was the completion of the 5 year anniversary of the GC pursuit:rolleyes:

PD : Feb 2002/NJ
I-140 : Approved 02/2006
I-485 : RD - 08/2005, FP1 - completed 09/2005
Stuck in Namecheck...
When I checked the recorded message it said to call after 180 days from the date of transfer.

I-485 RD Dec 2004
Transferred to TSC

My case to transfered to TSC. Struck in 'Security Checks'. Got responce 2 months back for the enquiry made. Info pass confirmend the same as 'Security checks pending'. Recently requested congressman.

Thought: Do I need to inform my congressman about the latest tranfer or since it is all USCIS I do not need to worry? Any how I will inform him.
EB2 - PD-Sept-2001
i140/485 concurrent filing. RD - 10/10/2005
i140 - AP - 02/2006
I485 - LUD- .. 08/07/2006, 03/15/2007 (for Case transfer)
Case transfered

My firends case with RD-06/2006 also just now transfered to TSC. Look like they ran the Batch scritp to transfer from VSC --> TSC :)
Cases Transferred To TSC

Got the emails today, both mine and my wife's
I485 ND 7/13/2006.

Does this mean that our NC fails?
It looks like there are many cases moved to TSC. Did your spouse ask their own case status from USCIS before transfer? Thanks.
Do we get any notification (letter) from USCIS saying case has been transferred to TEXAS.
Is it sent to my lawyer or to me ?
Please let me know if any of have any information on this.

My labor was approved under VSC(Philly backlog later) . As per Bi specialization, my 485 was filed at TSC in 06/2006 . TSC transferred my 485 case to VSC sometime in 10/2006 after approving my I-140 . Now they are moving other way around for lot of people here from VSC to TSC .

I did not understand one thing why people who filed 485 around june, july 2006 did not file their 485 at TSC OR NSC as per Bi specialization ?

I haven't yet received any mails so far from USCIS regarding re-transfer of my case from VSC to TSC . Does this means my name check is mostly cleared and my application will be processed at VSC ? Any one in the same situation as mine ?