How to Apply for a Green Card- Do it Yourself


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See page 3 of the instructions to form I601.
5. Applicants Seeking to Waive the Vaccination Requirement

If you seek an exemption from the vaccination requirement because the vaccination would be against your religious beliefs or moral convictions, you should file this form. You should establish with evidence that:

A. You are opposed to vaccinations in any form;
B. The objection is based on religious belief or moral conviction; and
C. The belief or conviction is sincere.

WC, I believe this is the part you are referring to?

I am reading up more on



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Anyone with an I-693 submitted after the change in the rules?

It looks like, if you need treatment (the skin reaction is rather large) you will not be cleared to adjust status until there is evidence of you completing the treatment.

Anyone had it since August 1st, 2008?
Especially one with a positive TB skin test (PPD)?
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I really don't know many GC/Citizens...I cannot mention this to my white colleagues
Firstly wiz123 if your wife makes enough money for the both of you and has filed I-864 , then you dont have to worry about anything else, the US citizen spouse only files I-864, and the intending immigrant or any other person in the household has to file I-864A if needed,
If a joint sponsor (person outside the household) is needed he/she would file I-864 along with the US citizen spouse,

Basically I-864A is only needed by a household member

Trawal I dont see what race has to do with this ,plus those white people might be the ones who can take you out of this problem, you can talk with them this is not a big deal anybody will help you, you wife is a USC dont you guys know anybody in this country who makes above the poverty line, I am sure you do and now is the time to take a favor from them, and dont get frustrated RFE's are common and you have enough time to reply to it , I am sure you will workout something..


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The alien registration number is the number on the front up left corner of the small I-94 card.
That number is NOT your alien registration #. It is an admission/departure number with which USCIS keeps track of your visit.

You do not get assigned an A# until you apply for a visa that warrants it (usually in conjunction with work authorization). An A# is 8 or 9 digits, and can be found on correspondence from USCIS with you regarding (I assume) filed petitions. Unless you have (had) a work permit, it is unlikely you have an A# (there are exceptions though).


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more ques

Thanks for answering my I-765 ques.

1. I have a ques for I-864 (Affidavit of Support), the USCIS website says

"Although USCIS does not charge a fee for this form, the Department of State does charge a fee of $70 when the Affidavit of Support is reviewed domestically. This does not apply when the Affidavit of Support is filed abroad. "

Who should I make the check payable to? U.S. Department of Homeland Security or someone else? Please let me know.

2. I-485 Ques..
Part 2, Application Type - Should I choose option "a" or in the forum it says use option "h" and write "An immediate relative petition is being filed concurrently with this application". I am confused...pls help...

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1) If you file I485, you do not have to pay for I864. That is only for CP applications.

2) a) is the correct option. Just read it very carefully, the wording is a little complicated, but it says that you file I485 based on an attached I130 petition. Iif you select h) and write the same, it should got through with no problem though.


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few more ques pls...

Thanks so much for replying for my post.

1. In G325A (Biographics Info):
Whats the FileNumber in the top right corner?
My father, In Father's name, should I mention he is deceased or late?
2. Should I file I864 or I864EZ, I am just going to show my Husband's Salary and its above 125% poverty line?
3. Do I need my Husband's passport or just his Naturalization certificate is enough?

Thanks in advance,


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1) your A number if you previously had one. enter N/A or none if you don't have one (you most likely do not have one)
2) if you qualify for 864EZ (answer the 3 questions on 864EZ "yes") use that. Shorter and easier than regular I864
3) Naturalization cert should be enough, but if he has a US pp, might as well include to be sure.


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#29 last ques

In form G-325A, where we have to specify the information about "Husband or Wife (If none,so state.)", do I need to mention "Husband" or "Wife" explicitly there? Please let me know.



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If you read the instruction of the form, it says you do not need to repeat info you already gave on I130 with the exception of you name address etc.

However,if you want to be complete, then yes, state the relationship. It seems redundant, but it makes it easier (i think) on IOs so they don't have to go back and forth between I130 and G325 .


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Oh, you meant the spouse adjusting status submits the I-485 and G325A, right?
Yes :).
So basically 2 copies of your G-325 and one copy of ur husband's G-325 is required. One each will go with I-130 and your second will go with your I-485.
His G-325 should have his info and your G-325 has your info. Dont write his A# in your G325. Leave it blank if you dont have one(you might not if you never applied for anything with USCIS before and you might if ever applied EAD etc before). Hope this clarifies.
I-864 Continue income from same source Question

Hi All,

I have a question about the I-864. My wife who is a USC doesn't work so according to the I-864 Instructions Page 2:

Can the Intending Immigrant Help Me Meet the Income Requirements?
If certain conditions are met, the intending immigrant's income can help you meet the income requirement. If the intending immigrant is your spouse, his or her income can be included if it will continue from the same source after he or she obtains lawful permanent resident status.
I have included my income in the I-864. But my question is about the income which they say should continue from the same source after I have got the GC, what does that mean?
Does it mean that I can't change my job after I got my GC. I'm right now working on H1B with a consultant so I have to continue from the same source than I can't leave him and go to a permanent job or more paying job.

Can anyone please clarify this? Thanks in advance...


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Well what I read from it is that ...USCIS wants to make sure that your income will continue even after you become a PR and you will not become a liability on states. So as long as you can prove that your job is permanent and long term will be fine.

Now regarding changing the jobs....once you have a PR/ GC can change as many jobs as you can my friend, no body will track those.

PS - This is not a legal advice!
I am a International student in USA since last 3 years. I am planning to travel abroad and return in a month. After coming back to USA I am planning to get married to my girlfriend who is a US citizen .My question is , 1) Is it OK to get married in 1month or do I need to wait for longer period of time after entering USA. 2) Can I get married abroad with US citizen and come back to USA and file for Green card


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I am a International student in USA since last 3 years. I am planning to travel abroad and return in a month. After coming back to USA I am planning to get married to my girlfriend who is a US citizen .My question is , 1) Is it OK to get married in 1month or do I need to wait for longer period of time after entering USA. 2) Can I get married abroad with US citizen and come back to USA and file for Green card
You must be on F1 (assuming you are international student). F1 gives you right to travel outside of US and come back to complete your studies, irrespective of you get married outside US or you come back and get married in US. Just use your F1. Once you are married and in US, file for I-130/I-485 for permanent residency.


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Thanks for taking the time and putting together this great post. :)

My questions are:

1- What's the validity duration for the AP ? 1 year
2- Once received, can it be used for multiple trips in and out of the USA ? you have to apply for multiple trips
3- Does it even have an expiration date on it ? yes
4- Can my spouse (who will be the AP holder) stay outside the country for about 120 days? I guess yes

Many thanks,
here is a copy of sample AP :

The above should answer some of your questions.


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Is it possible to send the I-693 forms later? Or will that cause problems. The reason I ask is my son & I are paroled till the 12/31/08 and we only have the funds for the I-485 & I-130 and the medical exams & tests will kill us. But in a month or so we will have the money (USC husband has only started working). Also my son's immunisation records are taking longer to get here than we thought.

Any advice?


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Hi all:

I, the United State Citizen, am filing an I130 for my wife who is an F1 student as of now.

We have two kids, which both were born here, and they are US citizens by birth.

All of my income is from my own salary.

Q1: Will I qualify for the I864EZ and not the I864 ?

Q2: The form talks about $70 fee if reviewed domestically, does that apply to me?

Q3: Will the notary Public be required on the I864EZ or any other form (I-130, I-485, I-131, I-765, I-864EZ, etc..) ?

Many Thanks,


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1) just follow the checklist on 864EZ, if you answer all questions "yes", then you qualify for EZ
2) no fee is required for I864 when filed within US
3) forms don't need to be notarized