How long it takes for name check results to reach USCIS from FBI ?


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My wife and I got the exact same notice as you today. We are asked to take CODE 3 biometrics on October 5. I am living in Arizona, but the service area mentioned in the notice is "WSC". My first finger print was done actually on Sep 18, 2004, just over a year and not expired yet. I would also suggest you walk in as early as possible. I did this in my first FP without any problem. I am going to do the same this time.


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Sounds like last 4 overs of a one day cricket match

Sounds like last 4 overs of a one day cricket match :)


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lingeron said:
Hi psangam70,
Locate your Senator: or Locate your congressperson at :
You will get the fax number and postal address on their WebPages. There is no format as such, Just send them your Name, address, phone#, SS#, A#, filing date and DOB with briefly mentioned your problem. You can find their phone# too if you want to talk to them (I mean to their assistants) interactively. Good luck..

Thanks for the info...


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need email address

Dear all,

Do you know the email address to VSC(vermont)? There are only 3 days left to Oct 1. What shall I do next???

I faxed to Mr. Hardy last night to let him know the retrogression, I mailed the copy of FBI replied email to congressman and ask them to call FBI ( they only called the USCIS) and I called the FBI to ask how long it takes to forward the completed name check to USCIS. One lady replied: completed is completed. USCIS should know the procedure. They should get it from Washington, DC the headquarter. (My name check was completed on Oct. 3, 2003 according to FBI's email. However, until now, USCIS has not received the result??? and saild my name check is pending... My husband's name check is still pending since Oct. 3, 2003...)

Need your suggesstion!!!