Generating Socio-Political Awarenes through paid Media Advertisements

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Are Paid Media Ads productive & Which avenues

  1. Yes they are; In small newspapers in cities with heavy immigrant population

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  2. Yes they are; In newspapers with National as well as regional coverage in areas where the political

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  3. Yes they are; In newspapers which are staples of the business community (e.g. WSJ)

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  4. Yes they are; In other Large newspapers with nation-wide as well as international readership (e.g. N

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  5. Paid media Ads are not very productive

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  1. gcby2020

    gcby2020 Registered Users (C)

    What would the ad look like?

    The above three drafts from Competeamerica would serve as a template for making our case. At the end we should propose some solutions. I bet everybody would agree upon:

    1) Exempting dependents from the quota

    2) Exempting all those with US masters from the quota

    3) Recapturing 90K GCs every year

    4) Automatically giving GC to everyone who have maintained a legal status continously for X number of years and have committed absolutely no crime whatsoever. Maybe giving US citizenship automatically after 10 years of continous stay. For all those who think this is a far fetched idea, read the proposal by Senator Nagle
  2. sundar99

    sundar99 Registered Users (C)

    A wider audience ?

    I have been following this thread, I wish to contribute 100 $, can you please guide me where I should mail the check to for the ad campaign ?.

    (2) I feel that we should also circulate this move among big corporations with H1s from india, china esp so that we can get more lobbying for the cause - more phone calls to senators.. possibly more advts can be issued if $ contribution increases.

    (3) - I found that Senator Fienstien has a website where she actively follows up immigration issues. Perhaps all those working in California should highlight the EB Visa capture cause and also the exclusion of family into the count.

    Keep up the momentum guys !..
  3. gcby2020

    gcby2020 Registered Users (C)

    Anyone with chinese and phillipino friends? We need their support too.
  4. nozdam

    nozdam Registered Users (C)

    Thanks vsaksena

    Hi Vsaksena,

    Thanks buddy, that is exactly the kind of answer i was looking for. I was never against the ad-campaign, just wanted clarification on what the ad was abt.

    Abt citizens thinking that we take jobs away from them, there DEFINETELY IS a feeling like that amongst a lot of ppl who have been laid off. Now there are smart ppl and ordinary ppl. The smart ones know the situation and dont complain, the ordinary ones do. Unfortunately there are more ordinary ppl than smart ones and the ordinary ones are the ones that get laid off and "lose their jobs" to consultants. That is what i meant. Personally even I dont think we take jobs from anyone here.
  5. logic

    logic Registered Users (C)

    vsaksena................................$150 AND more as needed
    gcby2020............................... $150
    techy2468.............................. $100
    santosh_30..............................$150 AND more as needed
    belmont99............................... $100
    mydearcard..............................$150 AND more as needed
    anil007dc.................................$$$s not specified
    lorestan...................................$$$s not specified
    sunjoshi...................................$150 (UNCONDITIONAL ---YAY)
    njrirlabor..................................$$$ not specified
    Zbd……………………………………………….$100 (assumed contribution)
    EAin2005………………………………………$200 (up to)
    Dval dpal………………………………………$200 (wants ad in AJC)
    Anshushelly………………………………….$200+ (Unconditional…yay!!))
    logic........................................$200 and more as needed
    TOTAL so far ...................$3,300

    How do we get in touch to collect the funds? i would prefer paypal.

    Can the newspaper help us out in the collection effort, i.e. we send the money directly to the newspaper if they provide us with a reference number for the ad. They can then decide how big the ad can be based upon how much has been collected by the end of a preset deadline. This way there is more confidence over accountability.

    Whoever is already in touch with the Roll Call news paper ad department, please find out if the above is practical.
  6. sunjoshi

    sunjoshi Registered Users (C)

    I have to kinda disagree with that approach. Why would a news agency 'wait" to collect "funds" to print an ad?

    I won't mind if someone were to volunteer, to just send in a check or paypal or whatever, and use it for the ad. The receipt/quote can always be posted online or emailed to everyone concerned. Since we will all know how much it would cost ahead of time, not much to worry about 'fraud"

    One more question I have is, do we wait till we collect big funds? (such as 100,000 etc), or just use whatever we can garner now, and go after whatever is the best newsoutlet that we can afford?
  7. thecipher5

    thecipher5 Registered Users (C)

    Abusing employer rights!!!

    Hello E'one,

    I wanted advise/help on my case. I didn't knew where to put this but it definately is related to the GC issue...

    After joining my ex-employer, I received a pre-approved labor last year. I applied concurrently for I-140 and I-485 for me and my wife. We received our EADs, did our finger-printing. E'thing was going smoothly and my I-140 date was approaching.

    Unfortunately, my company (Indian consulting co.) pulled the plug. He withdrew my I-140 application around 3 months back w/o informing me or the co. lawyer. I got an automated message. I was in the belief that my I-140 will get approve and then I'll either wait for I-485 approval or join another better and bigger co.

    The employer seems to be selling off pre-approved LC to people and making money out of it. They earned good enough money out my work on client projects and had no problem then.

    Also, he kept me on bench w/o any pay for almost a month which I know is not legal...

    Further, the company was involved in a legal matter with another sub-vendor regarding a project payment. My employer lost the case and held me responsible for the loss.

    And finally, he terminated my employment last month end and now is not ready to return my last pay cheque and money from other deductions unless I sign a letter stating that I won't go to the DOL for any damages or legal issues. The company has illegaly made tax deductions. They are trying to close that and other employment matters by making me sign some kind of letter which states that I won't go to DOL.

    Now, I'll have to start my GC process from beginning and with retrogression problems I don't know when I'll get it.

    I want to know from you all, if anyone has had to face such a situation and if there is any remedy or action I can take against them. They owe me more than $15,000 and I think the amount of money (backpay) that can be received through DOL is less than $10,000.

    Can someone point me to some good source to resolve this matter? Whom should I approach? I appreciate all your help.

    And I'm willing to help others in the GC cause.

    thank you!

    thecipher :confused:
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  8. sundar99

    sundar99 Registered Users (C)

    collecting funds and advertisement

    If comepete america is ready to help us our here, perhaps we can all mail the check to the moderator specifying a particular post box for payment for this. We need to trust this moderator/individul whoever accepts this responsibility and we need to stick around and rally behind this. Also, the individual who recieves checks should also take tax implications into account.

    We need a concentrated efforts for the ad campaign, and we should have sustained funds for the campaign otherwise the whole efforts are a waste.

    Perhaps time if all the engineers/affected folks need to spread the word around to make this work, since the end result would benefit them for their lifetime.
    I would assume less than 50 K is not enough for this ad campaign. Each advt should be prominent and costs $$$ .. and not like a matrimonial advt price wise.
  9. gcby2020

    gcby2020 Registered Users (C)


    Dont sign anything. Your company making you a scapegoat. Just tell them that they will be hearing from your lawyer and that you are reporting them to IRS as well as USCIS which you should do.

    LCBEFORETROGRES Registered Users (C)

    See what the opponents of immigration is doing

    See the FAIR website, urging US nationals to contact their senate and Judiciary committe members to oppose the proposed bill/ budget reconciliation and amendments .
    This is a strong and vicious anti immigration forum.

    We too should be very careful about whom we are calling to ask for support of the proposed legislation.The vote in house of representatives was 12-10 in favor of the legislation amendments.
    So all of us should contact our local and state representatives to support this amendment Budget reconciliation bill S.1932, scheduled for hearing in senate on 10/31/05 at 2.00 PM
  11. neocor

    neocor Registered Users (C)

    Get hold of a good immigration lawyer and consult with him about what to do.
    Who knows you may have a jackpot in your hands.
    Do you have any mails where the company has asked you to do these things, like signing on a paper that states all that you said.
  12. santosh_30

    santosh_30 Registered Users (C)

    V: I am sorry for not replying to your message. I have been travelling and will be travelling for the next 11 days. I will write as I find time.

    Some points i want to mention before I log off.

    a) We need to spread the message about collecting funds for an ad among our friends. I have been surprised how many of my friends are taking this retrogression as a fact of life and are just moving on. They wont participate in forums and stuff but will contribute some money to the cause

    b) I like someone proposing the option of granting GC to everyone who has been here for more than 10 yrs (only catch is that he should not have commited any crime). From the standpoint of this forum, I think we are digressing. We dont want to ask for too least at this stage. We should focus on the immediate goal of removing retrogression and long processing times. From a parochial and personal standpoint, I have had a DWI, so a language like "not commited crimes of moral turpitude (they know how to define that) would be better" if and when such a demand is made...:))). Anyways..... I am not banking on this proposal. It will take years or even decades before they approve something of that sort.

    c) Its very encouraging that we will possible liase with TIE, AILA, Competeramerica. They can leverage the effort significantly...especially if we show how much people are pledging and the potential for pledges.

    d) I heard some detractors saying that one should focus more on contacting senators instead of on the ads. Well......we have already done that...and we will keep doing that. Havign said that, what is the harm in putting an ad and getting EXPOSURE to the plight of legal immigrants. Did you see that most of the news you hear...even about the Kennedy-McCain bill is about illegal immigration. Does anybody ever talk about LEGAL IMMIGRANTS in the media???NO. So we want to put an ad.

    e) I have heard about people proposing ideas such as puttnig in the publication call ROLL CALL which is read by senators. That is OK. However, it should not distract us from getting some public attention. The fact that LEGAL immigrants are suffergin for a broken immigration policy will get publics attention. And I repeat....$200 is not too much of price to pay to get relief from retrogression.....and even if it does not achieve it going to break your bank???? Whats the harm in trying?

    f) The immigration systems reminds me of one of the tenets of the judicial system. It says ....let not one innocent be punished even if a 100 criminals can run free. The immigration system is violating this tenet on two counts. not only is letting the legal immigrants suffer but it is making them also bear the cost of letting the illegals run free (metaphorically) by granting them work vias at the cost of legal EB3 visas and overwhleming the system.

    Anyway,...keep the pledges coming and by the way...where is Mr. Khanna?

  13. gnopgnip

    gnopgnip Registered Users (C)

    Hat off to Santosh, gcby and all of you for initiating this ad effort and keeping it rolling up. I am ready to chip in $150 or so for it. Referred to this website seperately by a chinese and a russian friend, I believe this forum has a rather big immigrant readership. But to reach the target number of our fund raising, we need to bring notice of this significant campaign to more retrogression-plagued people among our friends, friends' friends... and acquire big input from them.

    United we stand; On ourselves we count.
  14. hsb123

    hsb123 Registered Users (C)

    hsb123 -> 150$
  15. thecipher5

    thecipher5 Registered Users (C)

    Thanks for the suggestions...

    I've few emails on some of the things mentioned in the email. Like the incorrect tax deductions, labor certificate, less wages.

    Any other suggestions?

  16. pdakwala

    pdakwala Registered Users (C)

    I am willing me contribute $100. But do it fast. The ad needs to be posted quickly to shut their (anti immigration lobby) mouth.
  17. gcby2020

    gcby2020 Registered Users (C)

    pro-immigrant article in NY times

    Yes, Immigration May Lift Wages

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    Published: November 3, 2005

    FROM 1990 to 2000, the number of people working in the United States grew by more than nine million, or around 8 percent, from immigration alone. What effect did all those new foreign-born workers have on the wages of native-born Americans?

    The answer seems obvious at first. An increase in the supply of workers should push down wages, just as a bumper crop of wheat drives down wheat prices.

    That is exactly what some influential economic studies, notably by George J. Borjas at Harvard, have found. In a 2003 article, for instance, Professor Borjas calculated that immigrants had depressed the average wage of American-born workers by about 3 percent in the 1990's.

    But workers are not as uniform as wheat, and 10 years is a long time - long enough for employers to invest in new production and take on more workers. The model of surging supply meeting fixed demand is not realistic.

    As economists know all too well, changing the assumptions of a model can often change the results. In a new working paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research, two other economists using methodology similar to Professor Borjas's but different assumptions get the opposite result.

    In "Rethinking the Gains From Immigration: Theory and Evidence From the U.S.," Gianmarco I. P. Ottaviano of the University of Bologna and Giovanni Peri of the University of California, Davis estimate that immigration in the 1990's increased the average wage of American-born workers by 2.7 percent. (The paper is available at

    Although it still relies on a highly stylized model of the economy, their paper adds two complexities that bring it closer to reality.

    First, the two economists assume that businesses can make additional capital investments to take advantage of the expanded supply of workers. Companies may open new restaurants or stores, add new factory lines or build more houses.

    In their model, as in the real world, "investment adjusts not to keep fixed the amount of capital but to keep fixed the return to capital," Professor Peri said. As long as businesses can profitably add new production, they hire more workers, and wages do not necessarily go down. Instead, he said, "more workers means more business."

    As businesses expand, hiring foreign-born workers to do one job may also require hiring more native-born workers with complementary skills. Immigrant engineers, for instance, may create demand for native-born patent lawyers and marketing executives.

    That is the paper's second refinement. It assumes that immigrants do not always compete for the same jobs as American-born workers. The two groups are not "perfect substitutes," even when they have similar education and the same occupation. A Chinese cook is not the same as a Texas barbecue chef.

    Immigrants often bring different skills to the American labor force, and concentrate on different occupations from natives. Among high school dropouts, the paper notes, the "foreign-born are highly overrepresented in professions like tailors (54 percent were foreign-born in 2000) and plaster-stucco masons (44 percent were foreign-born in 2000)." By contrast, American-born workers make up more than 99 percent of all crane operators and sewer-pipe cleaners.

    The same is true at the highest educational levels, where foreign-born college graduates make up 44 percent of all medical scientists but only 4 percent of lawyers. (Immigrants tend to be concentrated at the highest and lowest levels of income and education.)

    Immigrants do, of course, compete to some extent with native-born workers. The question is how much.

    To measure wage competition, the economists looked at how much an increase in the number of foreign-born workers affects the wages of other foreign-born workers versus American-born workers with the same educational background. If the groups were perfect substitutes, the change would be the same.

    But there is a difference. When the number of immigrant college graduates goes up by 4 percent, their wages drop by 1 percent more than the wages of native-born college graduates. Immigrants, in other words, compete more with each other than with American-born workers.

    Professors Ottaviano and Peri find that recent immigration has had the most negative effects on the least educated.

    Immigration in the 1990's, they estimate, raised the wages of native-born high school graduates, college dropouts and college graduates by at least 2.5 percent. By contrast, they estimate that the wages of American-born high school dropouts fell by 2.4 percent because of immigration.

    In an interview, however, Professor Peri noted that Americans are increasingly well educated, so that high school dropouts make up a small, rapidly declining portion of today's native-born work force. In 2000, he said, only 9 percent of American-born workers did not have a high school degree.

    "If you look at the U.S. labor force," he said, "those people born in the U.S., I am talking about a negative effect for about 9 percent of the population and a positive effect for 91 percent of the population."
  18. jack144

    jack144 Registered Users (C)

  19. vsaksena

    vsaksena Registered Users (C)

    any updates from Roll Call yet? gcby2020?

    GCBY2020 - Have you heard back from Roll Call? Anybody else from DC or arounds here?
    If so, could you Pls find out where the offices of Roll Call is.

    I am flying into Baltimore on Tuesday on my way to one of our facilities, Time permitting I will try to drive down there...

    Roll Call does seem to be a newspaper read by the powers that be on Capitol Hill. We have to make sure we get this ad in soon at least before the conference happens between Senate & the House to put together the version for the president to sign....

    I am attaching with the email the Rate Sheet & specification sheet I downloaded from their website....

    Lets keep the effort going folks....
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  20. vattam

    vattam Registered Users (C)

    i am also willing to contribute $150 for the immigration

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