Generating Socio-Political Awarenes through paid Media Advertisements

Are Paid Media Ads productive & Which avenues

  • Yes they are; In small newspapers in cities with heavy immigrant population

    Votes: 11 12.9%
  • Yes they are; In newspapers with National as well as regional coverage in areas where the political

    Votes: 58 68.2%
  • Yes they are; In newspapers which are staples of the business community (e.g. WSJ)

    Votes: 33 38.8%
  • Yes they are; In other Large newspapers with nation-wide as well as international readership (e.g. N

    Votes: 33 38.8%
  • Paid media Ads are not very productive

    Votes: 16 18.8%

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Come and join immigration voice at an organization solely for the issues & concerns of the Employment based green card process.

This organization is 4 days old and started by the people on S.1932 thread of this forum.

The following the is the agenda of the orgaization

In first quarter of 2006 US Congress will consider comprehensive immigration reform bill. We want the following to be included in the bill to alleviate the long wait for the green card.

• Filing I-485 even if priority date is not current. Doing so would entitle us for an EAD that would give us flexibility for job opportunities.
• Increasing the annual Employment based Green Card quota.
• Eliminating/Reducing retrogression by recapturing unused visas and removing dependents from numerical visa limits.
• Labor department to enhance the processing capabilities of the Backlog Center

In the past we have seen that due to lack of professional representation, employment based immigration issues have been ignored by the lawmakers. The latest Example has been dropping of section 8001 & 8002 from the Budget Reconciliation Bill passed by the congress in December 2005. These events have made us realize that we need to hire a professional strategist firm who can analyze the issue in various dimensions and accordingly advise and help us formulate our strategies towards achievement of our above mentioned goal. The hired strategy firm will also be responsible for providing us a structured platform were we can put forth our concerns to the lawmakers and convince them to include clauses addressing our issues favorably. The said strategy firm can qualify and help us align with pertinent Support groups and forums that would strengthen our voice and raise the cause to the lawmakers. We have very less time to collaborate our efforts in a structured format that can lead us to putting our voice up, as the Reform’s decision is due in February 2006 itself. We need funds to hire the professional strategist firm. We also need your contribution in terms of your ideas and efforts by registering you as a Volunteer. Funds and their utilization would be transparent in this process althrough. All the volunteers will be provided a weekly update on the funds collected and their utilization

Register at

or email at


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Act now or lose forever on retrogression

There is an analysis on the upcoming immigration bill in on the frontpage of online version of the paper. In BOLD.

The article majorly deals with the politics of the immigration bill coming in Feb 2006 on both side of the aisle and people's opinion in general.

There is no mention of legal immigration. None. Nothing. NADA. ZIP.

Its all about illegal immigrants(mostly mexicans who jumped the fence on the southern border). And guess what?? Majority of America is against illegal immigration. And my fear is that the winds blowing against illegal kind of immigration will sweep us all in the same bundle and punish the LEGAL kind of immigration. Kind of like GUILT by association.

Here is a quote from read inside Washington DC)

The Post-ABC News poll found that four in five Americans think the government is not doing enough to prevent illegal immigration, with three in five saying they strongly hold that view.

The same poll found that 56 percent of Americans believe that illegal immigrants have done more to hurt the country than to help it, with 37 percent saying they help the country. About three in five Republicans and a bare majority of Democrats agreed that illegal immigrants are detrimental to the country

See the whole thing here :

My regtrogression brothers and sisters.....IF WE WANT TO END RETROGRESSION and end the H1B blackout WE HAVE GOT TO SEPARATE OURSELVES FROM THE ILLEGAL KIND and point out the congress and the general populace that there is another kind of immigration which is called ***TADA*** LEGAL IMMIGRATION. Its involves a process of granting permenant residence and citizenship to folks who are

1) Present Legally.
2) Entered LEgally.
3) Work legally.
4) Pay their income taxes.
5) Pay their social security and medicare taxes even when there is no guarantee of the benefits of either until they actually become citizens.
6) Play by the rules, file petitions for work permits and for permenant residency.

Our goal is not the hurt or help the cause of illegals but to make sure that we dont get punished due to wrath against them. After all, we played by the rules and we wait in line by the rules. We dont need amnesty. We need fair deal.

I once again urge you all to channel your energy to This is a non-profit established with goal of ending retrogression using the next immigration bill as a vehicle. Its folks like you and me Losing sleep over retrogression. People like us wondering "What wrong did I do to deserve another 5-6 years of H1B extensions". I am not asking you to put money upfront. It does not cost anything to enroll or join or volunteer. But pooling ideas is invaluable. Stop sulking. Act now.


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logiclife...count me in.....but so far i have seen ton of talks small actions(like sending fax...) but no organised effort...

to tell you the fact i have given up on us getting together and doing something positive....i can hardly see few hundred active people.....and there are two groups now...and they do not see eye to eye....


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Some of the biggest benficiaries are immigration lawyers. Let them contribute one week's pay. Lot of people have decided to go back to their home contries or other places when the spouse are entitiled to work unilke H4 holders in US.


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Try "FREE" articles also

Guys and Gals

Try getting some FREE publicity - it can be achieved by

1) Writing articles on immigration and letting the journalist who tracks immigration take credit for it. That way, he/ she is happy but more importantly, it gets printed
2) Writing letters to Editors - this may be most useful but there are possiblities it may not get printed
3) Invite journalists to your meeting with Senators (i.e. embed) them.

GCStrat :)


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Hello everyone,

There are chances that senate may take immigration Reform bill in January last week instead of February. It all depends on the Alito's confirmation. At this time indications are that some of the Democrats activity may delay Aito's confirmaiton by one week.

Senate Judiciary chairman Arlen Spector have said that he would like to finish the Alito's confirmation as early as possible so that they can start on other things. The biggest challange for Senate is how to deal with the Christmas gift that House have given to them by passing the H.R. 4437. There are few options that Senate has.

1. Put that bill on the shelf
2. Attach the Guest worker program with that bill and then deal with them again in conference.
3. Combine all the bills together that would address both House and President's request for Guest worker program.

No matter what happens we do not have time. Everyone please get back to work. We need to do following things ASAP.

1. Please ask your friends, family and employer to make contibution at WWW.IMMIGRATIONVOICE.ORG.

2. Start contacting our senators and congressman.

3. Ask our employer to write letter to our senators and congressman.

This is the last chance. If nothing happens this time then start looking to your hair color in the mirror. You will get your GC by the time all your hair is gone.



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Seperate legal and illegal immigration applications in EB3

Hi Guys,

Great job, I will definitely contribute $150. Just a thought though, can we fight for seperation of the applications based on legal or illegal. I want the illegal immigrants to wait more than us legal ones.
If thats not possible to atleast apply for EAD for everyone whose applications are waiting for more than a year.



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legal h1b rally

why don’t we have a small rally in the capitol. This is a hot topic, press will be real happy to cover this. We will go long way.... to get our voice heard.


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Immigration Voice is working for everyone who are stuck in the retrogression and labor backlogs. They have hire QGA as the strategic councellor and is doing good job for us. In fact few people are in washington this week meeting differnet senators and sending our message across.

Please visit WWW.IMMIGRATIONVOICE.ORG and support them any way you can.


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I agree with Itsme1's comments.
We need to rally on the road if we want to get heard.
There has not been one rally to date by us and put simply we do not figure on anybody's list.

Even if we have a 50 person rally, we get on CNN. We need to do this before the Senate/House gets into a border security mode only. We can get some parts of the SKIL Bill approved now. We can talk to TV about what we bring to the country.
I don't think Senators will oppose our stand. The problem with Senators is they cannot actively support educated guys taking up jobs 'americans do want'. Although we contribute to the economy, and keep the economy competitive, it is 'political suicide' for senators to really lead our cause.

One of the things I have seen many americans do is step up and move to East Asia to senior corporate positions and keep a good standard of living for themselves. I think in the end, people will find a way to remain competitive.


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Money is not issue--Issues is our approach

We had similar debate within my friend.
Money can be collected easily provided we can have someone propose plan of action with details.

Do you have ideas which law firms we should approach ?


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So Guys,
What is the conclusion?
Including me there are about 8 guys affected by this stupid retro, we are waiting for some lead to show our unity.

Money is a not problem, every hour my fraud employer and the middleman taking $50, that I can happily give more to get relief.

Let me know guys.



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Best to come up with a plan. There are more than 8 guys out here on this forum alone. We would need atleast 50. Also we need to highlight the 'staffing agencies' monye making and get it to Lou Dobbs to get some air time. We will get the retro issue highlighted through the channel.

GCLOVER007 said:
So Guys,
What is the conclusion?
Including me there are about 8 guys affected by this stupid retro, we are waiting for some lead to show our unity.

Money is a not problem, every hour my fraud employer and the middleman taking $50, that I can happily give more to get relief.

Let me know guys.



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nyc8300 said:
Best to come up with a plan. There are more than 8 guys out here on this forum alone. We would need atleast 50. Also we need to highlight the 'staffing agencies' monye making and get it to Lou Dobbs to get some air time. We will get the retro issue highlighted through the channel.

Below is my idea that I expressed few days back on the other thread.

GCLOVER007 said:

My best bet would be to gather every one in front of Capitol or Whitehouse and have a walk...Or Gather in time square and have a walk in Broadway to get media attention.

We can do this on weekends so as to solve two purposes. One is to get media attention and other one is to relax and enjoy NYC or Washington DC (and meet new friends (strictly no chain marketing!!!)).