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GC Plastic Card Tracker

Discussion in 'Tracker, I-485, Vermont Service Center' started by vijayrc, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Trapinsys

    Trapinsys Registered Users (C)


    We got mails that our cards are ordered,just curious how much time to complete and mail the cards.

    Any idea??

    Thanks :)
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  2. alicja

    alicja Registered Users (C)

    Waiting for a card

    My case was approved on 10/14/06, but still no card.
    Any idea how much longer this will take?
    I saw some people received plastic cards a few days after approval.
    Please share your experience.

    Alicja :)
  3. gcva

    gcva Registered Users (C)

    485 approved on 11/02 and same day card also ordered.Will update once I receive the card.
  4. how_long

    how_long Registered Users (C)

    Card received

    485 approved on 11/02 and card ordered 11/02

    Received 11/07....
  5. topgunjim

    topgunjim Registered Users (C)

    My Case Details

    Case Details

    Labor Applied: 03/21/2002
    Labor Certified: 09/12/2005
    I-140/I-485/EAD (Principal + Spouse): 09/23/2005
    I-140 Approved: 01/20/2006
    I-485 Approved (Principal + Spouse): 10/31/2006
    Cards Ordered: 11/01/2006
    Cards Mailed: 11/03/2006
    Cards Received: 11/06/2006
  6. gcva

    gcva Registered Users (C)

    Cards Received

    We've received our cards on 11/09 and approval letter on 11/08.

  7. foret1

    foret1 Registered Users (C)

    card ordered

    card ordered on 11/27/06...details in signature...
  8. krishmisc

    krishmisc Registered Users (C)

    Did you have your biometric taken earlier during EAD extension?
  9. KIH

    KIH Registered Users (C)

    Card Received

    My daughter received her card today.
    Her case is over 14 year old one during pending.
    I hope everybody get approval soon.

    Good luck.
    - KIH
  10. splendini

    splendini Registered Users (C)

    Here's my detail.
    Card ordered 4/19/07. Got the approval notice in mail today!

    What do you need to after getting the card - like getting the passport stamped, getting SS# changed, etc.?
  11. htoshmatov2

    htoshmatov2 New Member

    Dear Admin,
    How can I remove this thread? thanks

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