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I am starting this thread to track the pattern of receiving Card after Passport Stamping. Pls include your Passport Stamping date[PS] as well as your Location[LOC]. This would help in studying to some extend how things work and guesstimate our card arrival.

It would help us a lot if the veterans who got their card and hanging around would help with their data too.!

So anyone who has got their passport stamped in 2003, pls incude PS and LOC and when you get your card, do update here on the Card Ordered date[CO] as well as Card Received date[CR]
And whoever has got their plastic card in 2003, pls input your data too...! Your input would be most valuable one.!!


PS: I feel that cards are ordered once in 2-3 months and that's the reason behind some getting in one month, if they had PP stamped towards the end of the cycle, while others had to wait for 4 mos, if they fall in the beginning of the cycle. To help study this pattern, pls input your data and if not for us, it would help somebody down the lane..Thanks

There's another thread discussion on Plastic Card Arrival
Pls click the following to visit that thread


Thanks for your Input
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Veterans who rcvd. the card recently.

PS 6/3
Loc Boston
CO 9/15
CR 9/22

PS 6/2
Loc Philadelphia
CO 9/2
CR 9/16

PS 07/17
Loc jacksonville, FL
CO 9/18
CR - 09/26/03
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Thanks all who have responded so far..
Others, If you happen to browse thru this thread, pls input your data.


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Looks like the longest waiting period has been 4 months from stamping.....Any one waiting longer than that?


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PS: 09/29/03
LOC: Houston, TX

RD: 12/11/01
FP: 06/17/03
Waiting for Plastic Card ( Officer said 3 to 12 months )


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Originally posted by Rayman
Looks like the longest waiting period has been 4 months from stamping.....Any one waiting longer than that?

PS: 5/21/03 @NEWARK, NJ
no card yet....


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4 months is a limit. Barely see people were over that limit. So I guess you will get yours very soon.