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  1. Jane123

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    I went to Garden City today, that is 25 days after my 2nd FP.. Here is what she told me. "you have to wait for awhile, your case is still in our office." then i told her I did my 2nd FP on March 13th. she said "oh, that's a good sign. Everything looks fine on your case. your case it's approved" I then asked her "when was the approval date? she wouldn't tell me....she repeated "It's approved" ... I feel strange of what she told me because I feel like she wanted me to go home and wait by giving me a fake answer. Also why didn't she tell me the approval date if it was approved? Even it was approved I should receive welcome letter in the mail by next week. Will see what happens. What do you think? Will they lie?
  2. lawmanfox

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    well, i tend to trust her. 25 days after 2nd FP are enough for them approve your case, my case took 11 days. wait for more 1 or 2 weeks, i believe you gonna get something in mails. btw, did u write to those peoples we mentioned before??
  3. unlucky_girl

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    i agree with lawmanfox says. She would not say you are approved when you are not. Did she write anything on the enquiry sheet that we are asked to fill up at Garden City. When i went for the infopass at Garden City she not only told me approved but also wrote it on the enquiry sheet and handed it over to me and also volunteered to make an infopass for federal plaza office and stamp my passport incase i was travelling soon. In case you dont receive anything in the next few days make an infopass and tell her to please write the approved status on the inquiry sheet.anyway i tink u should receive the welcome and the approval letter soon.
  4. Jane123

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    Not yet. I will wait for another 2 weeks. Thanks.
  5. Jane123

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    She wrote "Answered" with her signature on the enquiry sheet. Nothing else. I think she wrote "Answered" at the end of our discussion because she was afraid that I was going to write something bad on the survey. On March 15th, they started to give out survey to people during the visit. I could see why they are nicer to people with survey. I will wait for another two weeks. Thanks
  6. dreamtrue

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    Jane123, any updates since your 2nd F? My mom received her 2nd FP after her I130 approval. I am trying to get a sense of how long it will take to get GC after her 2nd FP
  7. Jane123

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    Still no updates for my case since my 2nd finger print. However, I doubt the last lady from INS was telling me the truth. If my case was approved I should've received welcome letter and green card in the mail by now. Hence, I think my case is still pending... good luck on your mom's case.
  8. 2thDr

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    hey lawmanfox,
    how soon did you get an email response back from the Ombudsman, acknowledging your email?
  9. Jane123

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    My i485 case has been approved. I got welcome letter on the 3rd of july. It says GC will expire in ten years.

    check USCIS website updated:

    Current Status: Card production ordered.

    On July 1, 2009, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    I can't wait to get my GC in the mail. Can't wait can't wait.
  10. readcit

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    My case is on hold since july 2005. I was called for the interview twice and the immigration officer told me that my background checks are completed. I received a letter in April 2009 that application is on hold because of an additional review. I dont know what that crap is that
  11. Jane123

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    YEAHHHHH!!! I received my 10 yrs Green card today.....Finally it's over. Good luck to all..
  12. Jane123

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    What did the immigration officer tell you at the end of your first and second imterview?Was the same immigration officer interviewed you for the second interview? Did the immigration tell you that your case is approval. Immigration officer told me that my case is appoval i just have to wait for background check during the interview . I waited for 13 months for background check to get completed. and received my GC 4 months after backgrdoung check completed.
  13. challenger2009

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    I NEED AN AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT for my wife and me .
    (I don't have enough morney in bank )
    Is someone ready to help his brother for that paper ?
  14. ehsan7

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    Recently I went for another infopass appointment which i usually make every month for past six months. Officer at the window asked me some basic questions that if I am still married and live at the same apartment and if someone from USCIS visited my house during the time my case is pending so far and then she called the immigration officer who is handling my case and told me that She will send him some reminder (as she was told by the officer) and give him another four weeks and then come back for another infopass. She also told me that they recently changed my immigration officer and now someone else is handling my case.

    I am confused about this new situation now as I have been waiting for almost three years now. If there is someone who had the same case and can eloborate on this.
  15. taho

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    File a law suite brother. That is your only hope. Sometimes, if you just send an intent to sue letter they will do something.
  16. xerostomic

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    Is name clearance complete before interview

    hi, I was wondering if USCIS schedules family based interview only when they have received name clearance or they can interview even when the name clearance is pending.
    I have family based immigration interview next month. I was wondering if they will approve my 485 at the time of interview or there is a possibility that they might hold it for name clearance.
  17. aus

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    Scheduling interview has nothing to do with name check clearance. But they may hold the approval if the name check is not cleared. I was stuck in name check for more than a year!:mad:
  18. codon

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    good info.
  19. Chriskattan

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    Look like so many people found an updated date on their I-485/I-130 status online recently. I had the same experience too. Both of them had an updated date, but no change in content ...not sure what that means though ...

    Good luck to all !!!
  20. assylum

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    No more people are stuck in name check anymore. USCIS and FBI process name check so fast these days for N400 and I-485.

    Asylum applicants might still be stuck

    Is there any person who is still stuck in the name check? If yes, please share

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