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  1. shahpr787

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    Hi All,

    The purpose of this thread is to have timelines for people stuck in namecheck.
    All these people are GC Pending but have had their Interview

    Also if any of you have information related to this - please pm me or share it so that I could add the link and it can be benefecial to everybody.

    Note: Please do not put this message in quote when replying.

    Interview     FP Date        ND        Country             ScreenName
    02/16/05      07/14/06                  Slovakia            Milota
    08/11/05      05/18/05    07/07/03                          OceanID99 
    11/xx/05      10/14/05                  India               rajeshch 
    01/09/06      07/19/05                  India               AK
    01/24/06      05/06/05                  India               amishah
    01/24/06      07/07/05                  India               sammy1877
    02/xx/06                  10/xx/05                          answersinthis
    03/20/06      07/21/05    07/07/05      India               jparikh1
    03/xx/06                  11/xx/05                          imcaffeine
    06/12/06      03/31/06                  India               cs2004
    06/27/06      02/22/06    02/22/06      India               shahpr787
    06/29/06      03/08/06                  India               tapskap
    06/29/06      04/08/06    01/06/06      Hong Kong           Bochuchow
    10/30/06      05/11/06    04/26/06      India               indian_4
    The information from the above list will be moved to below list when the person is approved
    Interview     FP Date        ND        Country        ScreenName   Approval Dt
    07/07/06      04/04/06    03/22/06    Philippines     eugene176    07/26/06
    06/26/06      04/18/06                England         UnionJax     08/15/06
    06/29/06      04/15/06    03/02/06    Pakistan        IP_everywhere08/20/06
    07/31/06      04/18/06    04/03/06    England         ndc121
    08/24/06      06/06/06                India           miamilover   09/11/06
    10/26/04      07/01/04                India           memme        11/08/06
    11/19/04      11/29/04                Pakistan        EricNeesGC  12/01/06
    05/09/06      01/09/06                China           Hiddendragon38 
    05/18/06      03/08/06    11/16/05    Malaysia        cwtt
    06/05/06      03/14/06                India           immg
    02/14/06      12/01/05    10/20/05    China           appleyao
    01/27/06      12/14/05                India           siri80
    06/xx/04      10/xx/03                India           GCWaitLA
    Good Links having more information regarding this:

    The FBI's VISA Name Check Process - Congressional Testimony

    FBI - Website - National Name Check Program—Frequently Asked Questions

    PDF Document

    Submitting a Case Problem, CIS Ombudsman

    FBI Name Check Details - PDF Document


    FBI Namechk n FOIA - Comparison n Filing Instructions

    Suing USCIS Thread

    Writ of Mandamus - Instructions and Procedure

    More on Suing

    EricNees GC very informative Thread


    New Namecheck Process Hopefully

    Various Letter Formats

    Also guys if anybody finds informative links regarding Name Check - please send me a PM with the info and I will update it here. I may miss it sometimes if posted in the thread
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  2. justnew

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    This is a good thread, I think adding a colum for outcome will be nice.

  3. shahpr787

    shahpr787 Registered Users (C)

    Hi justnew,

    I had that column but it was screwing the formatting. Anyways to add the suggestion I have changed the above format to accomodate the suggestion.

    Check it out.
  4. tapskap

    tapskap Registered Users (C)

    Nice work shahpr....This thread will definately help....just a thought....the immigration officer told me that the name check depends on the last name,country,birth date....we can have one more column..."Birth Year"......and instead of the whole last name....people can give the first or the first two letters of their last name....considering that this is a public forum....first two letters shud also be gud enuf....just to get an idea.....again....just a thought...people may think otherwise...My DO was also Newark.....n the officer used the same words...he is convinced ....the marriage is genuine...but cannot approve...BLAH BLAH....
  5. ip_everywhere

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    I have something to say to those of you who have got their namecheck pending and they got their interview within 3-4 months of filling.
    Its just a thought nothing concrete.
    My i-485 notice date was mar 2, 06 and had interview on jun 29, that is less than 4 months form applying. Our officer mentioned this a couple of times during the interview that its becoming very common now-a-days for ppl to get stuck in name check since USCIS have started scheduling interviews way too early, so they don;t get FBI result back in time for the interview.
    So I'm hoping in such cases, FBI woud take few months to response to USCIS as oppose to 2-3 yrs which it used to take for clearing up pending namechecks.
  6. ip_everywhere

    ip_everywhere Registered Users (C)


    Wat do you say we shoudl add the Notice date as well ????
  7. shahpr787

    shahpr787 Registered Users (C)

    tapskap - Putting Birth Year wouldnt be helpful at all becuase that has no relation to getting stuck in namecheck meaning -

    This is how my officer explained me - They start your name check by your Last Name - Once they get hit (meaning matching records) then they start combination search - such as Last Name and First Name. Now when you get hits again then they add one more parameter - such as Last Name, First Name and Birth Date. As records keeps going down they keep adding paramters till they make sure you are not in them.

    Hence as you see having birth date has nothing to do with you getting stuck - It is primarliy last name and then based on ur luck on combination searches - you would come out clean.

    Also please note that I have read that when they start combination searches it is a manual process - atleast thats what I ahve heard.

    ip_everywhere - I think adding the ND is a good idea because you are right in the sense that people are getting interviews fairly quicky now-a-days and one reason why name check is not done as you mentioned.

    So please everybody who are already here in this list - if you can supply me with you ND in the secondary thread i will add it on here
  8. EricNeesGC

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    shahpr, I would disagree with you. My first name as well as last name is very very English...and trust me on that. However, my country of citizinship is Pakistan. My dad, however, has an uncommon Muslim name. I have been stuck in name check for the 19 months now. From what my officer told me, it went like this.

    First, it depends on your name and DOB and then country of birth/citizenship. According to them, there is nothing more to it officially but I am sure religion and age counts. Ofcourse they cannot ask for religion directly as it would be discrimination but they can figure it out by your or your parent's name.

    I did start a similar thread a few months ago but it died down due to lack of response. Ofcourse not very many people were stuck in name check at that time but I guess this time there are more and your thread will get good response.

    Sorry to post in this thread but I thought the message would be delivered better through this response. I have posted my timeline in your other thread.


  9. ip_everywhere

    ip_everywhere Registered Users (C)

    Just wondering! why aren't you sueing USCIS. Its being 19 months I guess you'd have better chance of winning the case.
  10. GCWaitLA

    GCWaitLA Registered Users (C)

    Please add my case as well

    I-130/I1-485 Oct'03 (marriage to USC)

    Interview Jun'04 ...Pending Name Check ever since...

    Writen to Senator(s), Congressman , FBI (FOIPA-No Hit)...visited USCIS office a few times ...im not sure what else can I do besides filing a law suit...
  11. ip_everywhere

    ip_everywhere Registered Users (C)

    Filing writ of mandamus seems to be the only solution for this problem.
    What are you thinking go ahead and sue them.
  12. grundland

    grundland Registered Users (C)

    name check after approval?

    i had my interview on monday and no-one mentioned name check... would i have got my 'welcome to the usa' letter if my name check was still pending? he gave me an approved letter before i left and said the GC should be with me within 2 weeks...


    March 31, '06 - mailed applications (I-130, I-864, G-325, I-131, I-485) to Chicago lock box.

    April 8, '06 - received receipts for all of above.

    April 18, '06 - Received notification of Biometrics appointment, which was for...

    April 19, '06 - Had biometrics done.

    May 20, 2006 - Receive notification of interview date.

    June 26, '06 - Advance parole notice arrives.

    June 30 - Employment authorisation notice arrives.

    July 3 - Interview and approval.
  13. Anahit

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    No, they wouldn't have checked "welcome to USA.." if your name check was pending. You got your approval, which means all the checks are done. You'll get your GC soon.
  14. ndc121

    ndc121 Registered Users (C)

    FBI name check and google

    My attorney told me that you can get a good idea about whether your name check will take a while by how many hits you get on google when you enter your own name. I was wondering whether anyone stuck in name check has seen how many google hits they get.

    -also, is there an LUD for the I-485 when namecheck is done??
  15. shahpr787

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    Hi EricNeesGC,

    I agree with you regarding the age and religion thing. Regarding the DOB - what I explained above was just how my officer explained me.

    You might be totally right on the way you have written - I guess the motive being as long as we all move out of the list to the one below :)

    Regarding the thread dying down - My intention is to educate myself and people (who all are in similar case) since so many of us are stuck now in this process as the interview is coming quicker for many people.

    Ofcourse if people dont contribute then this thread would die on it own..and I hope not......

    Anways thanks for your comments and please do keep writing in here so as it helps all of us.

    And also this is the right place to write comments such as yours - My idea was to have only dates in the different thread so that it would make this thread a bit cleaner. But helpful comments such as urs are defnitely welcome here
  16. jparikh1

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    FBI Security Check Pending

    I'm part of the similar situation ! My case is even stuck in name check.

    Here is my timeline, if someone can add to the list:

    H1b Married to USC
    ND - July 7, 2005 (for all forms - I485,765,130.131)
    FP Done On - July 21, 2005
    Interview Date for I-485 - March 20, 2006
    Officer mentioned that she would approve the I-130, but 485 is still pending because the security check is pending.
  17. GCWaitLA

    GCWaitLA Registered Users (C)

    Country Of origin - India

  18. eugene176

    eugene176 Registered Users (C)

    Hello everyone,

    I did my own research from another friend of mine who got interviewed in LA months ago. She also never received any approval during the interview and no mention of conditional status. The officer simply told her that he cannot give any approval unless the background check is complete. He also said that if they find no record, then it usually takes less than 30 days. However, if they find a record, he can't really say how long. Anyway, my friend received a notice after 2 weeks requesting them to come back to sign conditional status and make a thumb print which was a fairly quick process according to her. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this will be the case for me.

    Just like the comment above, I want to believe that the approval process is changing because people are getting early interviews and the FBI name check is not yet ready just in time for the interviews. Just thinking aloud......:)

    Can't lose hope now right?
  19. justnew

    justnew Registered Users (C)

    For all of us who have pending name check recently, I just want to confirm that my interviewer did confirmed that the interview dates is coming very earlier than before and that is why the name check is still pending.

    I know it's not the same thing as working home with the stamp or letter but I am happy that I am done with the interview and knows that I was not denied. I just want to encourage us to keep our hopes alife & trust God and He will grant us our heart desire.

    cheers :D
  20. qim

    qim Registered Users (C)

    Finding out NC status before the interview

    Did any GC applicant try to find out their Name Check status before going to AOS interview?

    I'm not talking about FOIA or FOIPA or anything like this, I'm about FBI Name Check Status.

    I know, this isn't easy if possible at all. As far I know from some earlier posts on the 'Citizenship' forum, it's been quite a while since FBI stopped responding to such requests, however I'm not sure if this is true for now; in addition I heard that in some rare cases people somehow were able to do this.


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