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  • Hello
    I had my interview on 2/14/2011
    I also filed my asylum case on September 1st 2010 then i had an interview on 27th jan 2011 then i rescheduled on feb 14th .
    then i was recommended for approval on 28/2/2011 and i have been waiting since then..
    I wonder when will i receive my final approval and i Can`t actually calculate my 150 days can you please help!!
    another question ..
    I have my family in my asylum case but they are not in the united states when can I apply to get them here and how long would it take ..
    I also found this in the uscis website :
    " If you have received a recommended approval for a grant of asylum, you do not need to wait until 150 days have passed since your filing date and may apply for an employment authorization document immediately upon receipt of the recommended approval."
    thank you for your time
    Hello,Would you pleas inform me how long derivative asylum(I-730) approved relatives can stay in their country before arriving to USA?
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