FAQ Topic: What to do after your I-485 is approved.

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions – I-485 FAQ' started by ETA-GC, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. maheshcr

    maheshcr Registered Users (C)

    Hi Bling7,

    Can you please share the information as which service center, category and PD?


  2. bling7

    bling7 Registered Users (C)

    Please see my signature for details:
    LC, EB2, RIR - Mainland, China
    PD - Dec 5, 2002
    Long wait in state Dept. of Labor, and then PBEC
    AD - Jun 14, 2006
    140 (TSC)
    PD - Aug 2, 2006
    AD - Aug 14, 2006
    485/EAD (TSC)
    PD: Dec 27,2006
    EAD-AD: Jan 12, 2007
    FP (code 3): Jan 23, 2007
    LUD - 2/1/2007, 5/9/2007, 05/10/2007, 05/11/2007, 05/15/2007
    485-AD: May 9, 2007 :)
    Cards received: May 14, 2007 :)
  3. soc_aus

    soc_aus Registered Users (C)

    Card LUD


    My case online status indicates "card production ordered." Will there be another update when card is mailed? Also, does this mean I don't have to get my passport stamped?

    Thank you so much for your time.
  4. bling7

    bling7 Registered Users (C)

    Correct, no passport stamp needed.
  5. Ahmer Kodvawala

    Ahmer Kodvawala New Member


    I just had my finger prints taken this morning for I-485. I would like know the rought sequence of events so I am prepared and also patient !!.

    Could somebody put the following activities in proper order and add more, if any: background check, interview, approval letter, stamp on the passport, the card.

  6. 070707

    070707 Registered Users (C)

    abt stamping passport

    i had message of card ordered and approval sent.
    mow do i need to stamp my pssport or if i recieve card they should be valid .
    my passport is expiring in a year so if i get it stamped .and i renew passport CAN I HAVE A STAMP IN THE NEW PASSPORT TOOO.?
  7. bling7

    bling7 Registered Users (C)

    No need.

    You probably are holding the beautiful card in your hand now, if not, you will receive it very soon. No need to do passport stamp.
  8. Zgreen

    Zgreen Registered Users (C)

    Please understand that this is a sticky thread created three years ago, and most information are outdated by now.

    You no longer need a stamp on your passport because most people get their green card in the mail within one week or so, after 485 approval. In a rare case when you haven't received your card, but need to travel abroad, you may go to an Infopass and get your passport stamped.
  9. deba

    deba Registered Users (C)

    Please help....Ii received i-797c (485 approval) on september 3 2009,I haven't recived card till today.I took an info pass to get the pasport stamped,but i don't see this option "You have received an approval letter or Form I-797C from the Service Center or local office instructing you to come into the office for alien identification card processing / passport stamp
    I just checked the option speak to an immigration officer.Thanks in advance
  10. deba

    deba Registered Users (C)

    Please direct ho wto get to this option "You have "You have received an approval letter or Form I-797C from the Service Center or local office instructing you to come into the office for alien identification .

    I recived 485 approval notice on sept 3,2009,but have not recived my card yet.I applied for card never received on Jan 9,2010.I need to get passport stamped as Iam planning to travel,I took an info pass appointment-speak to an immigrant officer will this help.

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