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    I got my labour and I-140 approved under employment based green card of USA. Recently in October, 2010 I came back to India and joined in another company as my employer told me that sitting on bench without job is not possbile in USA. So advised me to go to home country. My priority date is July, 2, 2007 in EB-2.

    So if it is current can I file my I-485 from India without visiting USA? Is it possible. Presently I am working in India in another IT company who is not my GC employer.

    My second question is my employer told me he would help whenver I-485 current, if he does not want to sponsor after current date, what would my further steps, as I have my spouse and daughter as two dependants.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Venkat
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