F1/OPT and 485- Ignorance is not bliss


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Could anyone help me out in knowing how long will it take to get the SEVIS record fixed. I did my masters and enrolled for PhD. Now I got a job offer and wish to terminate my PhD and get back to Master's status as I haven't defended my Master's thesis yet. I got a letter from my advisor that am still doing my Masters and applied for SEVIS record correction. It has been over a month that I have applied for the data fix. I didn't hear back from them. I am stuck with applying for my OPT as I don't have an corrected I20 and my joining date is in less than 5weeks. I feel so helpless and stressed out. I would really appreciate if anyone can suggest a way to get this done quickly.



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I am an F1. I transfered from one school to another, but then during winter break I worked in my 1st school. No one required me anything since I worked in the same position before transfering. Now I filed I-485.
How will the precess? Do they have my work record during the interview?
I have a bit of a situation. I am on OPT, married a USC last year, and will be going to grad school in a few months. I don't have an I-20 from the grad school yet. Questions:

1) I need to decide if I should get the new I-20 and then apply for a GC or viceversa. From what I understand, I should do I-20 first, and then GC.

2) Is it possible for my GC application to affect and even annul my F1 status?

3) anything else I should consider given my situation?