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No documents are required but an identification like passport and/or DL and print from the Infopass appointment which is required. You can not just walk in. For sure you have to know your application number and A# if applicable better to have original receipt notice with you.
By the way you have to be past 90 days from the application to take an Info pass not before that under any circumstances
Thanks for the info!

My DL is tied up with the EAD expiry, so if EAD expires DL would expire too. But ya you are right, I can take my passport as a proof. I looked up the USCIS site to get further details, and they have listed the following information in the service center section:


Local Offices no longer accept nor adjudicate Form I-765 ''Application for Employment Authorization.'' The Service Centers or the National Benefits Center are responsible for adjudicating any, pending Form I-765 and issuing interim or non-interim documentation.

If USCIS does not approve or deny your Form I-765, Employment Authorization Document (EAD) application within 90 days, or within 30 days for an asylum applicant, you may request an Interim EAD (Note: Asylum applicants are only eligible to file for EADs after waiting 150 days from the date of properly filing their original completed asylum applications).

To request an Interim EAD, you must schedule an INFOPASS appointment, on our website, to visit this office in person. You must bring the following items to the office: proof of your identity and any documents that USCIS has sent to you regarding your Employment Authorization application.

Doesn't this means they do consider interim EAD? Though I do see the 90 day clause listed here, so I guess you are right :confused: