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Unbelivable: Interm EAD story

I want to share with you our unbelievable story how we got our interim EAD at Bloomington INS office in Minneapolis, MN

1. We have our EAD renewal pending at VSC since 9/18 and the current one is going to expire end of this month.
2. Our application for EAD renewal was delayed by major distractions, circumstances and poor planning.
3. We had no chance of getting the EAD renewal before the current one expires and we were in difficult situation of loosing the jobs if we dont hv EAD (it is a different story that I save it for another day).
4. We got our first notice of FP after 12 months (looks like our EAD renewable application made the movement of our file by an inch at VSC).
5. From this forum we learned that there is no way INS offices will even let us inside before the 90 day time it takes for processing the EAD applications at VSC.
6. We went to give FP at 8 AM and drove 15 miles away to INS office in St. Paul. They were not allowing many inside without appointment and already there was a long line inside.
7. The security woman outside talked to someone and asked us to go inside and show the EAD notice. We only told them all along that we came to get interim EAD. NOTHING ELSE. the officer looked at the notice and asked us to wait in the line. You guys can guess what we were thinking at that moment.......90 days !!!!
8. luckily the officer does not know 90 day rule....we got thro our first hurdle. We waited in the line while reciting Hanuman chalisa... for an hour. Finally, we were let in.
9. When we got inside we saw a special notice in bold letters that EAD are no longer given at that office and have to be applied to regional center 90-120 days early. Our hopes (1% at that time) hv totally vanished. we had to wait another painful 2 hrs before our number called in.
10. we appeared infront of the window and told the younger looking officer "we came to get interim EAD" nothing more. He looked at the EAD notice and said "I will give you an EAD for 3 months only". We could not believe our ears. I thought I was hallucinating...He printed a paper and stamped "APPROVED" and then passed some papers for us to sign.
11. Later he said, "wait here, I will be back !" we though he was going to discuss with some one. It was painful wait for few minutes and none of us even said to word to each while we waited. He came back and asked us to check the name and DOB on the approval and asked us to go inside with hime for photos and FP (index only). Then we know we got the interm EAD for sure.
12. Minutes later we picked up the cards and got out to hug each other in joy......thanking....Promised to ourselves to be Careful next time.
I just wanted to post this so people like us do not need to give up hope and trust that you run into officers who unknowingly be helpful. Stop blaming INS of inefficiency or rigid. Sometimes it is help ful. Good luck.


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St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul that I mentioned in my post was the one in Minnesota.

As regards to advise:

1. Dont try to explain the problem UNLESS asked by the officers....
All you need to say is "I have come to get an interim EAD"

2. Offer the notice you received from the INS, IF asked, only to anyone other than at the counter. Let me explain why....there are middle men who screen people before you get to the real person who makes the decision (at the counter) (at least this is how it works in Minnesota INS office). Your goal is to make to the counter and not stopped and sent away by the middlemen.

3. Dont say a word more than necessary.....you can explain to the man/woman in the counter about your case (if asked).
Hope that helps.........

This advise is for Indians like me who try hard to explain and raise more questions instead........finally people are led into confusion and frustration. It may not apply to everyone.


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Hi Nice to know about your story. Good luck.

I was not so lucky with the office I went to in Boston,
I went twice waited more than 6hrs each time. Both times I was rejected saying they need more time.

Mine was applied in July 30th 03. First RFE came in on Oct 8th 03.
They said if an RFE is issued then that means some action is taken and I have to wait another 90days from RFE date to get interim-EAD.

I tried to explain him by showing RFE is for just photo-ID like DL, and also it is more 120days from date of application, but he refused to give EAD.

Had to turn back empty handed for the second time.

Next time I am planning to apply at least 5months earlier. I am so frustrated. I have a job offer pending, getting laid off from current employer, H1-B expiring and officer does not have even a minute to listen to my problems.

He asked me to come back on Jan 9th 90days from RFE date to get an interim-EAD

so the painful wait continues...



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Interim EAD

My wife and I went to Charlotte, NC office on 11/26.

I had the following papers for both of us with me.
A new I-765 application (just in case..)
Copy of I-765 receipt (Originals at lawyers)
Copy of I-485 receipt (Originals at lawyers)
Copy of I-94
Copy and original EAD that expired.
Printouts from the USCIS website indicating that the I-765 was not approved.
Printouts from the USCIS website indicating that the I-485 was not approved.

Handed all the papers to the official. No questions were asked, and we were out an hour later with interim EAD's valid for 8 months.

The total time we spent was 3 hours.

I don't know if all the support centers work the same...


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EAD Renewal Approved at VSC

EAD Renewal Approved at VSC
just wanted to report that mine and my spouse's EAD renewals were approved at VSC

RD: 9/12/03
ND: 9/18/03
AD: 12/03/03

Following our EAD renewal application, we recieved the notice for our first FP (10 months after we filed our I485).

We gave our FP on Nov 12th
Message updated 12/2/03
EAD renewal approved 12/3/03


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HI friends,

I have more strange exp. from local INS, I have my I-140 approved in just less than 6 months , but i have not received my EAD then i thought to go to local INS, I went and applied at local INS, they have asked me come after two weeks to collect EAD.Then somebody from LOcal INS called called a week after applied and mentioned not to come for EAD as per appointment and they mentioned i have to wait until i get it from VSC.Then i had asked the reason, they said that my I-140 has not appoved
I have asked recheck because my i-140 got apporved few weeks before apply.
The guy called again and said , we can not issue you a EAD, you have to wait until it comes from VSC w/o any reason.

Guy, any have this kind of exp.?


Jim Mills

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Now you've done it!!!! :)

Now everyone that reads your message will be calling their immigration attorney and telling him/her that they have a friend who got an interim EAD even though their EAD application had not been pending for more than 90 days!

It's a USCIS mistake that happened to be in your favor this time. Congratulations but don't count on it continuing.


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Re: Interim EAD

Originally posted by MaybeSoon
My wife and I went to Charlotte, NC office on 11/26.

I had the following papers for both of us with me.
A new I-765 application (just in case..)
Copy of I-765 receipt (Originals at lawyers)
Copy of I-485 receipt (Originals at lawyers)
Copy of I-94
Copy and original EAD that expired.
Printouts from the USCIS website indicating that the I-765 was not approved.
Printouts from the USCIS website indicating that the I-485 was not approved.

Handed all the papers to the official. No questions were asked, and we were out an hour later with interim EAD's valid for 8 months.

The total time we spent was 3 hours.

I don't know if all the support centers work the same...
My EAD is pending for over 90 days at Vermont SC. Would that be an issue?
Do we have repay to the fee?
When is the best time to go? What are all the papers needed?
Do they issue it the same day? How long is the wait?


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Another IEAD story (got after 43days from RD) LONG POST...

excuse me for this being log post. But I would like to share this with y'all.

Here is my story of getting IEAD (went to INS after 43 days of RD, EAD was expiring on 03/12 My RD was 01/28). My EAD was applied at NSC. I got IEAD from TSC...

I applied for EAD in first week of Jan (paper filing) and because of some issue with I got the application back on 26th sent again on 27th received by NSC on 28.. I got the receipt with the RD of 28 and ND of 30th ... My current EAD was expiring on Mar 12. I was waiting and checking the status every day, but when it did not got approved till like 2nd or 3rd march. I started talking with my attorney; I also talked with Rajiv and my company's attorney. (I don't want to offend the knowledgeable peoples on this forum but I would suggest that, if you are confused about your issue then it is better to talk to attorney, though it costs money, but you get better and reliable advice)

These are some of the responses I got...

1. Take vacation: - basically you cannot work for that duration of time... you can take paid or unpaid vacation, you cannot WORK,
2. Got to INS and plead them to issue you IEAD.
3. Per one of the attorney, the MOST EXTREME step you can take is (if applicable) you can sort of file a lawsuit against INS, for example (that when you applied the EAD it was taking about day 30-40 days and you applied about 50 days before but, because INS has slowdown the work and they are taking say 100 days to approve, which will cause me to take vacation and will cause so much loss, etc, etc. and per her instead of fighting the case INS will normally approve you case, and you will end up withdrawing your case), but your EAD will get approved.(and if you have the question, SHE was not sure that this will work for 485 case because 485 involves FBI and background check and other national security related issues, as this was my very next question)

So, I took the second route...

I took following documents ( as I was went on Mar 11, before 90 days). I talked with my Att. got a letter format which says mainly “I work for company this and all usual thing, you have in employment varification letter, along with the line which says please reissue me a IEAD so that I can keep working for the company...” I got it signed from my HR.

Other documents I took...

1. Filled 765 form
2. Original receipt.
3. Above described letter from My HR.
4. Current EAD Card (original and few copies).

Apart from these I took following document...

1. Copy of 485 receipt notice.
2. Copy of 140 Approval Notice.
3. Copy of offer letter.
4. Copy of I-94

Basically all documents, which can say that I am still working, and I am in a valid status in USA...

I reached TCS Dallas district office at I-35 at about 4:50 AM, there were about 40 people already there, to my surprise now a days they start working on 6:30 AM, any way they opened the ticket window at about 6:10 AM, at about 7:50AM, I was at ticket window.

This was the conversation...
Me = “I am here to get IEAD as our ( me and my wife) EAD is expiring tomorrow.”
him = “let me see you EAD …”

I gave him old EAD

him = “have you applied for renewal yet.”
Me = “Yes”
him = “can I see the receipt notice .”

I gave the receipt notice. After looking at the RD, he says it is not 90 days yet you have to come back after 90 days.

Me = “I have letter from my company.”
Him = “let me see letter.”

I gave mine and my wife's letter which I got from my company... he passed that letter to one immigration officer lady sitting behind him. She started reading the letter and nodded to him to give me tokens but before he gave me tokens.. She says, "It does not says that there is any emergency. I cannot accept this letter.”

Me = “If I do not get the EAD Company will terminate my job.”
her = “But it does not says this on the letter. How I believe that you are not making it up.”

Me = “If company writes it on letter, then you will believe me...”

Her = “Yes, They have to write.”

After this, I tried to talk her for couple of minutes, but she just refused, and we were out of the line at about 7:00.

After coming out of the line I tried to get hold of my Attorney, but could not contact him. From here I went to my corporate office (which is just next exit from INS Office), talked with the HR Director and she updated my and my wife’s letter within couple of hour.

So I went back to INS Office at about 9:30 AM. Again in the line luckily, there were only about 100-120 people in line at that time. We reached the Token counter again at about 11:00AM. This time the Immigration officer lady was not there but the gentleman recognized us. So we just showed the new letter, which says, “as per INS Regulations Company will required to terminate my employment”. He said “You l do not have 90 days. But I will give you token and let see what happens inside…”
Anyway we quickly took the tokens from him and run towards the entry (Before he changes his mind again).

At about 11:05 we were in the waiting hall of the Dallas District INS office… we got token # B231 and B232. When we entered they were processing B222 and B223. We got our number in about 15 minutes… we went to the counter gave both tokens to the immigration office lady at the counter. After seeing the receipt notice. She again calculated the number of days and said, “She cannot do any thing. I have to come back again after 90 days.”
Me = “my company will terminate me, if I do not get EAD.”
Her = “Do you have a letter from your company saying the same”
Me = “ Yes”

I gave letters (our both) to her. After reading one letter. She looked satisfied and asked if we have a filled 765 form. We had the already filled forms with us. She took following documents from US.
1. Form 765.
2. Original EAD.
3. Original Letter from Company.
4. Original Receipt Notice for renewal.

After asking us to wait, she went inside, after about 5-7 minutes. She came back with a brown sealed envelop in her hand (along with a new appointment letter). She gave us that envelope and asked us to take that envelop to another INS office (at I-35 and Inwood Rd.) about 2 miles south. And told that DO NOT OPEN the envelop and give it to the I765 Room, in the new office and they will give you IEAD… We Thanked to lady and came out side it was about 11:35AM. At new location we had appointment at 12PM.

We reached new INS location in about 10 minutes. Went inside. There were about 4-5 peoples were waiting there. There were 3-closed door in the room with the number 1,2 and3. We pushed our envelop in a mail Hole in door#1 as directed by the security guard. After about 30 minutes the door opened and a lady called our names, gave a card to sign, took polarized picture ID photo… laminated card and gave it to us (about 10 minutes). She gave the IEAD, which is valid until 11/10/2004 (Till November!!!). We were out of the INS office before 1 PM, thanking GOD and promising that next time we are filing at least 120 days before.

From there we went back to our corporate office. Thanked the HR Director and filled new I-9 form. And took off for rest of the day… went home and slept till evening (good sound and worry free sleep after about a week).

Basically I was quite impressed with the efficiency the INS officers were working. I could not believe that this is the same department where my 485 case is pending for more the 2 years. In all it took about 20 minutes total to process my EAD PLUS about 40 minutes of wait time inside PLUS more then 3 hours of wait in line. But as they say “All is well that ends well”…
:) :) :) :) :)


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I work in a company in TX, But our company's Main office is in IL, therefore our 140 / 485 cases were sent to NSC... and as our 485 case is pending in NSC... I have to send all my additional paperwork ( EAD and AP renrewal ) to NSC only...

Recently. I have changed the company, my new company is a TX based company...

per my understanding you have to apply fro renewal of EAD or AP in the service center where your case is pending... But for all other purpose ( like IEAD, etc ) you can go to any of the INS office, becasue till now I have got the FP notice twice, both time notice was from NSC but they gave me appointment at the nearest Application Support Center from my Home Address, which is Dallas, TX..


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iEAD experiance at Newark,NJ

5:15 AM Reached at 970 Broad Street(Found 12-15 people there already)
7:35 They let us in and gave a slip. Slip was basically asking to go to 2nd floor Romm # 200.
7:40 Reached 2nd floor Room # 200.
Was asked to be in a line by the wall (there were 2 lines, Line by the wall was for EAD only)

8:00 Called me at the window. Asked for DL,I-765 receipt 90+ days pending, Passport. My lawyer had prepared a set for me that had I140,I485,I765, Copies of photos, A fresh new application for I765. Copy of old I765 application. G-28 form. This prepration really helped. All other people in fornt of me were asked to fill application and then come back.

8:10 Was sent to floor 13 room # 1300 with a set of papers to be given there.
8:15 Gave papers at window for EAD and was asked to wait.


10:45 Was called told at window that application is approved for 8 months and was asked to goto room # 1304

11:05 In room # 1304, was called to take the picture. They took picture there.

11:13 iEAD was given.

No questions asked, pretty good experiance except the wait.

Parking is behind the building on mulberry street. $8.95 Max.
If you pass 970 broad st on your right

Take right on green street from Broad street (left if coming from opposite direction, bottomline reach behind the building)

Take right on mulberry street and park on second parking lot on left. Nobody will be there on lot until 6AM so just park and goto office. Pay when you come back.

Do not kill yourself by going before 5.00AM, Line started building up only after 5:30.

Sorry for writing long story but some people might need it.


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What will happend you renewal EAD/AP are lost in USA and your online website shows that they are approved??...Can You go to local INS office and get the Interrim EAD/AP by showing the copy of the receipts of Renewal EAD/AP ??


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My wife's EAD renewal was applied on 1/22/2004 and it doesn't look like it would be approved her EAD expires. She is planning to visit the NORFOLK, VA office to get the Interim EAD after 90 days are over on 4/20/2004.

1) Does Norfolk office handle such requests?

2) Is there is a special day of the week or time to visit for this? I have tried calling that office but I couldn't find the correct department's Phone number and the only # I found was for their enforcement department and they don't talk about applications. Does anyone have the right phone number for this office?

3) If it's over 90 days since the receipt date, do we still need a letter from the employer advocating the need for the IEAD?

4) Can she get the IEAD right on the 91st day?

Any help would be highly appreciated!! It would help if anyone can share their experiences at Norfolk the office.



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1) Does Norfolk office handle such requests?

I don't know but all local offices should handle such requests.

2) Is there is a special day of the week or time to visit for this? I have tried calling that office but I couldn't find the correct department's Phone number and the only # I found was for their enforcement department and they don't talk about applications. Does anyone have the right phone number for this office?

In Newark you can go any day except Wed (which is by appointment only)

3) If it's over 90 days since the receipt date, do we still need a letter from the employer advocating the need for the IEAD?

No need for any letter from employer.

4) Can she get the IEAD right on the 91st day?
My story of iEAD - Newark, NJ

Here's my story of getting the interim EAD.

Applied electronically for renewal on Jan 5, 2004 at VSC, with notice date Jan 6, 2004. Went to Newark, NJ on April 15, 2004. I got it without much hassle, except for the wait.
Valid from 2004/04/15 till 2004/12/15.

Now for the long story...
Reached 970 Broad St at about 5:30AM and there were already about 35-40 people in front of me. Waited until about 8:15AM for my turn to enter the line inside the building. At about 7:30, the BCIS officials started taking rounds, asking if anyone had an appointment. There was a separate line for such people. They could come in at 7:45 and almost just walk in, while others such as myself had to wait outside for 3 hours in the cold breezy weather.

Anyway, after security check, went to 2nd floor, room 200. Now, all the rooms have the numbers written next to the door at about 5 ft from the floor. Not for room 200 - where "everyone who don't know already where to go, must go" according to the lady who handed out yellow paper cards while waiting outside. Entrance to this room is next to elevators, so if you are not careful, or if you took the other set of elevators to go up, you might just miss it completely.

After standing in line in the roomfor about 5 minutes, a lady went around asking if anyone was there was iEAD. Then she asked all of us to stand next to the wall as there was a 'dedicated' officer to handle these cases.
I had taken the following documents along:
  • Covering letter
  • Application for Employment Authorization (I-765)
  • Copy of the Confirmation Receipt for my last application I-765
  • Copy of the Notice of Action for my last application I-765
  • Copy of each of my previous two Employment Authorization Cards
  • Copy of the Notice of Action for my Application to Adjust to Permanent Resident Status (I-485) that is pending at Vermont Service Center
  • Copy of Authorization for Parole of an Alien into the United States
  • Copy of passport pages. These include information about my passport number, date of birth, place of birth, permanent address in India, current I-94
My turn came after about 15 minutes, not bad I thought. The lady checked my passport, kept the form (newly filled) and copy of the original receipt and returned everything else.

After about 1/2 hour, another lady called my name, handed me an envelope and asked to go to 13 floor, room 1300, counter #2.
I handed the envelope to another lady there and sat in a quiet corner. Oh, this was some wait! For more than 3 hours, I was waiting anxiously for someone to call my name. Finally one gentleman started calling out names of people who'd submitted the envelope at counter #2 along with me, and finally I heard my name.

He asked to check the passport, then asked questions, which I couldn't imagine asking anyone older than a 2nd standard kid. He had my form, my passport in front of him and he was asking my name, address, DOB - "just to confirm that all the data was correct". Then he asked to see my 140 approval - which I didn't have. For a moment there I thought all the wait was a waste, but he didn't seem to mind that after all. He asked me to go to room 1304, where, I'd gathered earlier, they were taking photos and fingerprints. So I was relieved when he asked me to go there as it meant he'd, presumably, approved my case.

After another 1/2 hour wait, they called me for photo and fingerprint. I was out in another 15 minutes.

All in all, the wait was the killing factor, other things went smoothly.


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Interim EAD in NYC

Following are my experience for getting Interim EAD.

I live in New York City area and should go to New York office to get it. But I want to try Hartford office first since I have heard bad experience at New York City office such as waiting in line at 3:00Am in the morning, etc.

I went to Hartford, CT office on April 30, 2004. I got there around 8:30pm and take a number. The officer at information desk only asked me if I have passed 90 days. After waiting a couple of hours, my number was called. I submitted I-765 notice letter and new filled I-765 form. The officer at counter accepted paper and asked me to take a seat. I thought I could get through. But after another hour waiting, the officer called my name and told me that my address is not in CT and I should go to New York local office instead.

On May 11, 2004 I got to New York local office around 4:30am. There were about 14 people in front of me. It’s much better than I though. At 7:00am, the security person asked people who apply for “work permit” to form a separate line. Then we were leaded to the “Form Room” at first floor to get application forms and a yellow instruction sheet. I got to ninth floor and submitted the filled I-765 form, copy of I-765 notice and the yellow sheet to the window for EAD, and got a number. It’s about 7:10am. About 9:50am, my number was called. I was asked for signature and fingerprint. Then I waited about another 10 or 20 minutes to be called for taking photo. On 10:30 I walked out with my Interim EAD valid for 7 months.

After I got home, I checked my online case status after 5:00pm. Guess what? I found my I-765 application was just approved on the same day, May 11, 2004.


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My personal iEAD experience in NEWARK

1st things first.

If you have an attorney or attorney firm helping you, ask them to create all your required documents and give them to you so you are not fumbling at the Newark BCIS location.

I will tell you what I took.

1) Original EAD card that was issued last to me. - They will take that away from you, I will will tell you further down in the message when that will happen.

2) Take a copy of the receipt notice for the latest EAD filing - This they need to make sure you are actually 90 days behind. I went when I was away only 87 days behind, they still took me in

3) Take a copy of the I 485 reciept notice to prove why you need the EAD

4) Take completed applications for applying for the EAD, I can't remember whatever the name is I 765 or whatever

5) Take copies of the passport pages that prove your identity.

6) Take a G28 form which I believe is for the attorney representing you. I don't know if it's a reqd form or not, so better check!

7) Take your passport also with you.


Now for the location itself.

The address of the place is

970 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Assuming that you are driving. Here's what you should do. If you are on Broad street coming from RT 1/9 and the Newark airport area, this 970 Broad street is on the RIGHT HAND side. The place is a Mult-Story building, can't really see any SIGNS!


The building is not accessible by CAR. Its part of a federal buildings area, plenty of GOVT buildings around it so you cannot drive up to it.


From Broad Street, make a right on to E. Kinney and then make your first left on to Orchard Street. This is the closest you can get to 970 Broad by CAR. There is a public parking lot on Orchard Street. It will cost you a maximum of $11 there.

Park at this lot. TRUST me it's worth every dollar to be close to you car after the long wait you will endure at 970 Broad.


I got there at any unearthlly 1 AM!!! YOU DON'T.

If you get there by 4:30 AM, it should be plenty. You will be among the 1st 15-30 to get in from your line.

The LINE forms on the opposite side of the street from the building. There is a children's TOT LOT, that's where you need to be.

At 7 AM, a fellow wearing a BROWN SUIT will show up and start checking for the ID's. Dunno why!! But he does. All you need to show is a Driver's License.

He will ask people who have Appts to form a separate line, those folks get to go in FIRST. By the way for IEAD's they dont give APPTS.

At about 8 AM they will start letting you in, you will go through a Metal detector with a mean security guard who will warn you that you will be arrested if you have any contraband! So you better don't!

After the Metal Detector you will be asked to go up to the 3rd FLOOR. I know some people have written down in previous message that it's the 2nd Floor and then the 13th Floor....etc... All that has now changed. Everything you need to do is on the same FLOOR. Make sure you get into the correct elevator, every elevator does not go to teh 3rd floor! I did not see any signs warning me about it, hopefully there is one when you get there.

On the 3rd floor, after you get off the elevator, tell the guard you are there for iEAD and she will send you to a line which is on the left hand side of the corridor. The line leads up to 7 windows dedicated for people like you with no APPTS. Rest assured only a couple of those windows will be continously manned!

The lady here will check your docs. Primarily she will need the Application for for an iEAD and the reciept notice to prove that you are 90 days behind. She will confirm your identity and the like and will ask you to take a seat until your name is called. Depending on when you got to this lady, you may wait for about 30-45 minutes, unless they are severely backlogged by the time you saw an agent at the counter. This wait will be the EASY ONE.

Make sure you stay within the 1st 5 rows of seating so you can be within EARSHOT when your name is spelled. When you are called, you will be given a WHITE ENVELOPE with some reciept staped to it. DON'T OPEN IT.

You will be asked to go the FAR END of that room to a place where a lot of people will be sitting. There will be a SIGN saying EAD so go that area of the room. With out waiting go straight to the 1st counter on the RIGHT and handover your WHITE ENVELOPE and take a seat in front of the counters.

This is where you will achieve your NIRVANA of getting your iEAD. Hope and pray that they will call your name soon, It took them 3 hours to call me, so be prepared for an AGONIZING wait. You will see that there is no reasoning on who get's called FIRST. This place will operate as if they are in no REAL Hurry.

When someone said PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE, they must've waited at the EAD counter.

WHEN you are called the fellow at the counter will ask for YOUR EAD and KEEP IT. He will ask for your PASSPORT and verify your DOB, First Name , Last Name, Middle Name and ADDRESS. AFter that GUESS WHAT!!

WAIT AGAIN until they call you. But this wait should be relatively short. You will be called in a batch of 6-7 people to take a MUGSHOT. SO be sure to SMILE. Your ordeal is coming to an END. Before your mugshot, you will get fingerprinted. After the mugshot, you guessed it, You go back out and WAIT until you are called again to receieve your PRIZE (iEAD).

Don't RUN out of the place YET, be DAMN sure to check that they did not screw up any info on that iEAD card, if they did, then have them correct it right then, sorry that will mean more waiting.

If everything looks good, then get the HELL out of that place.

Once you get your EAD, go have a PARTY, if you did not get any sleep the night before, then Go and Get some SLEEP.

Good LUCK.


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Thanks !!. that was very informative .
i am applying for my 485 in CA but mY address is in IA. will i be given iEAD in iowa service center ... do i have to take anything for my address verification too .


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IEAD in Chicago

Today, I went to the local USCIS office at 10 w jackson blvd, and got the IEAD. This office is just outside the Jackson Blue Line Subway station. They opened the doors at 6AM. When they opened the doors, there were around 50 people in the line.

They were asking for EAD, 140 reciepts, IL driving license/state ID or some postal mail to prove that you are IL resident.

Got the IEAD for 3 months. Out by 9AM.

Interim EAD and walk-in AP experience, NYC 05/25/04

I thought I would share our experience with the NYC office on 5/25/04.

My wife's EAD and AP applications have been pending for about 150
days, so we decided to walk-in for the interim EAD and to obtain AP.

A small piece of advice: Bring a book. You'll be there a while. Bring a
coat - 26 Federal Plaza is VERY cold!!!

We arrived at 26 Federal Plaza at 5 AM. There were about 20 people ahead of us. At 6:40, a security guard came out and split the line in two, with the folks going in for the EAD on one side and folks going in for everything else on the other side. He checked the receipts and sent some people home since 90 days had not passed yet. He then marked everyone's hand with a
fluorescent pen.

We went into the building at 7 AM, past the security checkpoint, first into a Forms room on the 1st floor, where the EAD NOA/receipt and ID were checked, and a yellow form was given to us.

We were directed to the 9th floor, where we waited for about 30 minutes until the security guard and an USCIS employee appeared. We were given a ticket (number N603) and we gave him the completed yellow form, a completed I-765, the original EAD NOA from Missouri and a copy of the
AOS NOA. We were then asked to wait. At that point, we were told that
the background check would take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, and that
they would call people's names in random order, so we should be able to
take care of other business.

At 7:45, we went to the 8th floor to try to find out about the Advance Parole. We were directed to the third floor, where we got a "Case Status Inquiry" form (which we filled out), a ticket (number U723) and were told to go to room 8-100. In this room, we sat for a loooooong time (about 1 hour), until our number was called up to a window (counter 63). Then we handed in the yellow form, a completed I-131, a letter explaining that my wife's application had been pending longer than 90 days, 2 pictures, a copy of the NOA from Missouri for the AOS, and a copy of the NOA for AP. At that point, we were told to sit down and wait until we were called again. We sat for about three hours and then a gentleman called us to counter 61 and said that they would do the Advance Parole. We were then told to sit again and wait.

About 2 hours later, we were called by a lady to counter 62 and given the AP. It's a multiple entry AP, valid until May 2005 (1 year). My wife signed for it and then we went back to the EAD room to wait for the interim EAD.

In this room, we sat around waiting for the photographer to call my wife over to do the interim EAD. I had a nagging feeling about the AP, and re-read it. My wife's last name was incorrectly spelled, an E was substituted with an O. I rushed back down to the 8th floor to get my wife's AP fixed. I was able to get the attention of the gentleman who took in our AP paperwork and told him about the mistake. He took the AP and went to the back to try to get it fixed. I waited for about 30 minutes before the lady at counter 62 called me again and gave me the corrected AP. I then went back upstairs to the 9th floor.

Around 3 PM, my wife was called to the counter to sign a card and put down a fingerprint. After 30 minutes, my wife was called by the photographer, her picture was taken. After 10 more minutes, she was handed an EAD card that's valid for 8 months.

That was a long day, but my wife now has her AP and EAD :D . Next stop: our honeymoon!!!