DV 2019

Hey, everybody,
I m selected for dv2019 AF40***
I’m new to this forum after I looked everywhere for information from Moroccan experiences ...
But I haven't seen anything . if someone is there please shear your experince with us
So my question is : I alerady sent The ds260 in june 2018 , only the online registration therr's any photographs or something else I need to send if yes , how I can come back and send it and change if i have put something wrong ?

I m lost please heeelp me


Super Moderator
There’s no requirement to upload photo with the DS260 submission. If you need to update the already submitted form, you’ll need to contact KCC and request for them to unlock your form - instructions on how to contact KCC can be found on your selectee notification letter, refer to it.

Your CN is on the high end, it will be a couple of months before it becomes current. KCC will send you an email later on (before your CN becomes current) asking you to email some documents to them, so watch out for the email.