DV 2019 All Selectees

Hi everyone, after a successful CP experience and plenty of help & knowledge from this forum, I'd like to share my timeline.
My case number was 2019AS12xxx.

May 2018: 1NL.
Aug 2018: Submitted DS260 online.
2 Apr 2019: Email from KCC "Further DV Documents Required".
11 Apr 2019: Asked KCC to unlock my DS260 to add new passport information.
12 Apr 2019: Replied KCC email with required documents.
June 2019: 2NL.
July 2019: Medical.
6 Aug 2019: Interview, approved!
7 Aug 2019: CEAC status changed from Ready to AP.
15 Aug 2019: CEAC status changed from AP to Issued! Note that there was no status or date updates whatsoever between 7-15 Aug.
16 Aug 2019: Picked up passport.
Hi all, I have a question about activating DV visa. When I am at an airport (port of entry), which line should I go for? I believe usually there are 2 different lines: one for citizens/green card holders, another one for non-citizens.