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DV 2018 OC Selectees

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by dilemma87, May 4, 2017.

  1. erva_mate

    erva_mate New Member

    WildYak - I posted a similar question in the All Selectees thread about a week ago, but I didn't get any feedback. I was hoping for someone who has gotten the certificate in the past to clarify, but I'm almost certain that the police check depends on if you currently reside in Canada or not. If you are in Canada you can go to your local RCMP office to get a name and DOB check of no criminal convictions. However, if you don't live and aren't returning to Canada like in my case, you need to get a 'Certifed Criminal Record Check' by submitting fingerprints to the RCMP, which as far as I know can only be done by going through certain accredited companies (the list is on the RCMP website). I wanted to hear from someone's personal experience but I've heard that it could take a little while to go through this process, so if your interview has been scheduled then you better get on it soon - like today.
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  2. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    It is all explained on the reciprocity page and the relevant links.
  3. erva_mate

    erva_mate New Member

    Yes, and that information is what I posted for WildYak. However being that the official process for non-residents requires contracting a seperate company to assist with the check is a bit odd, and that's why I wanted to hear from anyone's personal experience with the process (including time taken).
  4. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    It's not all that unusual for official agencies to contract to private companies for certain things that include biographic data. A number of countries work their visa systems this way, for example.
  5. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    That's not unusual or weird in any way. They cannot setup the ability to collect fingerprints in every country where someone might need to apply, so they have trusted partners that do this (and obviously do the same thing for other agencies or situations). Totally normal. And the official website explains how the ability to submit the fingerprints electronically take the processing time down from 22 weeks to 3 days. All explained, all straightforward.
  6. WildYak

    WildYak New Member

    Ah yes, cheers erva_mate. I have lined up a company to get my RCMP criminal record check and they should be receiving my original fingerprints in the mail in Ottawa like today or tomorrow. So the wheels are in motion. The reason I started asking in this forum on this is because when I first started ordering my Aus certificate, just had a couple of options to choose from, e.g. "full" or "standard" police check, which I have now clarified, and then I realized that I should probably double check I am ordering the correct Canadian police certificate too. But all good now. I'll let you know how it goes regarding turn around time for the Canadian one.
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  7. WildYak

    WildYak New Member

    Bingo. Thank you.
  8. JuzzyRosé

    JuzzyRosé New Member

    Hi all. I’ve just stumbled upon this forum so thanks in advance! I’m off to Sydney for my interview on Tuesday. I’m nervous and excited. My question is with regards to the photo. I’ve had a set of US sized passport photos taken. I thought it was 2 photos needed but on the checklist of items to bring it says “photo” (singular) I’ve heard they’re very particular about your pile of papers and I don’t want to get it wrong! Any advice?
  9. RejectedSpark

    RejectedSpark Member

    The first step of the interview will be someone sorting through your papers to ensure only what you need is in the stack you carry with you. If I were you, I'd take the extra photos, just make sure they're cut. If you only need one, one will go with the stack of papers to the interview, the other will be handed back to you. I've still got a couple of spares of mine floating around here somewhere.

    The interview is a very nervous time, but its actually quite easy and the people in the office are friendly. Have a read of the 2017 OC thread for interview experiences, and good luck :)
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  10. JuzzyRosé

    JuzzyRosé New Member

    Thanks so much. Great advice.
  11. JuzzyRosé

    JuzzyRosé New Member

    Success! I was approved. It was a whirlwind trip from the Gold Coast to Sydney and I’m pooped, but will share a few tips and observations when I catch my breath. Thanks for letting me stalk this forum. Hopefully I can give a bit back.
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  12. YosemiteBen

    YosemiteBen New Member

    Congrats! It must be a big relief to get that out of the way. There'll be plenty of us wondering if the process has changed in any significant way for DV18
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  13. MickeyMouse123

    MickeyMouse123 New Member

    Hi everyone, this thread has been a huge help.

    Gathering my supporting documents at the moment, OC selectee from Australia here. I have a quick question in regards to the AFP Police check, do we need to tick box 33 or 35 when filling out that form to get the check done? (for the kind of police check that is done). Also, do we need fingerprints done, or just recommended?
  14. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

    No need for fingerprints. Code 33 is the right code, because it includes both spent and unspent offences.
  15. Dawson865

    Dawson865 New Member

    Hi everyone, I have a question about the previous US travel section of the DS260. I do not have access to my previous passport, so I was unable to get the exact dates of entry to the US for some previous trips. I estimated instead - is this a problem? Do they care about the exact dates? I think I have remembered all the previous trips - but is this something I need to worry about?

    Also I have previously been granted a US visa (like 10 years ago) and on the form they wanted to know the "date of issue" of the visa - again that visa was in my previous passport and again I estimated the date - is that something I need to get the exact date of? I know roughly when I entered the us on the visa but no idea of the exact date of issue of the visa.

    Thanks for all the help!
  16. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    Estimates are OK - although you can get arrival/departure data here:

  17. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Only if you know your old passport numbers? That may not be the case if they’re no longer in possession.
  18. FlyingDonkey

    FlyingDonkey New Member

    I think the history search automatically may link old passports automatically.

    I had a passport renewal in late 2014 yet my search using my new passport number gives history back to early 2012. Not sure if it gives a I-94 issued on an expired passport though.
  19. Motherly12

    Motherly12 New Member

    New to the forum! Im OC5XX . My question; is anyone aware of extensions to the 6 month initiation period post the medical/interview? I'm likely to be due mid 6 months so unable to be insured for travel for 10 weeks of the 6 mths then unlikely to receive baby's passport in first 4 weeks of life due to needing the birth certificate first (and not super excited by travel immediately following). Having baby in Australia to get work (14 week) and Centrelink (18 weeks) mat leave $$$ none of which I would get in the US.
  20. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    I checked and mine does but it only goes back to 19 records/2012 - not sure if it maxed out at a certain number of records or at 5 years, which is when mine goes back to (and a memorable trip that one was, I was literally on one of the last flights out of a deserted JFK before hurricane sandy hit....). I have many previous trips to the US not on the record. The record also indicates it may have missed some and that’s it an aid and not an official complete record.

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