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DV 2018 All Selectees

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by Sm1smom, May 2, 2017.

  1. Dunamis

    Dunamis Member

    CN: AF000043XX
  2. Dunamis

    Dunamis Member

    @Dalin, what's your digits?
  3. thetristan

    thetristan New Member

    Hi guys, please can you tell what kind of questions can I get on the interview?

    And actually is that OK to register for Green Card Lottery application for DV2019 despite I was selected in DV2018 and in few days I have an interview?
  4. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    The questions are not complicated - no need to "prepare"

    Yes you can enter DV2019 - no problem.
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  5. Dalin

    Dalin New Member

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  6. Xarthisius

    Xarthisius Active Member

    I read a post on a forum back in my home country. One of the users had an interview few hours ago. He and his family are now happy GC holders. It has begun people! Good luck!
  7. Nana Kofi

    Nana Kofi Member

    Good to hear.
  8. thetristan

    thetristan New Member

    Hi guys, so I have after interview. I wasn't approved but I wasn't declined neither. I been told that that need to clarify if my education is matching their criteria/requirements. But I do have successfully finished my high school and received diploma/certificate. Plus on the top of that they keep my high school diploma on the embassy. Not just copy which is stamped and officially translated but original as well. Have you got any advice what I should do?

    Maybe get in touch with one of those law companies which are assisting people with these immigration procedures?? Do you think it might be worth it? I am not really worried about this original document because I have at least another copy of that. But just wanna know from successful approval point of view if I should contact them.

    Or maybe just wait and that is all?

    Thank you.
  9. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    They told you to wait. So - just wait.
  10. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    What do you really think "one of those law companies which are assisting people with these immigration procedures" can do for your case at this point in time? Harass the embassy into issuing you with the approval? Ask the embassy why they didn't approve your case right away, but decided to keep and verify your document? :rolleyes: Just W.A.I.T! That's all you can do, unless of course you want to throw your money away by hiring someone falsely claiming they can do something about the case. .
  11. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming you interviewed at an embassy outside your home country? If so, they will be contacting the US embassy in your home country to confirm that your high school diploma meets the requirements, and/or that it's genuine. A lawyer can do nothing for you here - either the education meets the requirements or it doesn't. So yes, just wait.
  12. Seant

    Seant Member

    Hi Mom and Britsimon
    I changed from AOS to CP. KCC confirmed that they have changed my case from AOS to CP.
    Is there a spread sheet for CP (similar to AOS) that explains the step? what do I need to do at this point?
    The email from KCC says I should check the ESC to find out when my interview is scheduled; however when I check ESC I only see my selection letter
    I received the 2NL back in June when I was doing AOS, am I going to receive a separate notice now that I have changed to CP
    is the 330$ per person fee that I paid previously while I was doing AOS still valid for CP
    We did our medical exam in US, and our interview is going to be in Canada, do we need to redo the medical exam?
    Is there any other thing that I need to do ? or should I just sit tight and wait?
  13. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    We have no similar spreadsheet for CP. That process is straightforward and already well documented from the links provided on your selectee notification letter:

    You will receive a CP based 2NL when your CN becomes current and KCC is done processing your DS260 forms. You will make a new payment at the embassy when you go for your interview. You will also need to do a new medical exam in Canada.

    Go through the link I provided above, it contains other links too, be sure to go through them. You should also go through Simon’s blog by the way:
  14. BaldEagle1

    BaldEagle1 New Member

    Just thought I'd share. I'm from South Africa (AF76XX) and I submitted the DS-260 on 10 September. I received the 2NL today and my interview date is 5 December. Having only submitted in September, I wasn't expecting the 2NL this soon.
  15. SKSK2018

    SKSK2018 New Member

    Quick update to all
    I'm from Malaysia (2018AS5xx)
    25 May 2017: Submitted DS-260
    15 Aug 2017: Received 2NL
    19 Oct 2017: Attended interview at US Embassy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and YES - I got it!!!

    Still a long long long long way to go after this.

    Thanks for all the help thus far to get me into where I am today.
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  16. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

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  17. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    Congrats @SKSK2018 and best of luck in the U.S.
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  18. MYbraindrain

    MYbraindrain Member

    I'm jealous! :)

    Wish me luck this year! I'm from Malaysia too!
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  19. Nana Kofi

    Nana Kofi Member

    Great! Congratulations.
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  20. Dunamis

    Dunamis Member

    @SusieQQQ , @Sm1smom kindly help me here; I lost the confirmation page of DV-2019 registration, due to session time out. All because I had a phone and by the time I returned to capture the confirmation it was time out...Kindly assist me anyway I can retrieve this confirmation number

    Thank you

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