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DV 2017 OC Selectees

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by MattWatt, May 3, 2016.

  1. Pog

    Pog Member

    Activated in Feb (back in AU right now). Turns out the card was sent in May. I just happened to look today as I was getting worried about it!
  2. JessicaElle

    JessicaElle Member

    Oh wow! Good to have a gauge on how long processing times are (I know they say up to 11 months but that's a lot of leeway!) Hopefully you'll get it sorted asap. When are you looking to make the move permanently?
  3. Pog

    Pog Member

    If all goes to plan, i'll be moving to Denver, Colorado early November :) Can't wait!!
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  4. RejectedSpark

    RejectedSpark Member

    Prepare yourself, you could be in for a long process of resolving this, especially if you're calling from Australia. My partner is a green card holder and his re-entry permit was 'missing' for a while. Calling USCIS, you initially get tier 1 people who can't really do anything, and the tier 2 line was closed to calls every time we tried. I really hope you don't have a similar experience! If you're a night owl, try and call right when they open.
  5. Pog

    Pog Member

    I'm staying up to ring tonight. I hope this is less complicated. I believe they just need a new address to send the card that was returned undeliverable. will report back
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  6. JessicaElle

    JessicaElle Member

    Any luck?
  7. Pog

    Pog Member

    I ended the phone call slightly confused! They took my new address and hopefully the card will be sent there. I'm told someone will call me back with information about where the card went... so yeah will see in a few days.
  8. MsNoonz

    MsNoonz New Member

    Hey all.

    I had my interview in February 2017 and entered via LAX in June 2017 on what was supposed to be an activation trip/holiday which has now turned into an extended stay (I resigned the day before I flew out!). Using the time here to try and make some progress on the job hunt.

    I had read all the horror stories about the entry process in LAX but my experience was nothing short of amazing. I was travelling with a friend who went through the usual process. I was directed to an express line (orange signage) and did not wait more than a few minutes before I was seen by a CO. He processed my paperwork and asked me to stand aside while I waited for another CO to arrive for further processing. The next CO arrived maybe 5 minutes later and escorted me to a downstairs section which was literally completely empty save for he and I. The CO asked me to take a seat while he updated my details (including new mailing address) and chatted to me as he walked me back to the baggage claim area. He was surprised anyone would want to immigrate from Australia to the US :)rolleyes:). I walked over to the baggage claim area to find that my friend was still waiting for her bag and we left the airport within an hour of landing. So all in all a very smooth and painless process.

    As I was travelling around the States, I received word from my friend (his address listed as my mailing addy) that my GC had arrived - this was less than 3 weeks after my entry into the country! However, I became concerned that I had not received my SSN within 3 weeks (as per the advice of the Sydney US Consulate after my interview) and walked into a SSN office in NY today to be told that my number had not auto-generated. I am now having my GC urgently posted to me so I can get my SSN applied for/activated (it was a good run of luck while it lasted).

    I went into a Chase branch today to inquire about opening an account. Even with my GC and SSN they need proof of US address and that is difficult given I am subletting from a friend for a short period of time.

    I read on this forum that people had some success with Capital One and Bank of America. Did they ask you for proof of a US address with your name on it?? At this point, I really need to open a US account - the conversion/international fees on my CC and withdrawals are killing me! Any tips will be gratefully received!

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  9. guestgulkan

    guestgulkan Well-Known Member

    Should have gotten a 28degrees Mastercard - no FX fees!

    I don't remember showing a proof of address at any of the banks where I opened an account. I've heard Wells Fargo is picky.

    Capital One is a good credit card because they have lots of bad credit options (that's us) , and their CCs have no FX fees, so they're great for return trips to OZ.

    I used my car insurance for proof of address to get my drivers license if that helps.
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  10. MsNoonz

    MsNoonz New Member

    Thanks, @guestgulkan
    I think the banks have become a bit stricter with opening of accounts. When did you move over? I will give Capital One a go as well as BoA. I heard Citibank is pretty lenient with foreigners and opening checking accounts.

    I probably would have planned this a little better had I realized I was going to be here for an extended period of time. Oh well, you live and you learn haha.
  11. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Chase have always required proof of address, but I believe Bank of America doesn't.
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  12. MsNoonz

    MsNoonz New Member

    Thanks, @SusieQQQ. I will keep you all informed of my progress. Hopefully it saves somebody else the time and effort.
  13. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    Did you search the forum already about this? We've had similar conversations a few times.
  14. emjay

    emjay New Member

    Hi everyone.

    I'm Australian and have my interview booked for August in Sydney. Decided to opt for Consular Processing in the end for various reasons.

    Just clarifying, I have looked everywhere and from my reading, in Australia, a name check from the Australian Federal Police is sufficient provided it includes all aliases. i.e. a fingerprint check is not required. However, has anyone actually been to the interview and handed over just the name check and it was sufficient? I have searched the forum and I can see the odd comment but perhaps I have missed a detailed discussion about it (sorry if I have!).

    The thing is, my National Police Certificate from the AFP simply states "All recorded unspent offenses released. Name Check Only. This is to certify that there are no disclosable court outcomes recorded against the name of xxxxx". Is this enough?

    Also, for the education requirement, I have obtained my VCE certificate which simply states I have completed VCE. Was this sufficient or should there be a letter stating that 12 years of study have been completed? (I have a law degree but I understand that doesn't necessarily satisfy the education requirement).

    Thanks so much for your help everyone - really appreciate it!!
  15. EmilyW

    EmilyW Well-Known Member

    The check you have isn't sufficient. Your check needs to include both unspent and spent records (select 33 when doing the check via the AFP website).

    There's plenty of us who have used the name check and gotten our GCs. It's fine.
  16. emjay

    emjay New Member

    Ah ok!! I had a feeling something wasn't quite right about it.... I will get onto this straight away!! Thanks for the uber prompt response @EmilyW !! :)
  17. TomPerth

    TomPerth New Member

    Hi emjay

    To your question regarding the education requirement, they weren't interested in my high school certificate once they saw I had a university degree. The people pre checking my documents before going through security and entering the consulate told me to put the high school certificate away and put my uni degree certificate in the document folder for the consulate officer.

    I hope that helps.

  18. TomPerth

    TomPerth New Member

    Good luck Pog. On the bright side, you can still use the stamped visa to enter in November.
  19. JessicaElle

    JessicaElle Member

    Mini-update for anyone interested: I activated 20th June 2017, and my SSN and GC arrived at the US address I nominated over a week ago now (and I just picked them up from DHL this morning here in Perth). The SSN beat the GC by a few days, but I can't believe how fast the turn-around time was - I was expecting to be waiting at least a couple of months.
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  20. TomPerth

    TomPerth New Member

    Thanks for the update!

    Out of interest, if you're doing an activation trip do you need to take out health insurance in USA as soon as you activate or only when you finally settle (which could be months, up to 12 months later). Are you required to file taxes on income earnt from the date onwards after you land and activate or the whole US financial year your activation trip falls under?



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