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DV 2009 Lucky winners from Nigeria

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by onyii, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. onyii

    onyii Registered Users (C)

    DV 2009 Lucky winners from Nigeria, Welcome to this thread. Please meet here, ask related questions on where you are confused or contribute your opinions and also discuss issues that will make getting a DV Visa a reality.

    The Best of Luck and God Bless You All
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  2. luckies

    luckies Registered Users (C)

    NL started coming?

    Hello Onyii has DV2009 winners started collecting NL from Kcc .
    and where can i see list of winners?
  3. Johnkent

    Johnkent Registered Users (C)

    U know very well that there has never been a list of winner before.
  4. onyii

    onyii Registered Users (C)

    Yes and No

    yes KCC has started sending out NL to first batch, if i may use that world.

    Like Jonhket has said, there is no way on the net where names of winners are Published.
    you can only get NL to indicate that you are a winner. If you do not receive any, that means you did not win. provided your postal service is effective.
  5. onyii

    onyii Registered Users (C)

    to become a user follow these steps

    to become a user follow these steps

    sing up to get a user name and password.
    confirm/activate your registration by opening the link sent to your e-mail,
    long in with your user name and password.

    Edit your Profile.
    select user Cp from the blue bar at the top,
    under control panel, select edit signature to enable you add the following informations. Name, case numbers e.g (2009Af000nnxxx) where 2009 is the year, Af is African,nn represent the 1st two figures of your case number, xxx is for security reasons it represents the remaining figures of your case number. date NL was received, status of your Second NL. and any other information of your choice.

    Click the save button to save your informations.
    now u can be able to post or quote a reply.
  6. Mummydd

    Mummydd Registered Users (C)

    Good thinking.

    MODEST Registered Users (C)

    nice job

    i must say u ave done a very qreat job

    bless you
  8. onyii

    onyii Registered Users (C)

    Get use to these

    These are some of the abbreviations that you may be seeing here

    AOS Adjustment Of Status.
    (it is for some body who leave in united state but is a DV Lottery winner) he will apply for a change of Status in United state.

    GC Green Card
    (A permit to leave and work in United state)

    NL Notification Letter
    (A package from Kcc to whom it may concern, contains either a congratulatory letter or an appointment letter)

    DOB Date of Birth

    NPC National Population Commission.

    POE point Of Entry
    (Indicating state or city where you will first of all enter )

    Visa Bulletin A monthly bulletin that contains the cut off number for people who will be ready for Interview.

    Current One is said to be current if his/her case number appears in the visa bulletin.

    Case Number Serial numbers and codes given to every Dv winner. e.g winners from Africa have this case number Codes 2009AF0008002.

    CP ?????????

    please some one should tell us the full meaning of CP and other Abbreviations not mentioned here.
    thank you
  9. abeku66

    abeku66 Registered Users (C)

    Consular Processing - that is if you choose to go through the visa application process via a designated us embassy abroad like Nigeria or Ghana. I hope this helps.
  10. vwusa7809

    vwusa7809 New Member

    Hi all, I really appreciate a forum like this as it gives an insight into the functionalities of the Lottery.

    I have numerous questions but would appreciate if I can be assisted with just two for now.

    1. When NL's are sent out is it done through courier services like DHL or through the goverment posts like NIPOST as the case would be in Nigeria. Hence would a residential address be adviceable or rather a post office box?

    2.If a lottery participant is currently unmarried, but engaged and recieves a NL, what would be his best approach to enable him get a GC along with his fiancee.

    Thanks a bunch and good luck to all DV2009 hopefuls'
  11. abeku66

    abeku66 Registered Users (C)

    To the best of my knowledge, NL are not sent by any special delivery apart from ordinary post be it a residential address or not.If your number is randomly selected as is the case, you will receive your NL via ordinary post.Don't forget that the application process didn't cost you anything so i doubt if the Capitalist US gov't will spend the tax payers income to deliver NL via special deliveries.If you do use any special post then you might as well be prepared to pay for any additional delivery cost.

    In the case of an unmarried couple , i believe they can get married and Notify KCC by sending a copy of their marriage certificate including a new DS-230. The downside however will be how to convince the Consular during the interview that they are not married for the sake of the GC .Personally i'll get married to my fiancee or at least have enough proof of an imminent wedding prior to receivng the NL if i'm so hopeful that i'll win.This to a large extent will wipe out any possible doubts that the Consular might have at the time of the interview.This is my personal opinion and i do hope you'll find something useful out of it. All the best.
  12. onyii

    onyii Registered Users (C)

    Abeku66 has said it all...

    Abeku66 has said it all...

    [Hence would a residential address be adviceable or rather a post office box?
    It depends on where you are staying. To me, considering the fact that some residencial address can be dificult to locate and may cause the postal agent officer who may not know the value of the package to give up in looking for your house address.
    So to me.. postal office is better..
  13. MODEST

    MODEST Registered Users (C)

    good information

    but you can also decide to qet married after qettinq your NL, before postinq it, but d important thing is that you will have to be married becos you will need d certificate.
    or you will wait till five year to be able to file for your partner
  14. onyii

    onyii Registered Users (C)

    the clock is moving little by little.. every body should relax. Mails already being sent out to lucky winner. soon the will start arriving. Please make sure you keep checking your Mail Box from time to time.
    If you are lucky to get one. Please Do not be in a hurry to fill the form to avoid mistakes.
    Ask question before filling those areas you do not understand.
    Make a photo copy of the forms after filling before sending to Kcc.
  15. luckies

    luckies Registered Users (C)

    Your great Onyii

    Thanks Onyii you are really doing a very good Job here. I cant wait to see the 2009DV result cos i have interest in it..I have been cheeking on my mail box from time to time.
  16. kwene

    kwene Registered Users (C)

    I just received a mail from KCC for one of my friends in Nigeria. Her number is 2009AF00012***. I am so happy for her, I am going to mail it to her tomorrow. I noticed that this year's packet has alot of additional information unlike the one i got last year for my hubby. Anyone know why?
  17. admiral

    admiral New Member

    Hello all. Im sorry for being away for so long. Ive been kinda busy and i got to get settled and God is helping me. I wish all those who will be going for their interview this year all the best. I just got a package for my cousin few mins ago from KCC.
  18. onyii

    onyii Registered Users (C)


    That is a good newssssssss.. Please where are you located?..12*** is pretty Average number..make sure you introduce the person to this great thread.so that she will be most guided to her success.
  19. onyii

    onyii Registered Users (C)

    Hello Admiral.. Nice to hear from you once again. We pray that God will help you the more....Please the package is it DV2009 Package?. and wht is the persons Case number?
  20. kwene

    kwene Registered Users (C)


    I am located in the US. I will let her know about this site for sure.

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