December 2004 Filers Status

Discussion in '485 issues in Nebraska Service Center' started by jayjo7, May 18, 2005.

  1. kishorch

    kishorch Registered Users (C)


    My wife got the second FP (Biometrics - code 2) notice today. She is scheduled for June 14th. I have an appointment on June 10th and my attorney told me that I can also take my wife with me for the FP. So we will be going together on June 10th.

    You should also be getting your notice soon.
  2. royalcruise

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    Is the "Biometric Notice" sent to the applicant's address or to the lawer/company ?
  3. kishorch

    kishorch Registered Users (C)

    It is sent to the Lawyer and also to the applicant's address.
  4. veryblue

    veryblue Registered Users (C)

    Hello All,

    I had my fingerprinting (not Biometrics) done in Feb 05, but have not seen any LUD change for my 485 since then.

    Has anyone seen any LUD change after the first finger-printing ?

  5. SPASK

    SPASK Registered Users (C)

    biometric code 2

    Last year my I 485 was denied due to I140 denial. By that time I already completed the finger printing process. Later, I applied a new I-140/I485 last December with a sub-labor. My new I140 got approved in May'05 and after that I got the FP notice for Biometrics (Code:2). they never took all the finger prints this time, instead they took impression of the point finger and also took a photo.

    So do I need to wait for another FP notice with some other code? BTW what is wait period after this CODE:2 biometric? also what is the I-140 officer code? how it relates to I485 process?? Could some one help me to get some idea
  6. eluruchiru

    eluruchiru New Member

    Ray of Hope... may be not,,,,

    I am IN
  7. eluruchiru

    eluruchiru New Member

    Code 2

    Code 2 is just one finger print.. usually done for EAD renewals.
  8. freedom4ever

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    Count me in

    Count me in
  9. jackmike

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    hi all!

    I have received a mail yesterday which states that they have requested for further evidence.
    Dont know what is the RFE about. i shall update as i get to know about it. Could that be biometrics?? or what is the normal rfe for 485? what could they ask now? but the interesting thing is everytime there is a LUD from my exp from 140 ead ap... i used to get a mail from uscis-csso but this time i got one from uscis-csso and another mail stating the same details from CRIS. dont know why i got two mails.. from two different sources but both the mails stating the same.

    Experts please comment.
  10. jayjo7

    jayjo7 Registered Users (C)

    Are you in software or a Nurse?
  11. nateri

    nateri New Member

    Can I make it before July 1st?

    My Details:

    PD: 12/2001 (SUBSTITUTE)
    I-140 AD: 05/18/2005
    BIOMETRIC APPT: 07/12/2005
    I-485: Waiting.....
  12. nateri

    nateri New Member

    I-485-nd 12/29/2004
    I-485-rd 01/07/2005
  13. jackmike

    jackmike Registered Users (C)

    jay jo7 it is software
  14. alreadythere

    alreadythere New Member

    Jan 2005 Filer Status

    Not sure if my case helps. Anyway, this is for your information.

    NSC/Taiwan/ EB3
    I-140: RD 8/23/02 AD 10/18/02
    I-485/AP/EAD: RD 1/6/05, AP/EAD: AD 2/10/05
    I-485: FP 2/1/05, RFE RD 4/4/05, CIS RD 6/2/05, AD 6/8/05 :D
  15. Jaggy

    Jaggy Registered Users (C)

    Getting emails from CRIS is pretty normal, I too got the same email from USCIS and CRIS so no big deal on that one, I know someone had asked about this
  16. setu

    setu Registered Users (C)


    hey guys,
    what is RD and PD?
    how long does it take for 485 to be approved after 140 approval?
    applied nov. 18th 2004
    EAD jan 3rd week 2005
    AP jan 4th week
    140 approval confirmation .....................mid may 2005. haven't asked for my visa screen yet. FP done . do I get any kind of work card or anything for my work status as permanenet resdidence?
    when do expect 485 approval.
    thanks people.
  17. chicagopains

    chicagopains Registered Users (C)

    Hi team

    My 140 approved now i am in 485 table.Here is my time line.
    Labor PD--7/13/01--India.
    140/485/131/765 Applied 12/21/04---RD
    140/485/131/765 Applied 12/27/04---ND
    140 RFE ON JUNE 1
    140 RFE Reply June 27
    140 Approved July 1st.
    485---Waiting Waiting Waiting................
  18. vasulatha

    vasulatha Registered Users (C)

    Got my I-140 Approved

    I receieved the I-140 approval mail on friday. Waiting on the I-485. Is there anyone who has filed concurrently 140 & 485 in Dec'2004 and got approval for 485??
  19. jayjo7

    jayjo7 Registered Users (C)

    It look like no activity in this thread, since we all stuck here i guess every one in this forum where at a point getting ready to extend the EAD and AP.
  20. jackmike

    jackmike Registered Users (C)

    Yes almost time for me to get a third EAD and AP already.

    But i see activity in my case after a long long time... Yesterday i have received biometrics for my wife. mostly i will get mine in a day or two. But i know , going by the way the dates are moving by the time it comes to my application it might be another 2 years.

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