December 2004 Filers Status

Discussion in '485 issues in Nebraska Service Center' started by jayjo7, May 18, 2005.

  1. jayjo7

    jayjo7 Registered Users (C)

    Let us start a thread to track the December 2004 filers activity and status. Please post you information here
  2. longwaythere

    longwaythere Registered Users (C)

    HI Jayjo

    THanks for starting this one. Make this a sticky on like the one we had in the 140 forum. The previous thread was informative and most of all a confindence booster.I kind of sensed that my turn was nearing form the posts and it was true. Like wise yours. It is surprising that I was one of the last dec filier and got apporved a few day ahead (5/15) of some of the guys who filed early december.

    Anyway my question is once 140 is approved is 485 a sure shot and only a matter of time? What basis are 485 usually denied. My spouse wants to shift jobs based on my approved 140 AND ead. What do you guys think.
  3. jackmike

    jackmike Registered Users (C)

    hi guys

    count me in . But dont you think its too early to start this thread.

    My details

    EB3 retrogressed country
    PD mar 2002
    140/485 RD 12/17/04
    140 AD 5/13/05
    Not a substitute labor.
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  4. jayjo7

    jayjo7 Registered Users (C)

    That is what we thought when we staterd the I-140 thread for December filers and had a sucsseful information exchanges in that thread and here we are in May. So it ok atleast we can vent our self. I also know few people got their I-485 approved with in couple of months from the approval of their I-140
  5. jackmike

    jackmike Registered Users (C)

    any one here ... hvae you seen any approvals for 2004 at all?? ofcourse i am asking for 485
  6. royalcruise

    royalcruise Registered Users (C)

    Count me in .

    PD 03/2002 (Substitute )
    RD:12/20/2004 ND:12/23/2004
    EAD/AP :03/07/2005
    140 AD:05/17/05
    485 AD ?? :confused:
  7. longwaythere

    longwaythere Registered Users (C)

    You should get it any moment

    Looks like all three of youhave PD within june 02. That way you are lucky and can expect your 485 anytime baby. I am first still waiting for the dates to approach my pd JUNE 23/03.
  8. kishorch

    kishorch Registered Users (C)

    Count me in
  9. to_be_lucky

    to_be_lucky Registered Users (C)

    Count me in too.....

    Priority Date: 06/01/2002
    140 RD -9/9/2004 AD - 05/02/2005
    485/AP/EAD RD - 12/20/2004
    I-485 AD : ?? waiting

    Let us keep track of any activity so that we can also estimate the trend/pattern of approvals
  10. kishorch

    kishorch Registered Users (C)

    I485 Processing dates

    I know NSC has their own rules for processing applications :). But does anybody know what is the date that is used for sorting the applications? Is it PD or I485 RD? Logically since the retrogression dates are based on PD, I would assume that it should be PD. Right?
  11. jayjo7

    jayjo7 Registered Users (C)

    I am expecting that NSC to work on PD not the ND of I-485 atleast for EB3 cases
  12. pearl11142002

    pearl11142002 Registered Users (C)


    It is encouraging to hear that few people got I-485 approval in few months of I-140 approval.

    Can you confrim that they were Dec 2004 applicants.

    Can some one make a spread sheet to track the I-485..

  13. jackmike

    jackmike Registered Users (C)

    Got Biometrics Second FP for My Wife in 6 months


    I dont know if its a good news or bad news but we have received a second FP for my wife yesterday asking to attend for Biometrics on the 15 of next month. This was for the 485 application.

    Nothing for me :( . will update as i know anything more.

    No LUD change so far for both me and my wife.

    I am the primary applicant and applied my wife as dependant.

    This is interesting to see what happens next
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  14. kishorch

    kishorch Registered Users (C)


    I also received a notice for my second FP (Biometrics). It is scheduled on 10th June. I am the primary applicant. My wife however did not receive any notice yet.
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  15. jackmike

    jackmike Registered Users (C)


    looks like except for the pd we seem to be having same dates. keep me posted if you get any updates.
  16. kishorch

    kishorch Registered Users (C)


    Sure. I will keep you posted. I also noticed that our dates are exactly the same except PD :) Are you also from Seattle?
  17. jackmike

    jackmike Registered Users (C)

    kishorch no this one does not match i am not from seattle :)
  18. jackmike

    jackmike Registered Users (C)

    kishorch ,

    Did your wife receive biometrics?? I have not received it till now (I am primary in my case.)
  19. veryblue

    veryblue Registered Users (C)

    Details in the signature.
  20. veryblue

    veryblue Registered Users (C)

    Hello All..

    Both me and my wife received the Biometric Notice today.

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