Correct name order after got SSN

Hello. My mother has been entered to US for 3 weeks with an immigration visa (IR5). When I filled out her DS-260, I put the given name was her middle and first name. Now, she got her SSN with name order: middlename-firstname-lastname. It could be late to request for update DS-260, but she's afraid this issue bite back in a day. Is there a way that she could change the order, so the given name is firstname-middlename and for the waiting green card? Thanks.
You should get in touch with SS office and they will change it for her provided. I had the similar case. My first name was misspelled on SS card and they corrected it after I filed the request.


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Actually SSA office will not make the change if the change isn’t made first with USCIS. The card is issued based on the immigration information pulled from USCIS.

I had a similar scenario, which is different from the misspelled name scenario @George67 described. I had to pay for a replacement GC first with the correct name order, since the error was from my side, before the SSA office agreed to issue a replacement SSN with the correct name order.