Concurrent filing I140 and I485 applications


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I have a question regarding concurrent filing my I140 and I485 applications.

I had requested my attorney to file both I140 and I485 concurrently. The following sentence is part of the email she sent to me:
“In our latest experience, those who filed I-140 and I-485 separately were called for Interview faster, than those that was filed concurrently filing.”

I’ve been searching on the Internet to check on the credibility of her statement and did not find anybody sharing similar experience.

I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and experience on this.



to be honest with USCIS right now its a hit & miss it could go both ways some people who file concurrent things go smooth and some who file non concurrent goes smooth or it doesn't so pretty much to me that's how i look @ it cause even if you file concurrent nothing happens with the 485 until the I140 is approved so if whatever EB category your filing under is current i would just file the I-140 premium process so you hurry up and get your answer with that application then go from there heres a website where you can find out more info about these things if you already don't know about it


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Regardless of what is being said. There is mandatory USCIS interview for all employment based green cards whether filed I-140 concurrently with I-485 OR if I-485 filed separately.


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i have heard that they will not schedule the i-485 interview until the i-140 is approved. so it is best to file the i-140 premium processing. if your employer will not pay for it, you can pay for it yourself (~$1250). if your i-140 is already filed in regular processing you can request to have it upgraded to premium processing at any time.(and pay the extra fee).