1. D


    Hi, I am on H1B currently and I would love to hear about experiences and advice on the best course of action for Laid-off with i1485 pending less than 180 days and i140 approved. What are my options? How safe or unsafe am I?
  2. M

    How to begin applying for green card 1 year after asylum approval?

    I understand that an I-485 is needed. Just wondering if the entire process of submitting I-485 for an asylum-based green card is any different from employment-based. If, for example, my asylum was approved on 8/1/2020, then when is the earliest date I can mail out my I-485? Any tutorial on that...
  3. Aj Patel

    Lost Job after filing 485 Before 180 days

    Hello Rajeev Sir, I am on H1B . My I-140 PD date is Sept 2010.I joined the company X . I have been with this company X for last 9+ years. I filed my I485 in Oct 2020 on EB2 and receipt date is October 30 2020 with company X. I got terminated from company X on Feb 2021 second week. I see my...
  4. B

    Am I qualified for the n600?

    Hello, I am an asylee and currently have an i485 pending. I’m required to do a nunc pro tunc interview since my dad became citizen prior to sending in the i485. When he became a citizen I was 13 I didn’t have my green card but would I still be able to get my citizenship through my dad using...
  5. B

    Derivative Asylee i485 nunc pro tunc

    I am waiting for a nunc pro tunc interview and I’m a bit worried. I got my asylum through my dad who seeked asylum from a country different than the one I was born in/came from. He became a citizen in 2009 and didn’t submit for my i485 until 2014. I was still under 18 at the time but due to him...
  6. S

    Can I still add a joint sponsor after I received a message that my interview is being scheduled?

    Hi, I received a message that all documents are reviewed and accepted and we will get a notification when my interview is scheduled. However, we were intending to still add a joint sponsor, just to be safe. Is it okay to still add a joint sponsor to my online account after receiving the message...
  7. A

    I-130 and I-485 application while being on STEM OPT

    Hello everyone, need a help with the issue. I’m on STEM OPT and recently got laid off from my employer. I have only 70 unemployment days left. My wife is LPR. We applied for I-130(priority date-02/09/20) and I-485 for me since F2A category is current. Both cases are in with pending status. Q...
  8. R

    i-485 pending for more than 4 years

    I filed my adjustment of status application based on asylum on 2016 of june and as u can see its still pending....can anyone suggest me on what to do?? I dont have any criminal history I was never arrested My attorney filed the i485 the only update i have since 2016 is we are processing your...
  9. O

    Not able to type name and A-number in 'Additional Information' section

    I am currently filing my I-130 and I-130A petition. While filing I-130A I need to add additional information in part 7. According to USCIS instruction, you are supposed to provide your name and A number in Part#7 'Additional Information' section. However, the editor does not allow me to type...
  10. N

    Which date to consider for I 485 - Receipt Date or Notice Date ?

    Hello Everyone, My employer has filed H1b Amendment + Extention in July 2018 and I have received RFE for the same .My current I-94 expired on Feb 28,2019 and I am on 240 day rule .I filed family based I - 485 on Feb 16,2019 and USCIS has send the receipt with receipt date as Feb 19,2019 and...
  11. H

    Your experience and timeline with I -485 asylum based green card application

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could share their timeline on i485 processing from date of receipt to card production. ( asylum based only). I applied on oct 20th... waiting on my fingerprint notice now. Basically, I am trying to see how long does the whole process takes. Thank you very...
  12. M

    Updating new documents to USCIS while waiting for I140 and I485

    Hi, Hope you all are doing well! My husband has applied I140 and I485 concurrently for me about a month ago. I am on f1 status and I did not receive my EAD card yet. My question is regarding my I20. The I20 that I have submitted to USCIS shows the expiration date of AUG/31/2018 while I have...
  13. P

    I485 Interview - Verbal approval but forgot to give my sealed medical records

    Hi Everyone, I just had my employment based i485 green card interview and it went well, agent told my wife and I that it will be approved and to expect the card in the mail in the next month. When we got home later that night, I went through the paper work I had prepared (in case they ask for...
  14. M

    Concurrent filing I140 and I485 applications

    Hi, I have a question regarding concurrent filing my I140 and I485 applications. I had requested my attorney to file both I140 and I485 concurrently. The following sentence is part of the email she sent to me: “In our latest experience, those who filed I-140 and I-485 separately were called...
  15. P

    Acquisition while AOS(I-485) is pending

    Hello, I have an AOS I-485 pending, just received biometric appointment letter and the company is being acquired. Due to certain complexities in the deal, the acquisition is not being done as "successor of interest" and is more of an asset purchase to reduce business liabilities for the...
  16. S

    Can I file my i485 and my wife's if she has TPS (nepal) and was illegal ?

    It has been 7 months since my Asylum got approved. My wife lost her status in 2008 recession and living in the US illegally with TPS from Nepal. Is it okay to file her i485 along with mine after 5 months ? Some say that I need to file i730 (Asylee Relative Petition) before filing for her i485...
  17. S

    Any issue with i-485 filing?

    A few years ago during F1, I extended my CPT without approval. It was for about 3-4months. Since then, I have been on H1B and re-entered the country multiple times. My I-140 is approved. Questions: 1. Will there be a problem when filing I-485? 2. Will I be protected by 245k? 3. The...
  18. R

    DV winner and already in US

    My friend is on student visa in US and she is also a DV lottery winner this year. She is going to file i-485 for adjustment of status. Does anyone know if she can also file i-131 and i-765? (Anyone with the same case before?) Thanks Tina
  19. B

    I-485 and misdeamenour!! Help.

    Hi. i applied. for my AOS. about a year ago. am finally gonna have my interview this month. i have a lawyer. but she doesnt live in the same state as me...i got my work permit. this past april, Now am alitte bit worried about my interview. since i have a misdeamenor case. for Prostititution back...
  20. R

    I485 to counselor processing

    My wife's I485 was applied following my I140 approval and priority date. But she had to go to India before her I485 could be approved (or AP approved) and before biometrics. In the meanwhile, my GC got approved. So she needs to do counselor processing outside before she can enter. Can she...