Changing jobs with i140 approved for more than 1 year


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I have an approved i140 for more than 1 year now. My H1B just got renewed for another 3 years until 2025. My wife's H4 got renewed and she has an H4-ead. I am currently in job A.

If I move to a different job B, I understand my PERM process will start all over again. I understand it will most likely require an H1B transfer too. Will this affect me or my situation since I already have i140 approved for more than 1 year? I think the company can not revoke the i140 now.

So if I let that PERM process and H1B transfer continue for job B and before they even complete, move to a new job C, can there be issues? Or can I easily move to job C?

I am concerned about if the i140 from job A would still be valid and can be used to extend my H1B in the future after 2025.

Any thoughts or experiences?