Change of address while EAD renewal is pending

Will changing my address in the USCIS system impact (extend further) the duration of my EAD application processing? Who has any experience on this?

The USCIS contact center agent told me to proceed with requesting for change in address only when I have actually moved. The automated advisory when calling the USCIS hotline however says I need to inform them within 30 days of my move.

I applied for EAD (a18 category) renewal on July 24, 2018. It is due to expire on Sept 30, 2018. I was not able to reapply sooner as I had to wait until my husband's L1 visa was extended, as it was the underlying evidence of my lawful nonimmigrant status that supports my L2/EAD. My application is currently in "received" status at the Vermont processing center, which has a processing time of 2.5 - 5 months.

I had read posts in forum of EAD cards being sent back to USCIS, and no hope of getting a replacement, or taking forever to get one. The actual move-in date to my new address (same city, same state) is a week from now. Should I go ahead and change my address? The risk of getting delayed processing (putting my application at the back of the queue) seems more bearable than having my card sent back to USCIS.

I have a job offer with start date of Oct 1, 2018. The employer might consider moving my start date. But I do not want them to wait too long.

What are your thoughts?