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Birth Certificate Unavailable / Affidavit for I-485

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions – I-485 FAQ' started by gcwait2002, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. netesh

    netesh Registered Users (C)

    I am in same boat except reversed scenario, my mother was born in 1940 in NWFP, and she has Indian passport and everything. We provided 2 affidavits from older relatives but still got an RFE. I've just called Indian consulate to see if they'll issue a Non-Availability of records certificate.

    Luckily, I've relatives in India who are trying to find the alternate route but it's not looking promising anyhow. In India(Delhi) they'll register birth**** Correction*** They give you a letter saying that we cannot register birth as it's not in their jurisdiction***** and issue certificate for people who were born before 47 in undivided India with 3 supporting docs:
    Certificate from school
    Proof of Residence
    There must be some place in Pakistan where you can register her birth.
    On the other hand if you know where I can contact somebody in Abbottabad for the birth records prior to 1947 please let me know.

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  2. Basuz1

    Basuz1 Registered Users (C)


    I had lost my original birth certificate but got a copy of it from the Municipal corporation, this year. Would that be fine?
  3. rebecca79

    rebecca79 Registered Users (C)

    I submitted a copy of my birth certificate for 485. I guess that would work, I just hope they do not ask for original.
  4. subrata_baguli

    subrata_baguli Registered Users (C)

    Non availability of Birth Certificate

    I received a RFE as stated below.

    "If a civil record does not exist, you must submit a written statement, on official letterhead, from the relevant government or other competent civil authority in India, establishing that the Birth Record of Malabika Baguli does not exist and/or is not available in that country. The statement must indicate the reason the record does not exist and whether similar records for the time and place are available. Only then secondary evidence be accepted."

    Please post the draft or send it to me immediately.


  5. sonaliagrawal

    sonaliagrawal New Member

    address of mother/father missing from birth certificate

    Hi All,
    I got my birth certificate made and they have not mentioned address of mother/father in it. I looked up online and all the sample birth certificates have it. Can someone please tell me if it is important to have it in the birth certificate?

    I really appreciate your timely response.

  6. catch_gc

    catch_gc Registered Users (C)

    I-485 Status is --> Card production ordered

    My I-485 Status shows Card production ordered. What does it mean?
    Is it something deam comes true?
  7. namn400

    namn400 Registered Users (C)

    You will need an affidavit from yr parents and another from the SDM of the area where you were born if your birth was not recorded, that they have looked for it and they were unable to find it..
    It is possible to get a birth cert from any municipality if your birth was recorded. If you were born in a hospital, send someone there and find out which jurisdiction it comes under. After that send them your passport and 10th school certificate with a letter requesting the BC. I got mine that way just a few months back.
  8. geethaes

    geethaes New Member

    I have a situation here. My birth place is Kerala.
    But I dont have a birth certificate.
    I got I-485 RFE on birth certificate.
    I submitted affidavit from my mother and got RFE to provide evidence for non availability and additional evidence,if any.
    I got a NAC from kerala. But that document says that , " The birth is not registered. But if we provide other documents they will issue birth certificate", which we won't be able to produce.
    Has anyone obtained any similar document and used it for I-485 RFE.
    Please provide any of your experiences in this matter, which will help us a lottttt.

  9. whitemimauz3

    whitemimauz3 Registered Users (C)

    Submit two different affidavit from your relatives attesting to your birth and they have knowledge about this, one relative from your father's side and other relative from your mother's side
  10. beaver16

    beaver16 New Member

    Below is my situation

    1)Am a U.S. citizen
    2) Sponsoring parents who were born & raised in India but later migrated to
    3)My mother has received a letter from USCIS stating that they require evidence of her birth. This was AFTER we had provided affadavits on behalf of
    my mother's elder sister.
    4)Have contacted YourmaninIndia.com who are struggling with this request of NABC.

    any suggestions on next step(s)?? Indian consulate might help, maybe??
  11. beaver16

    beaver16 New Member

    My situation is similar to yours.

    1)Sponsoring parents who were born in 1930's in India (U.P) and later on migrated to Pakistan.
    2)Parents do not have birth cert.
    3)We have provided USCIS with affadavits (from Pak) on behalf of my mother's elder sister and my father's elder brother. Which did not suffice.
    4)Contacted YourmaninIndia.com for assistence who are also struggling with the local municipality office. Request for NABC was put forth to YourmaninIndia.com

    any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated.


  12. ssahai

    ssahai Registered Users (C)


    I got RFE for I-485, asking birth certificate in local language. I have one, but my birth certificate is dated 2000. So my question is
    Do I need to submit affidavits from my parents too?
    Sandeep Sahai
  13. alakananda

    alakananda Registered Users (C)

    Birth Certificates in Chennai when birth was not registered

    Would any of you be able to advice as to where would my parents be able to obtain a birth certificate in Chennai. They were born in a remote village in Tamil Nadu about 70 years back and their birth was never registered. An affidavit was sent to NVC mentioning that the birth was never recorded but then the NVC has still sent us a RFE mentioning that Non Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC) needs to be submitted.
    Any idea as to how we would be able to obtain a NABC from Chennai.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  14. ssahai

    ssahai Registered Users (C)

    birth certificate

    you can click on yourmaninindia.com website. this website can get you a birth certificate.
  15. rajkiran1975

    rajkiran1975 Registered Users (C)

    Incorrect date of birth registered in the municipality.

    I do not have birth certificate,tried to approach local municipality they verified the records, itseems the hospital gave incorrect date (date difference by 1 day). Municipality is refusing to provide birth certificate with my correct date of birth. Tried to approach the hospital authorities,even that did not help. What should I do?
  16. Sohailhumayun

    Sohailhumayun Registered Users (C)

    Hi Ethin,
    I have same situation now, i have applied US Immigration for my parents, and my father was born in India, NVC is asking for birth certificate for my father, he was born in 1947. He even dont remember where were he born in india.
    Please let me know what should i do, i am karachi, Pakistan.

    Sohail Humayun
  17. Sohailhumayun

    Sohailhumayun Registered Users (C)

    Birth certificate from INDIA

  18. FunDesiDude

    FunDesiDude Registered Users (C)

    Any response?

    My mother too has received an RFE for BC. She was born in Multan Pakistan in 1931. Then immigrated to India in 1946. We don't have any way to get a NRBC... What and how should we respond to the RFE. The BC provided by Indian Consulate was not accepted by Immg. officer. Somebody please respond how we should answer this RFE. What other documents can be provided? There is nobody to make any Affidavits. We are very concerned how to proceed next???
  19. Pak_Lawyer

    Pak_Lawyer New Member

    If someone wants to get Birth Certificate from Pakistan he can contact with me.

    Ch. Ejaz Ashraf Lawyer
    +92 0321 4581017
  20. abhishekaa

    abhishekaa New Member

    If no Birth Certificate is available for I-495

    After google'ing all over and getting more confused, I finally approached my law firm for correct answer. In my case, the birth certificate was never registered. So I was suggested following -

    Each applicant for permanent resident status must possess a birth record issued by the appropriate civil or municipal authority (i.e., not a hospital certificate) containing all of the following information:

    1. Name of child
    2. Date of birth
    3. Place of birth
    4. Name of father
    5. Name of mother

    Note that the ‘cards’ typically issued in Canada as evidence of birth are not acceptable for U.S. immigration purposes.

    If no record exists, a written statement that the record does not exist must be obtained from the civil/municipal authority where the birth should have been recorded. If the record is incomplete, additional documentation must be provided, such as (in order of preference):

    1. Affidavits from two (2) individuals who can attest to the circumstances surrounding the birth; please see attached sample;
    2. Baptismal or other religious records;
    3. School records.

    Persons born in some Asian countries (i.e., Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, etc.) may provide a certified copy of the original household register, or an extract containing the information pertaining to the applicant and his/her immediately family members (i.e., spouse and children).

    In the case of adoption, please provide adoption certificates and, where possible, original birth certificate of the adopted person.

    I know there are many people with a different date on BC and PP, above option may be useful to them as well.

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