Birth Certificate Unavailable / Affidavit for I-485


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Does mother's maiden name need to be on Birth Certificate?


I am in the process of submitting my docs for I-485. I looked at my birth certificate and it has my father's full name and my mother's full name but it does not specify her maiden name. Is that a requirement for the "long form" of BC? And in this case then should I need to submit a notarized affidavit from my parents in addition to the copy of my BC?
Same situation like you.

I do not have birth certificate,tried to approach local municipality they verified the records, itseems the hospital gave incorrect date (date difference by 1 day). Municipality is refusing to provide birth certificate with my correct date of birth. Tried to approach the hospital authorities,even that did not help. What should I do?
Hi Raj,
My wife is in the same situation like you. Is your issue fixed? How did you resolved? Please reply.



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Hi Raj,
My wife is in the same situation like you. Is your issue fixed? How did you resolved? Please reply.


INR would be your friend in this or find out a local office facilitator. Basically if its off by a day or two or year, ask them to write it on official letterhead, that a search for record of birth for XXXX stated to be born on DDMMYYYY was initiated on the request of YYY who is related to XXXX as ....... No such record for that person was found.
Dated and stamped.

This doesn't put the official in a spot and serves your purpose. This is the exact wording I used for my DOB, but it was about 9 years ago.

Mind you this is not going to be possible without a decent serving of INR.

Once you are successful getting that, don't forget to get 2 sworn affidavits by somebody older than your spouse,preferably an aunt or uncle, grandparents, etc., who has known her since her birth and can vouch for the date of birth.

In some places religious institutions also keep records but they are usually rural areas.

Good Luck!!!!


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birth date issue

I see a lot of posts regarding incorrect birth date on the birth certificate.
I guess there are a lot of people in this situation. It is understandable and human to make such errors reg one birth date on the birth certificate and another one on the other certificates.
What is the position of CIS?
If the birth certificate has a different date of birth from passport, will they issue green card with the date on passport of the date on the date of birth?
Is there any penalty for not having the right dates on visas such as b1 or h1, etc.


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I am (US Citizen) applying for my father's GC. I am not having his Birth certificate. He was born in 1945, and there was no medical record or birth registration done.
What do i need to produce in place of Birth Certificate for applying my father's I-485?
Hi folks - Firsty, thanks for all the nuggets of useful information shared across the forum.
Next, I have a question about my mother's immigration RFE due to her missing birth certificate. We submitted only 1 affidavit from her elder sister who is also the only kin alive older than her. Since receiving the RFE, we have tried getting a copy of the BC or a letter of non-availability from the Bahraini govt. (her place of birth) without any success (She is not an Arab). The only additional inforamtion we have is an affidavit from a family friend who is a resident of Bahrain for life and a matriculation mark sheet that mentions the name of the Bahraini school and her father. We tried contacting the school but they are unwilling to furnish any letter claiming they lost all the records from so long ago. Do you think the two additional pieces of information and a letter explaining the situation will sufice for immigration. If not, what other possibilities should we pursue?
Will appreciate any help that the experts can provide.
I want to apply for my Mom's Green Card. She is here with me in California. I don't have birth certificate. I had home birth in New Delhi. Recently I was there and went to appropriate MCD but they asked me to bring a proof of address where I was born. I don't have any proof of address as my parents did not have ration card etc. or they did not keep anything. My father also passed away long time ago. My mother does not have proof. MCD does not even issue Non-Availability of Birth Certificate if one cannot provide proof of address. Please tell me anyway to get either of the two (birth Certificate or Non-Availability of Birth Certificate) without proof of address where I was born. I have school certificate, old Indian passport, Mom's and Uncles' affidavits stating I was born to my parents on such and such date and place.
You need an affidavit stating the unavailability of your birth certificate. And it might require a bit of legal advice from an attorney. So try to find all the information regarding your birth if you can. Because it might save you from the hustle of getting a birth certificate.