Applying for a US passport - STICKY


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I intend to apply for a same-day passport in New York. Any idea if they can issue the larger passport booklet, plus the passport card?


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I don't think they will be able to issue the same-day passport card - it involves a more complicated technology (polycarbonate materials).


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Will the accept the application at the same time, though, and charge me only one acceptance fee or whatever and give me the two for one deal?


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Documentation Question

Ok so I have a question about the documents needed for applying. Is it just the naturalization certificate that is needed when applying for the passport. That's what I thought I read, but my mom's friends keeps insisting that I have to add my birth certificate. Can someone clarify please. I just became a citizen last week and I plan on traveling in Jan. I just want to make sure I get my passport back in time.

Thanks :)


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Do they need to keep my Certificate of Naturalization when I submit my passport application? I am a bit weary of letting it out of my possession while my passport application is being processed. I do not understand why I need to do this. Am I misreading?

Is there any advantage to do expedited processing for passport? Will they still need to keep the Certificate of Naturalization?
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I became a US citizen and now I want to apply for US passport. Do you know how long it will take from the moment I submit my application?