Acquisition while AOS(I-485) is pending


I have an AOS I-485 pending, just received biometric appointment letter and the company is being acquired. Due to certain complexities in the deal, the acquisition is not being done as "successor of interest" and is more of an asset purchase to reduce business liabilities for the acquirer.

From my research online if the acquirer was "successor of interest" then AOS can easily be carried over but since the nature of the deal is asset purchase can the AOS be carried over in any other way?

If not, then from what I know so far everything needs to be redone starting from PERM. Is there any way that at least PERM gets carried over so that it does not need to be redone? This will save me lot of months which is needed for PERM processing and approval.

Is it legally possible to prove "successor of interest" from immigration standpoint even though the nature of the deal is asset purchase?

The acquirer lawyers all willing to answer these questions only after I sign the offer letter although I want to know my options a little as I am considering different offers too.