1. L

    PERM + NIW

    Hello all, I’ve been working for 4 years in the same workplace in the US with an O1visa, and last year my employer decided to sponsor my Green Card.We are working with a lawyer who suggested we applied for both PERM and NIW. After many months I finally received the EAD card from the NIW, and I...
  2. sartaj10

    EB-2 : Where to get experience letters from if I have no prior employer?

    Hi, My current employer is filing my PERM application and wants me to get experience letters. Since this is my first job out of school and I have no prior employers, is it acceptable to get these from my current supervisors? Acc to my lawyers, the Department of Labor typically don't accept...
  3. M

    Does the approved PERM and i-140 have a positive effect on H1b application?

    i have an approved PERM and I-140 also GC application in progress, my H1B has been picked up in the lottery for 2019 cap and i received an RFE, my question is Does the approved PERM and i-140 have a positive effect on H1b application? TIA
  4. P

    Job Title change between Prevailing wage and Perm filing

    I have joined the company as Sr.Software engineer and when i initiated the perm i was Sr.Software engineer. Due to layoff (others) int he company my Perm filing delayed for more than an year. Now my company started the process and they are about to file the perm this week. I am already close to...
  5. M

    H1B picked in lottery 2018, still no news CSC

    hi i need your valuable opinions i am currently on TN, I94 expires on Dec 26th 2018 H1B lottery picked this year ,USCIS page still shows Case Received,California CS PERM approved last month,due to Sept 2018 visa bulletin we can't apply concurrent I-485 (Mexican) EB3 worse case scenario >>> if i...
  6. P

    Acquisition while AOS(I-485) is pending

    Hello, I have an AOS I-485 pending, just received biometric appointment letter and the company is being acquired. Due to certain complexities in the deal, the acquisition is not being done as "successor of interest" and is more of an asset purchase to reduce business liabilities for the...
  7. B

    Complex E2-H1B mix - SO MANY FORMS!

    Hello, I have a question about my employee for whom I am filing for a GC/EB2. He's on a H1B, expiring in Aug '18. He still has three years of his H1B, therefore I have requested a Prevailing Wage so as to extend his H1B while his EB2 is being processed. The PERM should arrive at the beginning...
  8. B

    PERM Application - H Section - HELP!

    Hello, I just want to double check what I am being told to enter by our attorney for the H section of a PERM I am filing for one of our employees. First of all, we are a High School, so our minimum requirement is going to be a Master's degree, with no experience or options of experience and...
  9. J

    PERM Advice

    My boss filed the 9089 PERM application on 23/1/17 and the status was "submitted" until 3/4/17 when it changed to "in process". How long am I looking at until I get either accepted/denied/audited? He has given me my alien reference but says he doesn't have a receipt number as he never got an...
  10. P

    PERM date of completion of relevant studies

    On the PERM they ask "year relevant education was completed". By that date do they mean the date someone completed their degree and became eligible for it? or the date the diploma itself was awarded? (At times the award ceremony is 6-12 months after the degree is completed and can be a different...
  11. S

    Can I skip some of my work history in the PERM application

    My PERM (as a Senior software Engineer) have been denied twice during past 5 years and my employer (Now merged with another company and carries a new name now) is starting the third PERM (while second one is being appealed) , lawyers are putting together new job description and also warned me...
  12. Samedi21

    I nee

    Hello! I need help with my problem,I am a French citizen and 15 yrs ago I overstayed my au pair visa for 10yrs,I loved NYC so much that I wanted to stay. I had a valid SS number , I was paying taxes and I had a valid driving licence from MD and I have a bank account,I was earning a good living...
  13. R

    Approved I-140 with old employer now revoked. Can I rejoin the old employer and reuse PERM/I-140?

    Hello Immigration experts, I will sincerely appreciate if my question is answered. I have been between jobs, and I am wondering if I could join a previous employer and reuse the approved PERM/I-140 they had filed on my behalf previously, so I don't have to go through the process of filing a...