2018 Asylum Filers

New York
Applied on : 2017 December
Reciept: in 8 days and 2018 January finger prints. And still waiting for an interview time.
Do you have any idea about 2017 asylum cases waiting time for NY.
Thank you!!
Congrats Linda002, Joshua760, sadavis, ZSF123456, john2019 !!!!
Happy for you :)

Please share the Timeline.

Do you think LIFO is working now?
I think LIFO is working
Timeline is as follows

Filed, and receipt notice: end of November, 2018
Biometrics: Beginning of January, 2019
Interview: January 10, 2019
Decision received (in mail): February 24, 2019
where you in another legal status at the time of approval, heard people with another legal status will take time in getting there decisions.
just for information?
I am in legal status and I applied February 2018
Interview March 2018
Approved March 2019

I am still in legal student status at the time of approval