1. T

    Pending Asylum and DV Lottery 2021

    Hi, I’ve been reading so many posts people inquiring whether it is possible to get a green card through DV lottery while having a pending Asylum case. But I have not found a single successful story of one whether successfully processing AOS on pending asylum which seems not possible or...
  2. 7

    Asylee N-400 Interview Experiences 2020 Tracker

    I created N400 2019-2020 Asylee Tracker to help future asylees who will go through the n400 process. One of the moderators, in their wisdom, decided to move that thread to 'DV Lottery Visas'...I don't know why as DV Lottery has nothing to do with asylum. So, I will updating my n400 adventures...
  3. chris2525

    Asylum Lawyer in Iowa/ Nebraska

    Hi, This forum has helped me to prepare me on how to digest the decision from the Asylum office. I just received a NTA from my case and I am looking for suggestions for lawyers in the midwest region (Iowa & Nebraska). Appreciate it....
  4. Nalvarez1995

    Asylum Granted

    Good morning. I work in a immigration law office we have never had an affirmative asylum case granted, they are always referred to court and after a good defense they have been approved. I would like to know if people who have had approved affirmative asylums can send me samples or examples...
  5. Kamado Tanjiro

    When should I inquire with my congressman?

    Hi guys, so, my case has been pending for a decision since October 2018 (one year and two months ago). I know there's a lot of people that are still waiting after 2 or 5 years or even more, and also people that haven't even had an interview yet. So, my question is when or after how long is...
  6. Kamado Tanjiro

    Waiting for decision Arlington, VA

    Hi guys, I been reading this forum since a long time ago, and I just decided to start posting. My interview was on October 2018 on a field office of the Arlington Jurisdiction. It's been more than a year now since my asylum interview. I went 2 months ago to ask about my case, using the case...
  7. D

    First Immigration Judge Hearing

    Hello, My first immigration judge hearing is tomorrow after my interview so I'm assuming its the MCH as seen on other threads. Would it be okay if I go without an attorney because I did not find one on time as I only had a month's worth or less of notice of this hearing. Usually what will the...
  8. M

    Filed affirmative asylum without return receipt postcard

    Hello I don’t know if any one filed for asylum without a return receipt request post card . I filed last month via certified mail and it was delivered and signed for at the Texas service center .I have proof of mailing and delivery .However ,I haven’t received any receipt of acknowledgment from...
  9. Islandgirl0846

    Asylum case got referred to court. How long does an average count proceeding takes?

    So, I retuned for my decision today! The officer wrote that I have established reasons to why can get asylum, but I was not able to eatables the connection between why I didn’t apply within the one year! My court date in in less than a month. I can apply for EAD at the end of November but my...
  10. K

    Religious Asylum from Nigeria

    Please i need an Asylum Lawyer that can help me with my court referal. Decision says i met the definition of an Asylee but why didn't i go to another state in my country to settle.
  11. Ishrath

    Case Status Change

    I have failed my case in mid 2017 and didn't get a chance to appear fo the interview. As I was checking my case Status online all this time the status was " Next Step Is an Interview " but recently the status changed to " Application is Pending " so my question is what does this mean should I...
  12. 7

    Data - Asylum Admissions & Denials Lessons

    Seems, the probability of success (being granted asylum) is higher when doing it affirmatively than through the courts. I think most of us make the mistake of not finding a lawyer in the affirmative process...big mistake. Those who get lawyers, submit a mountain of evidence to the Asylum...
  13. B

    Asylum Questions

    Hello! I have couple of questions related to Asylum. Please reply who has the experience or answers. 1- If initially filed alone, when & at what stage spouse can be added to the application 2- If case denied at interview, Can EAD still be renewed? 3- If case denied by IJ and the decision...
  14. A

    immigration(dv lottery /asylum) lawyers

    Im looking for a suggestion on an experienced immigration( dv lottery and asylum) lawyers. there are so many lawyers, that its hard to find out which one is good. any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.
  15. DoubleAA

    The Asylum Clock and Employment Authorization for Asylum Applicants Frequently Asked Questions PDF from Heartland Alliance

    I am attaching a FAQs resource regarding asylum-based EAD I found during my research on EAD processes and asylum clock. I hope it helps.
  16. O

    Asylum status changed!

    Hi all, My asylum status was always stating "Pending Decision", this morning it changed to "Fees Were Waived On April 12, 2019, we received your case and waived the filing fee for your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization,..." I did not submit any EID renewal and never asked...
  17. G

    What does the asylum officers say about the case strength?

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and posting this thread to discuss and ask about the following situation. At the end of the interview, does the asylum officer say or comment regarding the case the strength such as the case is strong or weak or usually he/she just ends the interview without...
  18. K

    Asylum Applicant`s spouse work permit

    Hi. Me and my husband (who is waiting for his asylum interview in the last 3,5 years) got married in august, 2018. He added me to his papers in august (I only had tourist visa at that time), but they lost my papers in the miami office, so i applied again in october (and I only got a stamped...
  19. H

    Your experience and timeline with I -485 asylum based green card application

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could share their timeline on i485 processing from date of receipt to card production. ( asylum based only). I applied on oct 20th... waiting on my fingerprint notice now. Basically, I am trying to see how long does the whole process takes. Thank you very...
  20. N

    Apply for citizenship with Wrong green card issue date!

    I’m planning to apply for citizenship in 2019. But i got confused about the right time to file the application. My asylee application approved and granted on may 7th 2014. But my phisical green card shows october 20th 2014 as date of issue. Did I miss that time duration about 5 months & 13 days...