1. B

    Asylum Questions

    Hello! I have couple of questions related to Asylum. Please reply who has the experience or answers. 1- If initially filed alone, when & at what stage spouse can be added to the application 2- If case denied at interview, Can EAD still be renewed? 3- If case denied by IJ and the decision...
  2. A

    immigration(dv lottery /asylum) lawyers

    Im looking for a suggestion on an experienced immigration( dv lottery and asylum) lawyers. there are so many lawyers, that its hard to find out which one is good. any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.
  3. DoubleAA

    The Asylum Clock and Employment Authorization for Asylum Applicants Frequently Asked Questions PDF from Heartland Alliance

    I am attaching a FAQs resource regarding asylum-based EAD I found during my research on EAD processes and asylum clock. I hope it helps.
  4. O

    Asylum status changed!

    Hi all, My asylum status was always stating "Pending Decision", this morning it changed to "Fees Were Waived On April 12, 2019, we received your case and waived the filing fee for your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization,..." I did not submit any EID renewal and never asked...
  5. G

    What does the asylum officers say about the case strength?

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and posting this thread to discuss and ask about the following situation. At the end of the interview, does the asylum officer say or comment regarding the case the strength such as the case is strong or weak or usually he/she just ends the interview without...
  6. K

    Asylum Applicant`s spouse work permit

    Hi. Me and my husband (who is waiting for his asylum interview in the last 3,5 years) got married in august, 2018. He added me to his papers in august (I only had tourist visa at that time), but they lost my papers in the miami office, so i applied again in october (and I only got a stamped...
  7. H

    Your experience and timeline with I -485 asylum based green card application

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could share their timeline on i485 processing from date of receipt to card production. ( asylum based only). I applied on oct 20th... waiting on my fingerprint notice now. Basically, I am trying to see how long does the whole process takes. Thank you very...
  8. N

    Apply for citizenship with Wrong green card issue date!

    I’m planning to apply for citizenship in 2019. But i got confused about the right time to file the application. My asylee application approved and granted on may 7th 2014. But my phisical green card shows october 20th 2014 as date of issue. Did I miss that time duration about 5 months & 13 days...
  9. F

    Asylum withdrawal and green card through marriage

    I withdraw asylum case before I file for my adjustment of status through marriage . Now I have a conditional greencard , I would like to go visit my mom . ( I haven’t been back home in 10 years ) Is it safe to go back to my country and come back after withdrawal of asylum ? Please help if...
  10. A

    Asylum I-485 Interview

    For those who were asked for I-485 green card interview at a local USCIS office one year after receiving asylum, please share your experiences, thank you!!
  11. A

    Asylum-based I-485 Green Card, Case Trasferred to National Benefits Center

    Hi all, My asylum-based I-485 green card application was transferred National Benefits Center in Missouri. I'm pretty worried as some people say this usually means that USCIS will have me for an interview. However, I thought as the primary asylee, my I-485 application should not need an...
  12. S

    Can I file my i485 and my wife's if she has TPS (nepal) and was illegal ?

    It has been 7 months since my Asylum got approved. My wife lost her status in 2008 recession and living in the US illegally with TPS from Nepal. Is it okay to file her i485 along with mine after 5 months ? Some say that I need to file i730 (Asylee Relative Petition) before filing for her i485...
  13. C

    What type of questions do they ask during the Asylum interview?

    Hi, I filed in 2018 with the new LIFO schedule. Therefore, I might get my interview soon. I would like to start preparing for it. Could you please let me know what type of questions do officers ask during the interview? Thanks
  14. M

    Adding a spouse to my asylum application?

    Hello, I got married to a non US citizen who is physically in the US and would like to add her to my application. My asylum case is currently pending. Can I update my I-589 by just adding my spouse's information and then mailing it to USCIS or is there something else I should do? Thanks
  15. B

    2018 Asylum Filers

    Hello All ! Please share updates/Timeline who've just filed in 2018.
  16. T

    Complicated case

    Hi, my case is kind of complicated, looking for some advice. I am actually working in the US with an H1B that expires 12/21/2018. I am of Honduran nationality. My wife is under H4 status, Jordanian nationality. Me, Jewish. My wife, catholic. My wife’s father is a US citizen since 2006. In 2007...
  17. H

    Asylee's unrestricted SSN

    Hello, everyone! Originally I received my SSN with DHS label:"VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTH ####". After my case got approved, I went to SSA office to change my SSN to UNRESTRICTED based on some lines from the letter: "You and your family may immediately apply for an unrestricted SS...
  18. S

    My I-730 processing is weird

    i received notice 797 then US CIS website said that we sent your teeth to a different office than the notification was changed to US CIS office since your keys to department of state or oversee consulate please allow eight week for the paper to arrive we will let you know about the interview...
  19. P

    Derivative asylee, spouse from different nationality

    Hello everyone! I am Eritrean citizen, married to Ukrainian lady. We married 6 months back. Currently living in UAE on residence visa. At the moment we have a valid tourist US visa (visited the country for a week few months back). I was planning to go US alone in few months and from there...
  20. L

    Tax clearance for traveling with a Asylee Travel document

    Hello Everyone, I'm a green card holder and just got my Asylee travel document. Inside there's some information saying I should get some kind of tax certificate before leaving the country. Has anybody traveling with this document done this?. If so, how is the process on getting that...