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2016 CEAC data published...

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by Britsimon, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. dagi magna

    dagi magna New Member

    OK two country will go current this year

    DV4ROGER Active Member

  3. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    Thanks Roger, coincidentally I was just looking for this a couple of days ago. It must have been published very recently.

    Interesting to see AF and AS as the beneficiaries of the EU/OC miss. I expect they will have fixed that somewhat with the second draw for DV2017. The 1st draw numbers were increased for EU, and reduced for AF and AS. The second draw is where the risk (if there is any) lies. But, we don't have numbers for the 2nd draw....

    DV4ROGER Active Member

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  5. EURO2014

    EURO2014 Well-Known Member

    2013; 2014; 2015

    Diversity 45,618; 53,490; 47,934

    Hmm.... Guess we were lucky to be part of DV-2014 lot, specifically for EU Region....

    DV4ROGER Active Member

    Revised Regional Quotas (unofficial)
    Based on my understanding of the law and appropriate numerical sources. DV-2018 is preliminary, change unlikely.


    DV4ROGER Active Member

    DV-2014 was indeed a fantastic year for Europe – but only for those folks who didn't miss out.
    By the way, I'm thrilled about the face lifting of Homeland's yearbook Web site. Publishing the tables HTML coded means it takes me 1 minute to pull the data into Google Sheets. The messy Excel spreadsheets were a pain.
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    DV4ROGER Active Member

  9. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    Hi Roger,

    Looking at these number it seems there is possibility that SA region will have a larger amount of selected? I understand these are just projections but still just wanted to make sure I understand.
  10. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    Ecuador is eligible in DV2018 - so the quota change with a small regional increase as shown above.
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  11. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the clarification BritSimon and its good to see another country in the SA region is eligible for DV2018. Happy New year 2017 for you
  12. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    You too. Hopefully it will be a fun year for you - sometime in early May! :)
  13. Pierre82

    Pierre82 Well-Known Member

    Thanks to you I understand that the lottery is all based on luck and I hope its on my side this next May :). I'm sure as well it will be a great year, just waiting for May to do a nice vacation trip to the U.S. for a couple of weeks :)
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  14. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez Member

    For the SA region in the CEAC data it says that there where 223 cases issued and 12 refused, does this mean that there were a total of 235 interviews by january?
  15. Sm1smom

    Sm1smom Super Moderator

    No, it doesn't mean that. The 235 issued includes derivatives
  16. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez Member

    Oh ok, thanks
  17. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator


    Numbers of issued from CEAC (not including AOS). I expect these numbers to rise slightly once the official numbers are published because some embassies are lazy about CEAC updates.

    AF - 18981
    AS - 7441
    EU - 19919

    SA and OC will be ready in the morning. But if we add in 2300 from OC and SA, plus 1500 AOS - they hit the 50k. More significantly, EU exceeded the quota while others (including AF selectees) were being told there were no more visas. The quota split seems out of whack.
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  18. DV4ROGER

    DV4ROGER Active Member

    Only EU is a slight surprise. That's the benefit of going current early. AP cases from Uzbekistan had enough time to get cleared. Look at the huge number (500 visas) in September!
  19. SusieQQQ

    SusieQQQ Well-Known Member

    -- while Egypt & Nepal never got current this FY. What were the highest numbers in Nepal? I know of one case in Egypt way above the cut off but have no idea of the holes.
  20. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    Yep, EU is the surprise indeed.

    And I have now got the SA and OC numbers - total of issued 48737 PLUS AOS and plus a few extra cases that will have updated since the scraping started. So - we are over 50,000.

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