immigrant visa

  1. A

    URGENT- Acc/FTJ annotation when primary applicant is NOT IN US

    I just got my immigration visa stamp on my passport under F4 Visa Category. My immigrant visa has the annotation: 'Valid only if acc/FTJ Father' My father is the primary applicant who has already got his Green Card in hand. However, he is currently OUTSIDE the US (In India) on work. When I...
  2. K

    Need answers on my Immigrant Visa situation

    Hi guys I'm asking for help and advice on my situation. I'm one of the Dv 2018 winners. I'm currently here in Micronesia to visit my family before proceeding to my final US address. As a part of the route to get here, I had a transit in Guam. So the immigration officer processed and endorsed my...
  3. Syed Akram

    US Immigrant Visa validity is calculated from the date of visa issue or from the date of medical exam?

    I would like to brief a bit. My interview happened on 3rd Jan 2019 and i got a blue form says temporary refusal from consular section saying to submit more documents. On the bottom of the form it is written “ The validity of visa is limited to the validity of the medical exam which will not...
  4. R

    H1 stamping with Summary offence

    Hi - I am planning to go india for h1 stamping, i have a summary offence in retail theft in 2015 in PA. I plead guilty because in state there is no diversion program for this least offence. Please advice me is there any chance of my visa rejection? What document i require to get from police or...
  5. J

    DS 260 Visa Application Form Filling out, CAPITAL or Not

    Hi, Should I fill up the text fields in DS 260 form in all 'CAPITAL LETTERS' or 'Each Word Capitalized' or 'Sentence case'? Thanks for any help. --- Jamil Ahmed
  6. L

    HELP Immigrant Visa Interview Soon and Affidavit/Sponsor Issue!

    Hey everyone, Me and my US husband have been applying for my spouse sponsored visa since january (I'm from UK), and when we started applying he was in the US Air Force. He was still in when we filled out the Affidavit I-864EZ which states he is currently employed in the US Air Force and shows...