1. M

    Affadavit of Support documentation

    Hello, I recently filed my IR1 application to the NVC along with the affadavit of support from my wife (my sponsor) and my father-in-law (joint sponsor). After some time, the NVC got back to me asking for extra documentation, including my wife's W2 and 1099 for last year. The issue is that...
  2. M

    Questions about sponsoring my wife and my parents at the same time

    Hello, I have just got my citizenship through naturalization. I'm filling out I-130 forms to sponsor my wife and both of my parents for GC. I have a few questions hoping to get answers here. 1) I have a copy of my certificate of naturalization WITHOUT my signature then I signed and sent it in...
  3. Mikaeehl

    Petitioner too old to remember unemployment date..

    Hi everyone, In form I-864, there is a field for unemployment date. My grandma (petitioner) is too old to remember her date of unemployment and told me that it was already years or even a decade ago. I'm not sure what to put on this part. She is also not filing tax as she has no other source of...
  4. whhv

    AOS 864 joint sponsor RFIE for evidence of current income? How?

    My spouse and I currently are currently unemployed, so I asked my relative for a joint sponsor. The joint sponsor owns a small company, has no employees, and works as a housing agent. But the majority of his income comes from the rent he collected from his tenants, so he doesn't have any W-2...
  5. TiredOfEverything

    Question on the I-864

    Hello, I was asked to resubmit my I-864, I guess I forgot something or didn't do it properly, so this time I would like to check with you guys before resubmitting this form. me and my spouse file taxes together as "Married filing jointly". now I am confused on those questions Item 6, Question...
  6. TiredOfEverything

    Request for Evidence (Form I-485)

    Hello, I have received a Request for Evidence saying I must send: - submit a completed and signed form i-864 latest edition - provide the petitioning sponsor's social security number on form i-864 - submit a complete copy of the petitioning sponsors federal income tax return, including all...
  7. meetcute

    I-485 denied due to miss 864 form please help

    I got a letter Notice of decision from uscis, It ask me to submit 290B to remotion it appeal, I choose to remotion. Do I need submit 485 together with 290B or submit only 864 with 290B!
  8. B

    I-864 unemployed advice needed please!

    Hello, My wife and I are expecting our interview for her greencard in August but I recently resigned from my company (last day is July 5th) that I have been at for the past two and a half years. I have already made about $50K this year, and my 2018 and 2017 tax returns were included in our...