Questions about sponsoring my wife and my parents at the same time


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I have just got my citizenship through naturalization. I'm filling out I-130 forms to sponsor my wife and both of my parents for GC. I have a few questions hoping to get answers here.

1) I have a copy of my certificate of naturalization WITHOUT my signature then I signed and sent it in for my US passport application that I won't get back until 3 months from now. Will I have trouble verify my US Citizenship with the certificate without the signature?
2) I have filled out one I-130 form each of my parents online. I found I-864 does not have the online application and I need to mail in. When should I mail in the I-864 for my parents? Do I need 1 I-864 for each of my parents?
3) I have filled out forms I-130, I-864, G1145 my wife filled out I-130A, I-485 for concurrent filing. Is there any other forms we need to include with the application?

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1. I think the certificate is valid proof of citizenship without the signature
2. If they are doing Adjustment of Status, I-864 will be needed with the I-485 (which you should file concurrently with I-130). If they are doing Consular Processing, they will request I-864 during the consular processing stage. Each of your parents will need a separate I-864, since they are petitioned on separate I-130 petitions.
3. Read each form's instructions to see what documents are needed. For example, I-693 for the medical is also needed with I-485. It is optional but recommended to also file I-765 for EAD and I-131 for Advance Parole; they are both free for I-485 applicants so there is no reason not to.