1. F1visaMBGC

    Applying for AOS of my wife

    Was looking on some advice for what is going on in the world of USCIS since calling them or checking their website for updates is a pretty horrible user experience. My wife and I (usc) are in the process of applying for an AOS since we got married in August of 2020. We ended up getting all...
  2. J

    What is my next step or what could I do ?

    So in 2013 I received an notice EOIR 42B cancelled removal and adjustment of status for certain non permanent residence. It says the notice acknowledges the above reciept and fee as part of the requirement before the Judge can grant relief in your case. It then says the application has been...
  3. D

    Marriage I-485 Pending

    I am an Indian national on an H1B visa (valid till mid-2021) and I-485 was filed in October 2020 with EB2 to EB3 downgrade. I am looking to get clarity on the possible situation resulting from marriage. I am a single person and the AOS application currently filed is for self only. However, if I...
  4. J

    Misrepresentation of CCP member status on I-485

    A friend's father obtained a green card under her daughter's sponsorship years ago. At that time, China was a fairly open society. No one cared about CCP member status in the USA. He MIGHT check "never be communist party member" on his green card form. Now, everyone hates CCP. What are the...
  5. V

    Filing I-485

    Hello, Please note that I have approved I-140 with priority date Feb 2010 under EB3 through my previous employer where I worked about 10 years. Since over 3 years, I have been with my current employer and they initiated filing prevailing wages. This has been 6 months so far and still taking...
  6. H

    Travel domestically with a pending I-130 and I-485 (parent) [URGENT]

    Hello, My parent came here to visit few months ago at that time I submitted an i-130 as they were supposed to return home after few months. however with COVID19 and the airports shutting down they got stuck here and I have submitted an i94 extension two weeks before the expiration of their...
  7. Sapferg

    Help with I-485 expunged record

    I was charged for underage drinking at 17yrs old in 2014 and my record was expunged since I was a minor. I’m currently filing for my I-485 and I don’t know what to check off the list since my record was deleted. If I do have to check yes, does that mean they can deny me and make me Leave the U.S...
  8. T

    Rejection notice, new check?

    Hello all, My husband and I are filing for adjustment of status through marriage. We received all our paperwork back and several rejection notices. So we updated the documents as new versions. Do we send in all the old versions AND new? There’s typed numbers all along the bottom of all our...
  9. B

    Overstaying F-1 60 day grace period while waiting for I-485 to process

    Hi I am a US citizen who is engaged to an international student on an F-1 visa. My girlfriend graduated from school on 12/12/2019 and currently living with me in the US on her 60 day grace period which will end on 2/14/2020. We are getting married at the end of this January and we have prepared...
  10. R

    Applied to I-485 having my son as sponsorship!

    Is it ok to change my job or get a second part time job while the immigration process is going on?, is this could be a negative factor for process?
  11. I

    485 and change of marital status at the last hour

    My 485 processing is waiting for latest I 693 medical document. In the meantime I traveled outside US, got married and traveled back with my wife. I used H1B and my wife H4. Now, I want to enqueue my wife for the Green Card process. What is the fastest way for both of us? Should I ask my office...
  12. J

    Is it mandatory to have valid H1B on hand during the I-140 period?

    Hi, I have filed the I-140 through my employer. Unfortunately, it was filed in regular, not premium. My H1B is expiring in the near future. Do I need to have a valid H1B approval notice on hand when my I-140 is in process? Or is it enough to have the H1B receipt notice? What if I file my H1B...
  13. I

    travelling outside US after 131 and before 485 approval

    My situation: - On my 485 interview, I was told I could get a notice in 2 weeks to redo medicals but it's been 2 months and I haven't gotten anything. So, there is a possibility that 485 could be approved or they need some more input from me. - In the meantime I have to travel outside of US to...
  14. M

    H1B picked in lottery 2018, still no news CSC

    hi i need your valuable opinions i am currently on TN, I94 expires on Dec 26th 2018 H1B lottery picked this year ,USCIS page still shows Case Received,California CS PERM approved last month,due to Sept 2018 visa bulletin we can't apply concurrent I-485 (Mexican) EB3 worse case scenario >>> if i...
  15. M

    Filing I-485 family/children, SEPARATE CHECKS and ENVELOPES?

    Hello, I need advice and guidance from fellow member who had filled I-485 to adjust status to green card. I am a family of 4, Husband, Wife and 2 Children (one younger than 13 years old). I have 2 questions: Question 1: May I file the four I-485 application forms for all family member above...
  16. A

    Asylum I-485 Interview

    For those who were asked for I-485 green card interview at a local USCIS office one year after receiving asylum, please share your experiences, thank you!!
  17. I

    How to enter Dual-Citizenship in forms I-485, I-864 and I-765?

    Hey all, I am in the final stages of preparing paperwork for my GC, as my wife is a U.S. Citizen. Going over all the forms one last time, I started wondering about what should I be entering under the question 'Country of Citizenship or Nationality' in the forms I-485, I-864 and I-765. I have...
  18. A

    Asylum-based I-485 Green Card, Case Trasferred to National Benefits Center

    Hi all, My asylum-based I-485 green card application was transferred National Benefits Center in Missouri. I'm pretty worried as some people say this usually means that USCIS will have me for an interview. However, I thought as the primary asylee, my I-485 application should not need an...
  19. S

    Any issue with i-485 filing?

    A few years ago during F1, I extended my CPT without approval. It was for about 3-4months. Since then, I have been on H1B and re-entered the country multiple times. My I-140 is approved. Questions: 1. Will there be a problem when filing I-485? 2. Will I be protected by 245k? 3. The...
  20. B

    manhattan i-485 experience

    Hi guys - is there anyone who: is a permanent resident, not a US citizen applied for green card for your spouse interviewed in new york city / manhattan? Could you pls share timeline? how long is the wait from i-485 biometrics to interview notice and interview? Thanks so much!!