1. By_njiketude

    Demande de permit d'etude en attente depuis debut mars.

    bonjour, svp j'ai fais ma demande depuis debut et depuis sur le site de VSF j'ai toujours cette reponse " Votre demande de visa N ° 2 ... est en cours de traitement au Bureau des Visas du Canada à Dakar. en savoir plus, veuillez appeler le centre d'aide du CRDV ou consulter notre site internet...
  2. A

    TN -> B2 While Job Searching

    Hi there I realize this question has been asked a few times on this forum but I wanted to ask regarding my situation I was on TN visa under the Engineer status as a product manager in the Bay Area I was laid off on March 16th 2020, so I have until May 15th 2020 to find a job It's currently...
  3. S

    Immigration help for spouse who is a Canadian Citizen

    A little background: I currently reside in Michigan. I acquired my US Green Card in 2010 and was consequently naturalized and became an US citizen in 2016. My wife is a naturalized Canadian citizen. We had been in a long distance relationship for 6 years and in July 2019, she visited me over a...
  4. I

    Can I travel to Canada from USA when my H1-B (picked in lotter) is under processing?

    Hi, I recently received my CoPR and I am yet to do the border crossing from the US. My H1-B was picked up in the lottery for FY19 and RFE was issued. My employer is working on responding to that RFE. I have a valid F1 visa & i20 till May 2019. My CoPR also expires in May 2019. 1. Can I travel...
  5. immigration-ways

    Canada Business and Investment Immigration

    Canada offers the most settled and generally utilized venture based migration programs giving changeless inhabitant status. Canada Business and Venture Movement Diagram The Canadian confederation arrangement of government and the nation's social standards offer an "European option" to the...
  6. Y

    TN Visa rejected, what to change

    Hello all, I recently applied for my TN visa at the Blaine POE with my application. My company had Fragomen fill out all the details for the application. I went to apply yesterday on Sept. 24th and was rejected. The role I'll be taking at the company is called Software Engineer and the one on...
  7. H

    Visiting Canada with Outstanding Bench Warrant in the U.S.

    Hi, quick question to everyone: I have an eTA (electronic travel authorization) to visit Canada. This is a visitor visa that they give to US Green Card holders wanting to visit Canada. I applied for one and already received it. I have siblings in Canada and my question is: If I travel to...
  8. T

    Vacation on TN visa / management consultant

    Hi there, I'm on a TN visa, valid through end of this year. I was planning on visiting my family in Europe and Canada (Canada being where I'm from) this summer and checked online and saw that it was okay to travel on the TN visa. I wrote to my lawyers who helped me with the TN visa who told me...
  9. SS0033

    GC from TN Visa through EB3

    Hi Everyone, This might be a repetitive question but i'll make it a little specific with details. I have one Immigration lawyer telling me that H1B is the way to go and another lawyer saying that i don't need H1B for GC. I have TN since April 2016. I am Canadian citizen but i was born in...
  10. A

    How long can I stay in Canada as a tourist? A VISA required?

    Hello, I am planning to visit Canada around February, I was wondering how long am i permitted to stay there? I hold a German passport. Do I have to apply for a VISA (similar to an ESTA) or can I just enter with my passport? I am doing a long solo travel. This is my itinerary: Thailand (1...
  11. T

    My TN Status was changed to B2. Need to get back to work immediately!

    I recently went on a 10 day vacation in Europe, and was expecting a smooth reentry into the US with proper documents as well as a prepared letter from my boss confirming that I am employed full time under TN status since 2015. My TN I94 status was good until December 2018. Or so I thought...
  12. C

    Replaced Damaged CAD Passport. Lose TN Status?

    Hi, I am a Canadian citizen with about 1.5 years left on my TN Visa. I recently Travelled to New Zealand and my passport was damaged by the rain. I applied for my passport today and I will receive it tomorrow. I had to expedite the process since I am travelling to the US on Tuesday for a...
  13. J

    Trump's NAFTA agenda

    Hi everyone, Im just curious what Trump's NAFTA agenda means for people under the TN Visa. Mainly the fact that he wants to withdraw from the agreement....will that affect all canadian's (in my case) and mexican's from trying to land a job in the US? How about those who are already working in...
  14. Samedi21

    I'm french and I want to move to Canada

    I want to move to Canada where french speaking people are wanted but how can I do that?It seems so difficult whereas here we are told it was easier for french speaking citizen. I worked for years in the US as a french nanny/teacher and I would like to find a position in the same field.
  15. W

    Citizenship and Immigration Canada Reviews BY WWICS

    Province of British Columbia has invited a total of 477 candidates to apply for immigration to Canada through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee. Immigration forum where you find answers to many immigration-related questions, including Green Cards, visas, citizenship. Thanks & Regards...
  16. B

    pending asylum wants to apply PR for Canada

    Hi can someone whose application is pending in USA for asylum file a PR for canada under skilled migration. is for me and i came to USA on visitors then applied for asylum later. Please advise?