My TN Status was changed to B2. Need to get back to work immediately!

I recently went on a 10 day vacation in Europe, and was expecting a smooth reentry into the US with proper documents as well as a prepared letter from my boss confirming that I am employed full time under TN status since 2015. My TN I94 status was good until December 2018.

Or so I thought...

Upon reentry and going through customs, the CBP officer said: "So you're a TN worker right? Oh wait - no you're not anymore right? Because you left the US!" And he proceeded to rip the I94 from my passport. At first I thought he was joking but then he handed me my passport and said I'm no longer in TN status and am being admitted with B2 status. I explained that my I94 was good for 3 years and he simply responded that I need to go to a port of entry and get a new one.

I wanted to know more about it, and asked for any info he can point me to. He wasn't willing to give any further information and simply told me to check the CBP website. The most help he was willing to give was when he asked over his shoulder if the airport prints I94's, and just glibly said they "don't, sorry."

I checked my I94 status through the DHS/USCIS website and sure as he said it would be: My admission into the US is B2-Visitor good until November 2017. I need to get back to work desperately. My bosses have been very gracious in helping me out with my situation, but I don't want to be stretching their patience and resources.

I have had no way of getting further information since it's the weekend, but any advice is most appreciated.


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You could go for secondary inspecton at a local office, explaining your situation, and they might "correct" your entry, or you could just do as the officer said.

The guy was a jerk, and completely wrong. Look for him to be a appointed to cabinet soon.