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    B1 in lieu of H1B rejected - 214(b) refusal

    Are you being transferred to your firm's US office for 3 months? If so, L-1B is the correct visa to apply for.
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    B2 VISA

    Take any document that proves social and financial ties to Canada. You should have $100/day for the length of your visit to the US. They goal is to convince the consul that you have strong ties to return to Canada in a timely manner after your visit to the US.
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    Removal of Conditional GC

    Yes, your spouse can apply for naturalisation even if an I-751 is pending.
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    B2 Visa returning to US after 2 months. Stayed 5 months and got married to LPR.

    A genuine visitor should never spend more than 6 months in the US during any rolling 12 month window.
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    B2 Visa returning to US after 2 months. Stayed 5 months and got married to LPR.

    Since you just returned from a 5 month plus visit to the US, I strongly advise you not to seek a fresh entry so soon. Taking into account that you now have a spouse who is an LPR, you are risking refusal of entry.
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    Wife of US citizen and her adult daughter

    Yes, the daughter needs to complete 5 years with GC status, unless she herself married a US citizen after moving here.
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    Tourist visa for senior citizens

    A1: Visit visas are self-sponsored A2: The day you apply, if she is in the US, you mention that
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    NEED HELP! Overstayed, want to get a new visa.

    If your friend flew out of the US, his real departure date can be verified via flight manifests. I will repeat what Sm1smom said above, "Do not lie" to CBP/ICE/USCIS. He will get caught.
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    Us citizen christian marring muslim gf in pakistan

    You both need to go via the K-1 route and marry when she gets to the US. Wrong sub-forum by the way.
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    How to Send her Back to India ?

    Divorce her and let her try to remove her CPR conditions on her own. You move on and consider this a learning curve.
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    applying for a tourist visa

    What passports do you hold?
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    US VISA to do CS

    I am fairly confident her last visa refusal was due to 214(b). That in itself will not be held against her while adjudicating her fresh visa application, though her chances of not over coming 214(b) still stand.
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    Can I get married?

    Oops...failed to pick that on first read. You are correct. She should AOS after being in the US for at least 90 days.
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    Can I get married?

    You have just admitted pre-conceived "immigrant intent". I would advise you to go the K-1 route. Like you, I was a Canadian living in Canada in 2002 and went the K-1 route to marry my now USC wife.