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    EAD payment method, URGENT help needed

    thank you soo much for your replies. so once i get the number of EAC on my cancelled check, will that enable me to track status online or anything? also, what will be considered the date of receipt of my application? another thing that im very confused about with arlington office is HOW i...
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    EAD payment method, URGENT help needed

    Hey I'm about to file in Washington DC (arlington) office for renewal EAD. I know if I go in for interim EAD (which i had to do last 2 times), they'll ask me for proof of payment. It seems like the easiest thing to have it is to pay by personal check. Does this office accepts personal...
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    EAD/AP (paper based) cover letter and checklist...

    supporting docs for renewal EAD thanks so much for the list :) just one question for anyone who has been through this: is it necessary to submit copy of birth certificate? it's hard for me to obtain one right now. or would color copies of passport bio and DL do the trick? thanks...
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    RFE on EAD

    Have you received the RFE yet? What did they need?
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    I-765 Ead Online Application Guide

    principal or derivative applicant? Pardon my ignorance, but am I the principal or derivative applicant? I'm a foreign national married to USC, applying for EAD based on my pending I-485 and I130. Do I have to include copy of my marriage certificate? I'll be filing by mail. Please reply...
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    EAD renewal - filing in Washington DC (Arlington) office

    This is for my 3rd EAD. Does anyone know if Washington DC office in Arlington still accepts filings in person? Or did this change after August 4th? :confused: